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Old 4th Feb 2010, 19:30   #21 (permalink)

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Hi everyone, I think I will have to do some corrections here, CSA is Czech Airlines, DSA is the name school in Hradec Kralove

So let me tell you my story!

I came to the school as a student one year ago, to do 0-atpl. Now 12 months later, I´ve finished PPL, Nightrating, Hourbuilding, Atpl theory & have a few hours left on IR, doing my atpl exams next month and IR skilltest, then continuing with CPL and MultiEngine.

There is a lot to say about the school, both good things, and less good things.

So lets start with the school. There is to bases, one in Prague, Letnany LKLT and Brno LKTB. Letnany is only two grass runways without a real tower, only information.

Then there is Brno, LKTB, which is a international airport, CTR and concrete runway and a few taxiways! There is not very much traffic here, but there is a few airlines that uses the airport regulary, as Ryanair b737, CSA ATR & Airbus, TravelService B737, Jobair s340, Atlant-Soyuz Airlines b737, Uzbekistan Cargo IL-76 and during summer Emirates Cargo 747 and some bizjets now and then.

All international students are based in Brno, The school is located in the airport area and you need to pass through a security gate to enter. All students have to do a Airport Security Training course and will then receive their own Airport Crew access card, and are also allowed to bring visitors, which students use alot to bring up girls during Hourbuilding

There is two classrooms, one is medium size, and the other one is quite small (5-7people). The bigger classroom is equipped with a Projector which is used during groundschool & theory. The school building is quite old, but the overall standard of the classrooms, office, toilets, kitchen and so is good!

All the planes are parked in the school Hangar, 100m from main taxiway.
The distance from the school to the hangar is about 10 minutes walking, but the school have a minivan which they use to drive students, to and from the hangar. So example, You are coming in for fullstop landing, you get "cleared to land" from the tower, at the same time the "Service guy" in the school who is also listening on the same frequency will hear it on the intercom radio, and when you have taxi to the hanger, he will be there wating for you to drive you back to the school! I have to say thats a very good service!

What about the "crap" aeroplanes?

Yes, a few of the planes are old, as the 4 c152 we have based in Brno, but they are well maintained, and instruments and avionics is working fine! I never had a problem,!

Here see for yourself:
c152 OK-PAV
Photos: Cessna 152 II Aircraft Pictures | Airliners.net

c152 OK-PAV maintenance
Photos: Cessna 152 II Aircraft Pictures | Airliners.net

c152 OK-PES
Photos: Cessna 152 II Aircraft Pictures | Airliners.net

c152 OK-RYS

c172 OK-SOB
Photos: Cessna 172 Aircraft Pictures | Airliners.net

Those aeroplanes listed above are NOT IR-Rated,

But for PPL and (hourbuilding less then 100Euro/Hour with fuel) I think it´s fair enough.

Then for IR training you can choose to use an 172 Skyhawk II(Very nice one), Pa-28 archer or a Cirrus SR20.

PA-28 Archer OK-MTT
Photos: Piper PA-28-181 Archer III Aircraft Pictures | Airliners.net

You can also use PA-28 Archer or Sr-20 for PPL and hourbuilding, but they are more expensive, and to fly them solo, you need atleast ppl + a few hours with instructor on them, and ofcourse be approved by a Flying Academy Instructor, because the school only operate them, they are not the owner!

And about the Complex and ME aircraft, When there is students who need to do CPL 5hours on complex aircraft, they will get one over here for a few days, It has always been like that. But in some cases, when there has only been one CPL student, the student has been sent to another co-operating place for 2 days to finish the Complex training. The same applies for ME.

I have to agree that the instructors are young, But they are good instructors, both theoretical and practical, and you do really feel that they like their jobs, which I think also gives better influence on their students. This was for PPL.

But the other instructors for IR & CPL , they are all working pilots, As those 3 I have/will fly with, They fly for CSA - A320, TravelService - B737 and one bizjet, I have only flown with the first two, and I have to say that I´m very satisfied and I dont think it can get much better.

