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Old 4th Oct 2009, 21:43   #61 (permalink)
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Metro man
We used to order our fuel in drums - hand pump it in - then convert it into all the other stuff....
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dudduddud - Is that 150 you're referring to CHH by any chance? It looks like an "interesting" piece of machinery.
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Old 5th Oct 2009, 03:44   #63 (permalink)
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Hmmm have remembered a few more, reading this!


DC3 - didn't fly it for very long, but it was wonderful fun. Slow as a slow thing though. Pretty dangerous taxiing downwind in a strong breeze. You always got wet when it was raining - we used to wear waterproof overtrou when there was rain around (water came in around windscreen seals).

B25 Mitchell - sort of a tricycle DC3 with a lot more power and the ability to carry bombs! The one I flew was a camera ship, so was always light and consequently a lot of fun. Nice having a flight engineer to look after gear and flaps too!

Harmon Rocket/RV-4 - lots of grunt and fun to fling around.


Rockwell Commander - not fast, but comfy!

Mooney Rocket/Missile - all that power made the lack of space and solid undercarriage worthwhile...


PA38 Tomahawk - thought they were an OK trainer until a friend told me to look behind me when in a spin. So I took a student up for spinning lessons and looked behind me - never have I seen a tail moving around so much while still being attached to the rest of the airframe...

Piper Apache - felt like it always had an engine failed, although both props were turning... no power at all.

Beech Sundowner - poor copy of a Cherokee. The Duchess that was based on it wasn't much better.
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Old 5th Oct 2009, 08:06   #64 (permalink)
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I'm sure lots won't agree but hate the Cherokee six, bad for loading and just a horrible bit of junk IMHO. I have lots of 206 hrs and it just does not compare.
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Old 5th Oct 2009, 08:37   #65 (permalink)
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Best ever was the B757, just like a perfect woman
Long legs, narrow body and bloody big norks!!!!

Mu2 scared me s*#tless on dark stormy nights with lots of ice around
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One for you - B25 Mitchell

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Nice... this is the one I flew - note the "Panavision" nose, grafted on for the Panaflex camera we were carrying... this was for the film "The Memphis Belle".

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Old 5th Oct 2009, 12:05   #68 (permalink)
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I'm sure lots won't agree but hate the Cherokee six, bad for loading and just a horrible bit of junk IMHO
Didn't mind the cherokee six really, was just a bit of a pain when it had a bit of weight in the back combined with that long nose... almost like taxiing a tail-dragger.

Someone else has already said it, but I'll say it again the PA32-RT (turbo lance) was a horrible aircraft IMO. Performance was a real disappointment and could potentially bite you on the arse if not flown properly.

A lot of people here don't seem to like them but I have a soft spot for the c172, especially the later SP models with the 180HP Lycoming. Have also flown the XP model and that was better once again. Much prefer a 172 over a warrior (got lots of time in both).

Loved the A36 Bonanza though, an absolute delight to fly.

Probably had the most fun flying an RV7A, but the RV10 was also very impressive (and comfy too Jaba!)

Coolest thing I ever flew... Gyroflug SC-01 Speed Canard (bit like a long-ez but roomier and factory built)
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Old 5th Oct 2009, 12:11   #69 (permalink)
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I forgot to say I love the Piper Cub, fantastic aircraft.
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Thread Starter
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Remoak , how responsive is the B-25 ? What's the outstanding qualities that make it a favorite >
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Old 5th Oct 2009, 23:13   #71 (permalink)
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Fokker F27 friendship, No one has mentioned the old bird, so I just have. Wonderful to fly, rides bumps where modern Aircraft would remove your fillings. Nice comfy roomy wheelhouse. Easy to land, rock solid for IFR work. A very sedate genteel affair all round. Most of all i like all the noise and smoke but it would be nice if just some of the numberous Litres per hour consumed actually generated some power.
C185, But i would say that lived with them all my life and own one.
Seneca 1, complete POS
Metro, of course, thats what they are for
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Old 6th Oct 2009, 01:41   #72 (permalink)
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Lots of good aircraft out there, some stand out like the Chippy as a nicely coordinated machine to fly, and of course the C180.

Unlike many posters I have always liked the Cherokee Six and always found it more useful and comfortable than the venerable C206. (except of course for scenics, where the low wing just doesn't cut it.)

Also Doc, I don't see what you've got against Austers...I've owned a couple, flown many more, and while they aren't everything to everybody, they do their job reasonably well and are well harmonised on the controls and pretty easy to fly.

So, I used to think that there weren't any real bad aircraft out there until I came across the Cresco.
The Cresco looked good until I got to fly it and there the experience was like chatting up a gorgeous blonde, taking her out and then finding out that it was a transvestite in drag......total letdown.
Noisy....with ailerons lifted from a Mack Truck without the power steering and systems as reliable as a used Ferrari.
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Old 6th Oct 2009, 02:33   #73 (permalink)
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I would have to say the E110 Bandit Straightforward systems, built solid where it counts, stable and of course the PT6 - enough said really!
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Love: King Air B200 and King Air 350 + Learjet 60xr

Hate: Musketeer, Travel air and the infamous traumahawk.
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Slightly off topic but I love purposeful tough aircraft like the Beaver,185,Cub and I've never been in one but the Caribou just looked the part and such impressive stol capabilities. Plenty others out there but I can't mention them all. Anyone out there have any Caribou time?

