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Professional Pilot Training (includes ground studies) A forum for those on the steep path to that coveted professional licence. Whether studying for the written exams, training for the flight tests or building experience here's where you can hang out.

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Old 24th Jun 2008, 01:45   #1 (permalink)
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how to take private pilot written exam from self study in USA?

Dear all,

I've been interested for years to get a private pilot's license, but have never had the time or money to do so until about now. I've been reading the materials all along, and I believe with a short period of dedicated study I could be ready to take the FAA written exam (or computer exam?) before starting lessons.

But I cannot find many references online about how this is done, aside from going through a school, or buying a study kit (which I already have many of the components of).

Do you know how I should go about this?

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Old 24th Jun 2008, 04:32   #2 (permalink)
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Originally Posted by 14 CFR 61.35(a)(1)
Received an endorsement, if required by this part, from an authorized instructor certifying that the applicant accomplished the appropriate ground-training or a home-study course required by this part for the certificate or rating sought and is prepared for the knowledge test; [...] [link.]
Provided you can find an authorized instructor (or as listed under relevant paragraph of this document, page 10) who will sign you off as required, then look up your nearest CTD in this list. The kind of questions you can expect to see are available here.

Beyond this, the person required under the quoted rule can guide you on the process of applying for the computer-based test (which is actually what you have asked for.)

Hope this helps to some extent.
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Old 24th Jun 2008, 07:55   #3 (permalink)
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Selfin is quite right about needing the sign off.If you use the Dauntless software http://www.dauntless-soft.com/PRODUC...ol/private.asp it gives you the choice to get the instructor sign off by post, after you have constinley got good marks in practice tests. I think Flight Saftey at Farnborough does the FAA written tests, so you could go to the states with the writtens already passed.Be sure to check with your FTO how they feel about it though - some reactions might vary.Good luck mate.
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Old 24th Jun 2008, 15:14   #4 (permalink)
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thanks! That dauntless-soft seems like a good option -- and not very expensive either.

mostly, I'm hoping to take it on my own so I can save the cost of paying for an actual instructor at hourly cost (and time) at any of the schools around here (NYC). And maybe if I do it on my own and pass the test before I start on the training it won't be any reason for raised eyebrows if I ask after starting training...
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Old 24th Jun 2008, 17:32   #5 (permalink)
Join Date: Jun 2006
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thanks a lot for those ideas, I will also check out those forums you mention.

I have a bunch of books that I've accumulated over the years -- Jeppessen private pilot textbooks, Rob Machado, the FAA pilot handbooks, glider books, all sorts of stuff.

I have been wanting to do this for a long time, and know much of the theory, just have never dived in.

I'll be glad to let you know how it goes, and thanks!

ps. it does seem that this is kind of a UK or intl oriented forum...
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Old 24th Jun 2008, 18:50   #6 (permalink)
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Supernova, sqwkvfr is correct, Gleim does have a method for your endorsement (they have to, because I'd never just "sign off" a student that walked up to me and said "I studied this, and am ready for the test"), and so do many of the other courses (King School's, Sporty's). But realistically, those cd rom programs cost a lot! Most flight schools in the US offer a one time fee for the ground school portion which in some cases is half what you'll pay for those learning aids, plus you'll have to added benefit of being able to participate in classroom discussions (try asking your computer a question and see if it responds ), and get to know your flight instructors. The choice is up to you of course, just my 2 cents worth.
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Old 24th Jun 2008, 19:02   #7 (permalink)
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thanks, I'll certainly take a look into the ground school offered wherever I decide to take lessons.

The Dauntless link above is tempting though -- only $35 for a computer based course, that has an instructor sign off option at the end. And I can learn on my own in my free time until I decide to fully start the training.
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Old 24th Jun 2008, 19:06   #8 (permalink)
Join Date: Jun 2008
Location: Ohio
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Don't get me wrong. Most of these are great courses. I just wouldn't bypass the ground school that the flight school offers. You just can't get that one-on-one training with a computer.

But by all means, please, study as much as possible before you even start your training. I can't tell you how many times I've seen students throwing money away because they show up unprepared and wonder why they aren't getting through their training faster!
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Old 25th Jun 2008, 00:47   #9 (permalink)
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yes, definitely I don't mean skimping on the ground portion of flight training where you discuss your lesson plan with the instructor, prepare for flight, debrief, etc. Here I'm just talking about passing the written test on my own as a preparation for lessons.
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Old 25th Jun 2008, 12:46   #10 (permalink)
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This site is hand for brushing up just before your exam:

Pilot Practice Page


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