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Certified IFR iPad Operations for NZ

I would be interested in hearing from anyone in NZ (or Auz) who has, or is currently going through the process of having iPads (or any other 'off the shelf' computer tablet device) certified for use in IFR ATO's.

Or perhaps if anyone would be interested in a ready to go 'turn the key' type solution including the hardware, aps, certification and flight manual/operations manual supplement.
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You'd have to start by looking at the charts used in the application you intend on using.

As far as I know the Australian apps are *NOT TO BE USED FOR AIR NAVIGATION* because of the charts they use.

The only digital maps I'm now aware of that *might* be covered are Jeppesen?

Jeppesen were recently fishing around looking for iPad Kneeboards and a deal on iPads so they probably have something for our region [or in the works].

Now that aside, if you want to just have the device certified for use airborne during critical phases of flight I'll defer to someone else
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The en-route charts are an issue. Have you had any experience with Jeppesen's FD app. It is a start but is still lacking key aspects such as DME steps. To get the charts for NZ or Auz requires a subscription to the entire South Pacific at a cost of almost $1000 per year.

Scanning the en-route charts as PDF's and viewing creates problems with the size of the file and slows the iPad down. Perhaps reducing the file size, and the more powerful iPad 2 may reduce the issue but Im not sure scanned paper maps are the answer.

Jeppesens TC app for approach/departure plates is a great simple app, however there is still that $1000 subscription.

Dont quite follow you on deferring the job of certification for critical phases of flight.
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jeppesen told me you can put Jepview on the iPad.

When you buy your subscrioption, you 4 licences, now is there a way to put it on my Android phone, then I would have two sources of charts n be legal.
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yes you can get the Jepp TC app for terminal charts of Jepp FD apps from i tunes for the iPad. Then you just need the serial number off your Jepp View CD get the charts. I was under the impression you only got one free additional electronic subscription with Jepp view. As for android Im not sure sorry.
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There is an app called 'Aeronautical Charts' available in the app store. It is about $10 but will allow you to view massive pictures and PDF such as scanned charts with no slow down. If you have the need it is worth the money.
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