In terms of Cherokee six vs the 206, no competition the 206 all the way.
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Old 6th Oct 2009, 03:37   #76 (permalink)
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A lot of you would remember the first time you had sex, so by this standard the 150 should be the most memorable aircraft if not the best.
(cough cough) 7GCBC for mine, thank you. A chap should have some standards .....

Grinned like a fool for days after my trial introductory flight in VH-MIF - the "TIF in MIF". Loops, rolls, wheeler landings, what a treat for a first flight!

Crumbs the P68 is copping a bagging - what's the story? After initial multi on the BE76 I found the P68 most enjoyable.

Worst - TB20, what a cruel joke of an aeroplane.
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Old 6th Oct 2009, 03:39   #77 (permalink)
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Remoak , how responsive is the B-25 ? What's the outstanding qualities that make it a favorite
It was pretty responsive at the weights we were flying it at, pretty good roll rate - one of our flights was a display for a group of USAF WWII vets, we were doing wingovers, high/low speed passes etc - the wingovers were pretty crisp. I don't have any similar aircraft (ie same era/military) to compare it to, other than the Dak. It felt a lot more responsive than the DC3.

I guess the thing I liked most about it was sitting in what was essentially a glasshouse (the cockpit roof is green-tinted perspex), with a fantastic view and two nice big meaty radials just outside the windows. The advantage over the Dak (for me, anyway) is that the tricycle gear made the whole experience relatively painless. I just don't get what is so wonderful about taildraggers...

Fokker F27 friendship, No one has mentioned the old bird
I did!!! So did sru and chainsaw...
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Old 6th Oct 2009, 05:47   #78 (permalink)
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Hated the Metro (especially in summer), loved flying it.
The Jetstream32 was far more enjoyable though.
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Old 6th Oct 2009, 06:31   #79 (permalink)
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The BAe3100 / J31 / Jetstream - Worst aircraft ever!

Coming off the B200 and onto the Jetstream was a huge disappointment.

Similar to the Metro it seems.

The door is at the wrong end. You can't load punters and bags at the same time. And everyone gets a chance to whiff the dunny as they get in and out.
The wing spar was designed for maximum annoyance of the punters, and maximum amusement of the flight crew. Not unusual to find a tooth or two in your nav-bag at the end of a days work.
And to leave the flightdeck during boarding was impossible. You were stuck there.
The recirc fan was in the baggage bay and gulped all the air from the dunny to the flight deck. Not good on the morning flights.
Flight controls were bizarre. It was so pitchy and light on the elevators, yet a Kenworth effort to move the ailerons.
The elevator horn balance was forever in the slipstream, and iced up beautifully. The really funny thing was you didn't notice on climb until it was time to level out. The look on the punters faces when both of you are pushing full force on the yoke and finally the ice breaks off. It's like a Mexican wave when it broke free, from the -0.5G dive.
It was imperative to do this before the stick shaker activated as it shook the whole airframe, and even more importantly to beat the stick pusher that would have put you into a -1.5G dive.
And it was an ice magnet too. Not unusual to pull up at Esperance and hear banging noises from underneath you. When you got out it was all the tens-of-kilos of ice hitting the ground.
The inlets for the heat exchangers on the packs would ice up and turn the cabin into an uncontrollable oven.
And in flight it was downright scary listening to all that ice hitting the fuselage inches from your head.
At 25,000' it was right in the ice belt.
And what were they thinking of with the manual bleed valves, and the numbering on the dials?
And water methanol. Why not put bigger motors on it? Great performance. For a minute!
50Kg of water meth, 95Kg for the plumbing, enough for four shots and five if you managed it well, two pages of limitations and two recall items that if you screwed up, you died.
Operating into the heart of WA meant 40+ degrees, dirt strips and heavy mining staff.
The water-meth took care of the first one until it ran out.
For dirt strip certification the J31 had the whole tailplane off-set by 1.5 degrees to handle a critical engine failure at V1.....classic piece of engineering.
The miners were standard weights apparently.
The punters who regularly had the window seat usually booked their chiropractic appointments in advance - post flight.
The electrics were an over-complicated disaster, especially coming off the B200. And what was with the bus-tie switch above the skippers head. It always had a brown stain around it as it was never left alone and had to be pushed a dozen times during startup.
And make sure the props were on the locks before you do start, and scare the sh!t out of the punters as you select reverse to get them off the locks. This was particularly good fun with a tail wind
Vne 216 knots - who thought up that one?
Two good points though, the Maxarett anti-lock brakes were the bees-knees.
And the automatic flap 50 on touch down was a nice thought too.
So it was good for one thing - stopping!

My progression from there was to the BAe146...just when l thought it was over!

Best aircraft? Just flew it the other day...777-200F TOGA takeoff empty, l think the space shuttle may have got a run for it's money
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Old 6th Oct 2009, 07:09   #80 (permalink)
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LT-DT - I agree, the P68 is copping a bagging. Apart from needing to be a contortionist to get into the front seats(especially if full pax) and not bash your head on the fuel selectors/mag switches, it was a nice aircraft to fly.
Admittedly not as exciting as the Baron or Chieftan etc but not a bad aircraft to fly by any means. 1inop perormance wasnt anywhere near as bad as a fully loaded Chieftan in my experience.

Id like to hear why its so bad for those who hate it...
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