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Old 17th Jul 2017, 09:03   #21 (permalink)
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You can count on Leddie, to take any story and twist it into a vitriolic attack on somebody, normally Aussies.

First: press stopwatch to start logging command time. Second, pull out seniority list and cross him/her/them off!
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Old 17th Jul 2017, 09:48   #22 (permalink)
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Yeah, it must have been way more than 30 years ago.
Qantas FOs have been suitably endorsed for a very long time, part of what multi crew is all about.
Unless Leady was trying to be "funny"
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Very nice chap called Roger, F27 Captain, '50s, fairly fit but not a fanatic,flew 2 rotations from Abu Dhabi to Das and back one morning in the 1970s, went off duty, no hassle, no problems, retired for his customary zizz and never woke up. Heart attack. Medical was all clear, ecg included, not all that long before.

If I were an F/O, which Praise the Lord I'm not, I would run through the "Capt Incapacitated" drill before every take-off with a 40+ Captain, but very quietly to myself.

You wouldn't want to demoralise the old git, now would you?
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Old 18th Jul 2017, 07:44   #24 (permalink)
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I would run through the "Capt Incapacitated" drill before every take-off with a 40+ Captain, but very quietly to myself.
You are wasting your time. Do you also run through the captain incapacitated drill before every instrument approach, every crosswind landing. This type of event can happen anywhere from taxiing for take off via a crowded tarmac and same after landing and anywhere in between.
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Perhaps, as mentioned above, there should be no simulated "symptoms", just the affected pilot ceasing his assigned functions, and stating they are incapacitated. This would remove any doubt from the other crew member that there is really an actual medical situation occuring, which by rights should take precedence over whatever is simply being practised. In the instance of a "silent" incapacitation, which I guess has to be recognised and reacted to, is there a challenge and response mandated in cockpit procedures? ie, "Are you ok?", if no answer, take over?
I know there has to be that "startle" element involved at the commencement of any off normal situation, so how do you simulate that where the occurence could just as likely be real and not simulated? Leave it to the instructor to intervene?
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