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Old 18th Aug 2007, 10:14   #41 (permalink)
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Has anybody in the US been able to get an ATP upgrade from the CPL/IR with a small amount of P1 time? According to FAR 61.159 you need 250 hours PIC, although you can include P1 under supervision - i.e co-pilot time. I emailed the FAA to check this and they said you need 250 hours of "proper" P1 time i.e. captain and the person being solely responsible for the aeroplane etc....????

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I have been looking for the same answer for quite some time now but I couldn't find a clear statement about it... It seems like those 250 hrs PIC time could be also as "SIC per forming the duties of PIC while under supervision". Does anybody really know anything about it? Has anyone been in the same situation? I currently have 1550 hrs Total Time, I meet all the requirements for the ATP (XC , Instrument, Night) except for the PIC time. I only have 28 hrs as PIC in my so-far-limited aviation career. I have lots of hours in ME acft requiring 2 pilots and a FE and many times I was either "manupulating the controls" or "performing PIC duties under supervision". That way, I would meet the PIC time as well.

Ciao everybody
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Old 21st Aug 2007, 08:15   #43 (permalink)
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Converting FAA ATPL to Canadian

Anyone able to give me some tips on this? I've checked the Canada Transport website and it seems to indicate that I'd need to do a bunch of exams, but several people have told me it's a straight paper job - any ideas? I have 7,000TT with over 1,000 hours jet.
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Old 30th Sep 2007, 02:31   #44 (permalink)
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Hi, can anyone recommend a good centre where i can get a 737-300 type rating?thx
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Old 18th Oct 2007, 08:43   #45 (permalink)
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Question A320 rating - who to go with?

Anyone have any recommendations as to the best place to go for an A320 type rating?
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Old 18th Oct 2007, 12:46   #46 (permalink)
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Airbus Centre Toulouse
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Old 19th Oct 2007, 01:26   #47 (permalink)

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Old 23rd Oct 2007, 06:13   #48 (permalink)
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A320 Type Rating Providers

Howdy All

Just wondering if anyone has any current views on a good TR provider in the US.
Have heard Simcenter in Miami are okay but wondering if anyone has info on other establishments.


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Old 23rd Oct 2007, 16:58   #49 (permalink)
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Simcorp Flight Training in Orlando. Heard they were pretty good.


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Old 6th Feb 2008, 07:18   #50 (permalink)
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FAA ATPL - What's involved??

Howzit PPruners??

I have an ICAO CPL with SEIR, and I'm currently flying single turbines in africa, but am looking at possibly doing my FAA ATP next year.

I'm lead tp believe that the thoery part is an open bank of questions to be learned off before the exam, but what exactly is involved in the practical side of things?

Can anyone give me a good estimate of cost, and expected duration for training? Also, any recommended FTO's stateside.

Many thanks,

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Old 6th Feb 2008, 10:04   #51 (permalink)
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Hey there

I did my FAA ATP a few months back . The written was ok but you do need to study . The flight test was the usual IFR ride in a multi. the medical was no big deal . The thing that took a while for was the TSA clearance required to flight train in the US. There are plenty of good schools around , it depends on what area you want to train in .

good luck
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Old 6th Feb 2008, 12:49   #52 (permalink)
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I did this about 8 years ago but doubt that much has changed...came from a similar position as you're in... The 'written' is a bit of a joke... done on a computer and is little more difficult than you'd expect from a PPL exam in the UK / Europe... however... having said that, the oral you undergo with the FAA examiner who afterwards will fly with you on the flight test can be tough.. he/she will have the results of your written and will know of any weak points... they'll give you a hard time if they suspect you're not up to speed and the more weak areas they discover the harder they'll dig. normally you can expect a couple of hours for the oral but I've heard of them going on for as much as 5 hours when the examiner wasn't happy... and following that grilling you'll have to fly the twin for 2 plus hours... I've heard that this can be easy or tough depending on the examiner... mine was pretty tough... I came from a twin turbine background with no piston experience worth a damn and none in the previous 10 years so playing with stuff like cowl-flaps/mixture etc was all adding to the fun...
One of the strange aspects was not knowing exactly what the examiner would want demonstrated on the flight test... In the US it's unusual to sit the ATPL as we do it... mostly new guys do the CPL then push off to fly night-freight or whatever...or they sit right seat on a feaderliner and upgrade to the ATPL when converting to the left seat... you may find the same problem getting info or maybe I was just unlucky... I went 1st to Comair in Fl and discovered that NOBODY there actually held and ATPL other than the big boss, long retired from the airlines ..and his had expired ! They ran out of suitable aircraft due to maintenance issues so I swapped over to a place in California and more or less made up the training for myself... Good Luck ..
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Old 7th Feb 2008, 23:43   #53 (permalink)
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The FAA prints the "Practical Test Standards" for just about every rating. It is the guide the test is based on and therefore the guidelines for training. The ATP Airplane PTS is here:


And your US certificate never expires, you just need a current medical.
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Old 8th Feb 2008, 11:55   #54 (permalink)
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Well.. I did investigate several gov publications but still almost got caught out when the examiner asked for a demonstration of recovery from unusual attitudes while under the hood... hadn't practised that for 12 years ! Maybe I overlooked it in my researches... He also decided to liven up the excersise... After the usual gyrations leaving the Seminol standing on its tail and on telling me to look at the instruments he began hammering me in the ribs repeatedly with his left elbow and shouting "TURBULENCE" over and over ! (He was built by the same people who built the Bay Bridge... about 6ft 3 and must have weighed 250 lbs !)
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Old 10th Feb 2008, 01:32   #55 (permalink)
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For the most efficient way to an FAA ATPL, just go to the AllATPs chain of flight schools. They have ~15 schools across the country. I did mine there - very efficient, they trained me on what the local examiners liked to check on, did two warmup flights and you should be good to go.
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Old 10th Feb 2008, 20:24   #56 (permalink)
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"I went 1st to Comair in Fl and discovered that NOBODY there actually held and ATPL other than the big boss, long retired from the airlines ..and his had expired !"

A US/FAA ATP certificate never "expires". It is good till revoked or surrendered.

The holder may not be allowed to exercise certain privileges due to age/medical issues.
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Old 10th Feb 2008, 22:53   #57 (permalink)
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Forgive my wording... yes he was well over the normal retirement age and had probably let his privilages lapse many years previously....
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Old 11th Feb 2008, 12:03   #58 (permalink)
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ALL ATP's will prep you for the written, oral, and checkride very efficiently. Highly recommended.
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Old 24th Feb 2008, 13:29   #59 (permalink)
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Converting Airbus rating from no-ICAO

Quick question for anyone that knows.

Is it possible to convert an airbus rating from a non UN country (Taiwan) to the FAA Atpl?

Can a CCQ course with minimal sim time as well as sitting the FAA Atpl do the trick (a330 -a320)? And are there any places that offer such a sim or a course?

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Old 25th Feb 2008, 14:17   #60 (permalink)
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Buddy of mine works for the FAA and he told me that you have to do the full course and check ride if you want to transfer your type rating from a foreign country (doesn't matter if it's ICAO country or not). It's just like getting an initial type rating all over again.
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