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Professional Pilot Training (includes ground studies) A forum for those on the steep path to that coveted professional licence. Whether studying for the written exams, training for the flight tests or building experience here's where you can hang out.

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Old 28th Dec 2012, 22:34   #41 (permalink)
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m0r00, having studied at both FA and DSA, I'd say they are incomparable. DSA delivers what it promises, while FA is totally disorganised. A friend of mine just recently caught FA invoicing him a few hundred euros for the simulator training he never received. Also, if you are planning to take the theory at the same place, FA's textbooks are a total crap - this is something they compiled themselves, with numerous gross errors.

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Old 29th Dec 2012, 00:52   #42 (permalink)
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Well, at least you're not forced to use their books - you can buy Bristol or OAA material and study on those books.
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Old 29th Dec 2012, 10:44   #43 (permalink)
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Thanks Ultranomad for the heads up. It seems that there are many different experiences with FA.

DSA 's fleet sure is impressive. What about the location, any opinions on that? They also told that it takes 1,5-2 years to complete the modular training which is a bit longer than I expected.

I'm looking a flight school, where I can study and fly full-time since I'm moving abroad. I guess I'll travel to Prague and get the medical first. I can then go and check out the alternatives on site.
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Old 29th Dec 2012, 12:19   #44 (permalink)
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m0r00, it depends on what you are expecting from the location. The aerodrome itself is excellent - it's a former air force base with a 2400 m runway. At present, there is no passenger or cargo traffic whatsoever, the only users are two flight schools (which also offer air taxi services), TL Ultralight aircraft factory, and private aircraft. Hradec Kralove is a city of approximately 100,000 people with everything you can expect from a European city of this size (see the site here). Prague is 1.5 hours away by bus (3-4 euros each way).
Speaking of the duration of training, I'd say it mostly depends on your own capabilities - if you move to Hradec Kralove and have all the time, money and motivation you need, you may be able to complete it faster, but you'll have to make the right effort.

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Old 21st Jun 2013, 20:32   #45 (permalink)
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I am looking for a EU certified flight school in Eastern Europe (price). Could someone please tell me more about his/her experience with Flying Academy (europilot).

I want to do a modular programme.
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Old 10th Oct 2013, 15:52   #46 (permalink)

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hey guys, believe it or not this is my first forum account and first forum post, so sorry beforehand if I mess up. I just contacted FA earlier today and had a nice impression somehow. But I'd really love to 'actually talk' to a current or former student and have a detailed conversation about the school, aircrafts, etc. have a nice day
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Old 15th Nov 2013, 18:49   #47 (permalink)

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Can you help

I am willing to join them too so can you assist me with some information like when you finished training with them how did you built your flight hours and are now working with an airline company
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Old 22nd Dec 2013, 02:50   #48 (permalink)
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Hi there guys,

I'm trying to organise a discovery flight for a mate in Prague, are these guys offering that kind of service?
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Old 21st Feb 2014, 20:56   #49 (permalink)
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Thumbs down Re: PerformanceAviator

Hello PerformanceAviator, not sure if you already found your flight school, but Flying Academy is not a place to go. Their fleet consists of old (crappy) Cessnas, they have mechanical problems frequently. The school itself is a joke! You will experience many restrictions on the student but none on the school officials. If you book a flight and you arrive late, you will be charged a fee of 1000,-CZK, but if you arrive on time and you won´t be able to fly because of airplanes problem, you will not get any discounts. Just a "sorry", the plane has to go to service...there is so much more I can tell you. I finished there the PPL and thanks God I have not signed the 0-ATPL contract with them. My advise if you still want to go there is: never sign 0-ATPL contract!!! Just sign separate contracts for each training, ie PPL, IR, MEP, CPL, ATPL theory and Time building, which btw you can do in the USA much cheaper.... In Czech you can contact Blue Sky Service, F-Air, Bemo Air, Fly for Fun (these are in Brno and Prague) and DSA in Hradec Kralove. All of them will be much more reliable than Flying Academy.... It is so funny, they have the best website so they make you believe, but their service is the worst one!
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Old 21st Feb 2014, 21:05   #50 (permalink)
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Re: Jasta11

Hello Jasta11, please read my latest posts, you will find an answer to your questions regarding the Flying Academy...I would not send there even an enemy, if I had any...
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Old 23rd Mar 2014, 10:45   #51 (permalink)
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How about invitation for getting visa?
They require deposit 4500Eur, and incase of visa failure they going to refund all amount,
So can I believe them?
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Old 24th Mar 2014, 18:08   #52 (permalink)
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F-Air Czech Rep

Hi there,

Anyone who went to F-Air or has friends who have experienced this Czech school? Or just heard anything about them?

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Old 24th Mar 2014, 18:19   #53 (permalink)
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I've done my MEP on their aircraft with their instructor (but different school). Not a great experience, but I was really happy with it - instructor a great guy with superb attitude and very good MEP powerpoint presentation + additional materials (I would assume they have a similar level for SEP as well). We had problems with the aircraft, but even though the training was conducted a 1000+km from their base, everything was handled very quickly (e.g. the engine needed to be changed, next afternoon after the night drive their mechanics were in the aerodrome changing it already). Good attitudes!
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Old 24th Mar 2014, 18:40   #54 (permalink)
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Dear moderators, my post was a new thread. Please don't move it into this topic because Flying Academy is another school than F-Air.

Letecká ?kola F-AIR - více ne? létání
Flight School Flying Academy
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Old 19th May 2014, 12:04   #55 (permalink)

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Flying Academy - Czech Republic

Does anyone knows how this school operates and their training ?
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Old 31st May 2014, 22:32   #56 (permalink)
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Guys, does anybody know if they finally own multi-engine planes or if they keep on renting them?
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