The only bad thing i can tell about the instructors is that during a few subjects on atpl theory, their english wasn´t the best! But anyway the most of the atpl instructors are not employed by the school, they are freelancers, ex

Human Performance - Doctor from Aviation Medical Center in Prague.
Meteorology - In charge of Weather office on Prague Ruzyne Airport
Operational Procedures - Operational/Dispatch stuff from CSA
And so on...

But one of the best things about the school and everything here is the adventure! Like during summer, students can take 2 planes and fly to croatia and stay there over a night or two, just for hourbuilding and a little bit of laugh Or as i did, I have so far done two long flights with the Cirrus, One to Sweden - Ängelholm & Trollhättan and another one to Birmingham in UK. And you can always make a little better deal on the price on those long flights!

That was about everything I had to say =)

Ops, I Forgot to mention the good Beer and nightlife

Safe landings everyone

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Old 4th Feb 2010, 19:32   #22 (permalink)
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no english speaking, no control tower (just information) and just a small grass runway opposed to an international airport in Brno.

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Old 5th Feb 2010, 00:46   #23 (permalink)
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Yes, I made a spelling error, which I corrected. But, D.V. I found at least 18 spelling errors in your post, I didn´t count the grammar mistakes, they were quite many too. What does that make you? Mr. 20yearsoldIknoweverything?
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Old 5th Feb 2010, 10:11   #24 (permalink)
Probationary PPRuNer
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About the aircrafts. I think D.V. answered your question. The Piper Archer III and Cirrus SR20 are NOT company-planes, they are private owned rent-a-planes, quite expensive. And for long periods, during the summer, the owners take them for private uses.
About the instructors. Surely Boris is an excellent pilot and really nice person. He is lifting the average, for sure.

Well, you might have used the avionics without a problem . But, it could be, sometimes, a little bit annoying when your Gyro drifts 10degrees every 5 minutes, or when you have nice new headsets and you have to use a hand held mike, or when you talk on the radio no one else in the plane can hear you, or when you have to orbit half your lesson coz the transponder does not work, or............
You forgot to tell the people that the classrooms are freezing in the winter if the wind is blowing, and like a baker's oven in the summer if wind is not blowing..nice story though
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Old 5th Feb 2010, 12:18   #25 (permalink)
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c'mon .. let's be on topic shall we ? D.V wroted for everyone exactly what happend here. I was a lil bit short on description but he was a lil bit larger . I think for everyone who want to see what does this mean, i mean the FA just need to come here and decide becouse is hard to understand exactly becouse there are some students who are not very happy and students who are. I maked like this, i came here, i saw how is it, what is mean, i like it, i stayed. It's simple..
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Old 15th Feb 2010, 20:15   #26 (permalink)
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OK, guys how about some review of DSA at Hradec Kralove.
What planes they have (& their 'state'), level of school & instructors professionalism.
Etc. etc.
Any help will be appreciated
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Old 15th Feb 2010, 20:59   #27 (permalink)
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I haven't flown with DSA but have visit their school. They seem to have a very good reputation in the Czech Republic. By what I saw they seemed professional and the aircraft seemed to be in good condition. Instructors were older but the one who was showing me around spoke good english. They have inexpensive accomondation as well, as do most Czech schools.

You might also consider Fly for Fun, Aeroklub Zbraslavice, Aviaticky Klub and Bemo Air. All of them have english speaking instructors.

I flew with Aeroklub Zbraslavice and was very happy about them.

Please feel free to PM me for further information.
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Old 22nd Feb 2010, 09:23   #28 (permalink)
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Guys hello again,
Thanks for all answers above, especially for D.V. for such long and full explanation of what happening there.

We had enough information about euro-pilot.com, it will be very nice if someone can tell the same "real situation" in DSA for the moment being, because I'm planing to start my training with them in the end of April.
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Old 22nd Feb 2010, 09:33   #29 (permalink)
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I have just information about prices in DSA:


The total price of that ratings with all examinations fee is aprox. 436 000 Czech Koruna, which is aprox. 17 000 euro – it looks like very good price.
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Old 11th Sep 2010, 13:44   #30 (permalink)
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Hi everyone

Where can i get english jaa atpl groundschool class in Czech.

thank you
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Old 13th Sep 2010, 18:47   #31 (permalink)
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What about here (PDF)? List of both practical and theoretical training accreditation for CR. Enjoy. BTW, not really cheaper than Bristol GS etc. Well, maybe for full-time study it's cheaper than UK, but for distance, not really.

