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North America Still the busiest region for commercial aviation.

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Everything is under control.
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Baggage handler found locked in hold of Charlotte-Washington flight

"A baggage handler was locked inside an airplane’s cargo area during a 1.5-hour flight from North Carolina to Northern Virginia on Sunday.

A United Airlines spokeswoman said Monday that the airline was looking into how it had happened. The baggage handler, Reginald Gaskin, 45, was unharmed."

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Charlotte baggage handler flies CLT-IAD trapped in hold

United Airlines investigates after baggage handler locked in cargo hold for flight

The aircraft involved in the January 1 incident appears to have been a Mesa Airlines (United Express) ERJ-175 operating UA6060.

Reports suggest that when the individual was released from the hold, he was unable to produce any ID, prompting an initial scare that he was a stowaway.
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He works on the ramp at an international airport yet has no ID?

Something not quite right there!
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Wouldn't be the first person to leave it in a pocket / on the sleeve of a jacket left in the truck.
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Pretty common to leave your coat/jacket on the belt or in a vehicle whilst you're inside the hold working up a sweat
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Reportedly he had left it in his locker. Hopefully he was already airside at that point.
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