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Flying N reg from USA to europe on EASA license

Hello all

How does one go about this?

Is the aircraft usually UK registered before it leaves the USA? Or does the aircraft need to be in the UK to register it here?

Do i need to fill in a form for the FAA if its on the N reg, when we collect the aircraft in the USA to take it to europe?

All help appreciated.

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Think you may have more luck posting in the GA forum rather than here as probably not that many Americans fly N reg planes to Europe. Non airline, Private Flying forum.
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You either need a 'based on' airman's certificate under FAR 61.75 or a one-off validation, which means getting a licence verification from your CAA and a visit to the local FSDO.
The certificate needs a current flight review with a CFI to be valid (1 hr flying + 1 hr ground review). You also need a US visa that permits entry and exit by private aircraft; VWP won't do.

You will also need to process the export with CBP at your port of exit from the US. Best to use a local agent to process the paperwork and smooth the process. It's relatively cheap to do so.
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Mark 1 is right. Not all international airports can handle an aircraft export. Check with the customs agent. Headed to Europe Bangor will work. Get copies of the paperwork from the agent, they should send it to your designated airport but mine never arrived, hence the copies. You will need a GenDec too.
The actual stop took all of 5 minutes.
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