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Old 26th Dec 2012, 20:09   #1 (permalink)
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Puerto Banus/Marbella

I am visisting puerto banus for a 5 day stag/golfing event in May.
I am booked on Monarch but the dream of taking my ximango motor glider has been consuming my thoughts.
I have searched all the forums but can't seem to find any up to date relevant posts.
Are there any small GA airfields in that area west of Malaga?
If not is Gib a possibility?
Has anyone been to Gib recently and have parking/handling details/prices etc?
Any tips on routing?
Any general comments/advice/links much appreciated
Kind regards
PS I know my clubs will not fit into a motor glider!
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Golf is a simple one try estapona golf at estapona tell them your a pilot you may get a discount as the owner is also a pilot
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Old 30th Dec 2012, 12:21   #3 (permalink)
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Malaga is IFR only for most of the year. Most use Velez Malaga for GA.
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In the immediate area, LEAX (Axarquia/Velez Malaga) about 30 kms east of Malaga is your only option. Be aware that officially radio there is Spanish only.

Gib can be done (I have), but it's neither easy nor cheap. IIRC also no overnight parking avail. You would also need to depart from/to a customs & immigration airfield, which makes the whole exercise even more complicated.

Not sure if Malaga LEMG would accommodate a motorglider, in any case they've recently hiked their fees to absurd levels and are IFR only for most of the week during the period you will be there.

Further west you could go into Villamartin, which is in the vicinity of Jerez. This is largely a Microlight field, rwy approx 1500ft, hard surface. Probably your best and cheapest option. You would, however, need to arrange transport as there are no services on the field (same, btw, for LEAX). Call them, it's run by a couple of Swiss guys who should be able to help you.

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Old 4th Jan 2013, 21:30   #5 (permalink)
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Thanks for the feedback guys.
Villamartin is a good option but having spoken to a local pilot it is c5hr drive to puerto banus which makes it a non starter.
The other option someone has suggested is Ocana which is south of Madrid and then get a high speed train to Malaga.
Anyone done this?
Any other longish microlight strips to the north of Malaga that anyone is aware of?
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Old 4th Jan 2013, 23:09   #6 (permalink)
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it is c5hr drive to puerto banus
Whoever told you this is either
- driving some agricultural machinery or
- doesn't want to see you there

Reality is approx 2 hours. Pretty scenic too, via Ronda. There are several Villamartins in Spain......... This one is close to Jerez.
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Old 8th Jan 2013, 10:15   #7 (permalink)
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Saw this and it might be useful

Flying Club/School
Tel (+34)
Aero Club de Almeria
(Almeria Flying Club)

950 231100
Almeria Airport
FAASA Aviación
Km 4.5, Palma del Rio

957 710460
Sebastian Almargo

Real Aero Club de Jerez
(Jerez Royal Flying Club)

956 150080
Jerez Airport
Aero Club Bahia de Malaga
(Bay of Malaga Flying Club)

952 507 377
Malaga Airport
Real Aero Club de Malaga
(Malaga Royal Flying Club)

952 514216
Axarquia Leoni Benabu

Real Aero Club de Sevilla
(Seville Royal Flying Club)

955 950479
La Juliana
Club Aereo Siete Alas
(Seven Wings Flying Club)

954 272298
Seville Airport
Aviación Deportiva
956 712126
Tomas Fernández

(Sporting Aviation)
687 988240
Espada Airfield
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