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Old 5th Mar 2007, 09:40   #1 (permalink)
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Kit build P51 mustang

Been searching for some time for info on a kit P51. Not the SAL or other 1:1 scale but the smaller version ( for the not so rich buggers).
Saw one a lifetime ago at an airshow at ballarat but unable to find info.
Looked exactly like the real thing except the canopy seemed too big for the rest.
Any help on sites etc would be welcomed.
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Old 5th Mar 2007, 10:07   #2 (permalink)
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A bit like this one Maxxie?

If I remember where I took this one correctly, (I think that) I took it at Warbirds Over Scone 2001. Bendo and a few others may remember clearer than I can.....

Don't remember if they had a website or exactly what the name of the kit is/was, but I do remember that it had either a Chev V8 in it and boy it was seriously close to the sound of a merlin both in the air and on the ground.

Big thumbs-up!
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Old 5th Mar 2007, 10:14   #3 (permalink)
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Jim Wickham owns that one - he lives in Victoria, in Gippsland I think.

Top bloke and I am sure if you catch him he wil be only too happy to pass on the details
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Old 5th Mar 2007, 10:18   #4 (permalink)
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Try this one

also try

There was a composite 3/4 p51 replica kit getting around from fighter escort wing and a few kits were being built here in oz, Conrad ? from crop jet in Wee Waa was building one but that was 10 or so years ago now.

What I want is a spitfire and if I can't have a real one this will do
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Old 5th Mar 2007, 10:21   #5 (permalink)
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That one is a 350 Chev, built flown and owned by Jim Wickham of Tyabb, Vic. It's a 3/5th scale.

He also has a single seat Spitfire with Jabiru 6 cylinder.

The other one that you might be thinking of is the Titan Mustang. www.titanaircraft.com, it's a 3/4 scale Mustang, gross weight 56 kilo's. Finished cost around US$70 apparently with Rotax 912s. 130 knot cruise. I suspect Jim's aircraft is quite a bit quicker than that.
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Old 5th Mar 2007, 10:35   #6 (permalink)
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ozzies machine

Ozzie Ozgood, was building one in Darwin. It was in the hanger with Roys Victa and some other homebuilts at the back of the Aviation Museum.

Used to see him down there reguarly until his wife died a few years ago, Ozzie was not all that well himself.

Not sure what happened to that machine or if it was completed, maybe one of two of the Darwin brigade will know.

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Old 5th Mar 2007, 10:45   #7 (permalink)
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This site should make you go oooh aahh!

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Old 5th Mar 2007, 11:04   #8 (permalink)
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Forget kits, Fluwerk in Germany are planning to new build P-51's. Now if a company in NZ can scratch build a Liberty V12 using new metalurgy and CNC machining processes etc. It runs and apparently is the real thing, puting out rated hp. Why can they do the same with a Merlin.
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Old 5th Mar 2007, 11:22   #9 (permalink)

Nunc est bibendum
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Thumbs up

Is that the same mob in Germany who are doing the new build FW190? I think they were working with original jigs and everything. Even the serial numbers continued on from the WWII serials......now all I need to do is to find the link to it again! Long time since I've read it!
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Old 5th Mar 2007, 11:23   #10 (permalink)
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There is a nice P51 80% scale aircraft in my hangar at cessnock, powered by a Suzuki 4 cyl injected engine, looks fantastic, but talking to the owner, the kit is a nightmare to build....
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Old 5th Mar 2007, 14:06   #11 (permalink)
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I think the reason for scaling these fighters is that the fuel bills also scale disporportionately.

I wouldn't want to have to fuel a Merlin, myself!
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Old 5th Mar 2007, 14:31   #12 (permalink)
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Hi Richo,after Ossie passed away the Mustang was bequeathed to Roy,Nobby,& Trev.After a period of inactivity it was sold very recently to an engineer/pilot who lives near Gatton.It is already in Qld and he intends to finish it.Cheers,Pete
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Old 5th Mar 2007, 17:02   #13 (permalink)
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Ivan and Sandy Campbell in NZ are the Australasian agents for the titan t51 mustang,supermarine mk 26 b spitfire and fisher r 80 tiger moth.

Have seen both the tiger and the mustang flying,I think the mustang is around us70k + engine.

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Old 5th Mar 2007, 20:21   #14 (permalink)
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Yes there is also a private individual in Germany, who has had alot of assistance from Flugwerk who has built two full scale Fw190s, with 1200hp R1800 P&Ws. fantastic creation, it looks, sounds and I'd bet it flies just like the original, it is around half the weight of the original 190s too.

Get one of those.

The work those guys at Flugwerk in germany is nothing short of amazing. Not only do they have several new-build 190As with BMW radials, they have a Dora being built too. And further afield in the US White1 is being restored, with almost 100% original Fw190 components, also in the works is a Dora in similar condition regards originality. The folks that own that D-13 'yellow 13' (formally a part of the Champlin collection) could fly it, but have chosen not to as it is just too rare, being 99% original, but rebuilt to airworthy condition.
Great stuff, what I'd pay to see one fly.

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Old 5th Mar 2007, 23:56   #15 (permalink)
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Max, check out http://www.thundermustang.com/

Should the gods of lotto smile on me one evening, I'll be over to search out one of these beauties in a flash!
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Old 6th Mar 2007, 00:50   #16 (permalink)
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Thanks all.
All I can say is...DAMN!!....
Some very nice machinery there, Looked into the Supermarine Spit, would love to see one up close as I need more convincing re the look of the thing. Whereas the Mustangs seem to be more original shape. I read that the Spit handles pretty much like the real thing.
How do I raise the $$?
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Old 6th Mar 2007, 02:07   #17 (permalink)
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Originally Posted by maxgrad
How do I raise the $$?
You could start by selling the kids...
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Old 6th Mar 2007, 03:22   #18 (permalink)
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I keep trying.....no bidders......may end up being cheaper to pay someone to take them off you!

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Old 6th Mar 2007, 03:41   #19 (permalink)
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This is probably the one you are looking for. http://www.thundermustang.com/

Have the volume up when you open the web page, they have a recording of the Falconer V12 at full song!

Performance wise it smokes the original below 15,000' or so (composite = lighter (no guns etc) and improved naca airfoil & smaller wing required due less weight), no blower so up higher it suffers. Although they were looking at putting a blower on it and some have been re-engined with turbine power.

Generally one of the faster normally aspirated aircraft at Reno (see www.bluethunderairracing.com )

Now if I could only find a buyer for the kids

PERFORMANCE Thunder Mustang {P51}

Rate of Climb @ gross 5200 ft/min {P51 2800 ft/min}

Maximum Level Speed @ Sea Level 326 kts (375 mph) {P51 326 kts (375 mph) 380 kts (437mph @ 25000ft.)}

Cruise Speed @ 75% Power 300kts (340 mph) 22-25 gph {P51 250 kts (300 mph) 50-75gph}

Range 1300 naut. mi. {P51 700 naut. mi. }

Service Ceiling 25,000 ft. {P 5146,000 ft. }
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Old 6th Mar 2007, 03:46   #20 (permalink)
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Oh and this link confirms how quick it can be. Although the record was set in 2005.


And for some aeros (Design Limit Load Factor +9g/-6g @ 2600 lbs, +7.3 g/-4.9g @ 3200 lbs )

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