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goudie 25th Aug 2012 16:23

London Bash

Several ppruning chums have mentioned having another London Bash just prior to Christmas

Saturday the 1st Dec commencing 12.00

The Bash will now be held at The Buckingham Arms, Petty France.
commencing 12.00. See latest posts for details

The pub has a good choice of beers, a decent pub grub menu and plenty of seating.
Last year's Bash was considered to be a most enjoyable event and as ever, all are welcome:ok:

The list to date.

Genghis the Engineer?
Aaron O'DickyDido

redsnail 25th Aug 2012 16:42

Great idea. I'll check the roster. :ok:

Hobo 25th Aug 2012 16:49

Well done goudie...I may be ppruning intermittently for a bit between now & then, but can make 1/12 as things stand.

johnfairr 25th Aug 2012 17:30

Good man, Goudie!! :ok: I'm off to mark myself "unavailable" for refereeing duties on December 1.

Now, don't go changing the dates as has happened before . . . . :=:=

goudie 25th Aug 2012 17:52

Set in stone now JF:ok:

brockenspectre 25th Aug 2012 21:40

Well done goudie - I was just thinking I ought to be dragging myself to The Stage Door again this year.

Unfortunately, in December I will be in the YooEss of A until 10th so please note my apologies for absence :ok:

treadigraph 25th Aug 2012 21:41

Oh God! Anyone live in Caterham who can ensure that I fall off the 466 on the way home?

goudie 25th Aug 2012 21:51

That's a shame Brockie, enjoy your trip to USA:ok:

merlinxx 26th Aug 2012 07:47

Oi Treaders...
you talking about me ? Yup I'm up for it as am now allowed an ale or three :ok:

ThreadBaron 26th Aug 2012 09:16

I'm in!

Thanks, Goudie. :ok:

treadigraph 26th Aug 2012 09:31

You'll probably be a-kip before me Merlin!

merlinxx 26th Aug 2012 14:01

Well Treaders..
this trying to grow up stuff is damn fatiguing :E

Genghis the Engineer 28th Aug 2012 14:47

Put me down as another "probably".


AARON O'DICKYDIDO 29th Aug 2012 11:58

Count me in Goudie - I think I owe you a beer.

jabird 2nd Sep 2012 01:13

What are the eligibility requirements for attendance? Count me in, subject to meeting them! (non P or P runer)

goudie 2nd Sep 2012 07:47


What are the eligibility requirements for attendance?
Nothing too taxing jabird. If you like chatting and drinking beer or whatever, you're in! Look forward to meeting you.

Genghis the Engineer 3rd Sep 2012 10:24

Eligibility requirements:

(1) Ability to get there
(2) Ability to stand the occasional small round, or at-least buy your own drinks
(3) High tolerance for rambling discussions with a tenuous link to aviation.


Hobo 3rd Sep 2012 13:22

Reminds me of the BA '747 Training Golf Society'. Originally 747 training personnel, the qualification for membership was eventually relaxed to the player only had to have travelled in a 747 or a train.

goudie 3rd Sep 2012 13:39

Yes, being able to get there is a very useful requirement.

How one manages to get back home is another matter entirely.
Last year I must have gone home on auto-pilot!

treadigraph 3rd Sep 2012 14:30

Getting home last year was OK, it was the year before that I found myself temporarily unsure of position - in a part of Caterham-on-the-Hill I'd never seen before, about four miles and several dozen bus stops beyond my destination! Hope I didn't snore too loudly...

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