Actually, coming to think of it, only few of these do full-time ground school. Most are distance study with mandatory brush up classes. IIRC, it's Flying Academy and RLP (UK NATS equivalent in Czech Rep, which trains ATCOs and other flight crew theory). You'll see it all in the PDF linked above anyway. The CAA website has English version - obviously - and you can download the exam schedule for 2010 or later, 2011 as well. Runs every 4 weeks for couple days and you can probably pick which exams which days, unlike the crap UK CAA style.
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Old 18th Sep 2010, 20:33   #32 (permalink)
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FA vs. DSA

Having studied and flown at both, I would choose DSA over FA. A few points to illustrate their differences:
- DSA is a lot more organised and businesslike than FA. Big kudos to Michal Stastny for that. The downside of DSA is that you have to be more businesslike as well, and insist on getting as many flight hours as you feel fit to handle, otherwise your training pace will remain leisurely at best. The upside - at DSA you get what is promised, at FA you have to fight for it.
- DSA gives you an inclusive price per flight hour + 25 CZK per landing; FA seems to charge less, but it's merely for the aircraft, and on top of that you pay instructor fees, landing fees (don't remember, 60 or 120 CZK), ATC communication fees, etc., and you also pay extra because of much longer taxiways and a larger circuit. In the end, C152 at FA and C172 at DSA cost about the same. Of course, this is partially due to Brno being in class D airspace.
- Flying from an airport with heavy iron traffic and controlled airspace (FA at LKTB) gives you a much better RT drill than DSA at LKHK. However, LKHK is expected to get its own controlled airspace next year, and there is always LKPD nearby (they don't allow touch'n'go practice, will usually clear you for a low approach if they are not too busy).
- DSA has very decent dorms with a kitchenette at 100 CZK/night right on the aerodrome, down the main TWY. FA is subrenting beds in a 3-room flat 3 or 4 bus stops away - less convenient, smaller capacity, more expensive.
- There is an inexpensive restaurant at LKTB, while at LKHK we had to bring our own lunch (maybe there is something now, don't know for sure).
- There is a very different approach to theory lessons. FA gives you classroom lessons, while at DSA it's often a Q&A session - you have to come prepared. In other words, you are a student at FA and a younger colleague at DSA.
- DSA has a spectacular fleet. Actually, they have more types in operation than any other operator in Czech Republic: C172, C172RG, PA34 (Seneca), King Air C90, Cessna 525, Schweizer 269, AS355, EC120, EC135, Z226 and more.
- FA has ATPL theory courses in Czech (in Prague) and in English (in Brno), DSA has none.

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Old 23rd Jun 2012, 18:12   #33 (permalink)
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The information in the topics I have found so far about Flying Academy in Brno are a bit out of date, so are there latest news about the school?
Do they have a ME aircraft?
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Old 23rd Jun 2012, 19:27   #34 (permalink)
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Yes, they have a Seneca II. Here is their site.
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Hopefully, I hope it is not untrue. I mean, they may delegate another flight school for the ME rating. I do hope they have got it because I am interested in this school
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Old 12th Aug 2012, 19:27   #36 (permalink)
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Are OAA books and CBT fine to study towards the ATPL in Czech Republic?
Is Aviation Exam a good QB to practice to obtain the ATPL in Czech Republic?

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The OAA books are OK, CBT is something that works well for some people and poorly for others. Exam questions are the same throughout Europe.
AviationExam is a good resource, though not the cheapest one.
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Thank you.
I know I will not fly a ME until a certain stage in my training, but is the ME aircraft based in Brno?
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Their aircraft are freely exchanged between the Prague and Brno bases, and most of them are usually in Brno.
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Old 28th Dec 2012, 21:40   #40 (permalink)
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Anyone at the moment considering zero to fATPL at FA or DSA?

I have looked three alternatives: FA, DSA or Solinair in Slovenia. Can't decide..
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