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Old 5th Jan 2009, 00:06   #41 (permalink)
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If you did the training in the US then all you need to do is take the paperwork with a signed 8710 and a logbook endorsement to a FSDO and they will give you the type on your FAA license. If your training was done overseas then you need a letter from the training department of your airline with an 8710 and a logbook endorsement and take it to a FSDO. Someone in the training department or the chief pilot has to sign the letter, the endorsment and 8710.
I hope this helps.
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I believe that varigflier is detailing the steps for an FAA Second-in-Command Type Rating.

To my knowledge, there is no straight forward conversion of a Foreign Type Rating to an unrestricted FAA Type Rating (you have to do the training program) unless it is a conversion from a Transport Canada licence to a FAA certificate (largely just an administrative step) under the provisions of a recently-signed agreement between the two authorities.
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Old 6th Jan 2009, 04:58   #43 (permalink)
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Thanks Panama Jack. I left that important part out. It is only valid for an SIC rating.

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Hi all,

I'm sure this must have been asked before but I've searched for it and cant find an answer, and trying to get the answer off the FAA website is like

Can anyone tell me what are the requirements to convert a JAA FI rating to a FAA CFI rating? (luckily I've already got an FAA CPL and IR so dont need to do that).

I think it involves 3 hours dual, 2 written exams and a check ride with the usual oral exam, but I'm not deffinetly sure.

Thanks in advance.
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Old 11th Jan 2009, 04:22   #45 (permalink)
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I beliebe you have to do the whole CFI training and checkride in the states. No conversion for the CFI license. I also heard all initial CFI checkrides are now done with the feds.
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Old 13th Jan 2009, 09:18   #46 (permalink)
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What is the recommended study aid for the FAA ATPL written exams? Is there any online programm available?

Any inputs are greatly appreciated


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What is the recommended study aid for the FAA ATPL written exams? Is there any online program available
Gleim or ASA manuals ...

Aviation Supplies & Academics (ASA)

Gleim Publications

Dauntless online course ...

FAA Written Test Preparation - Airline Transport Pilot (ATP)

I know people who took the online course above and liked it. There are other online courses as well.

AND ...

I've heard that the question bank may be changed radically sometime soon ...

I believe you have to do the whole CFI training and checkride in the states. No conversion for the CFI license.
Agreed. With a commercial/inst. (FAA issued) you can actually do it fairly fast just about anywhere in the States. Overall requirements are in 14CFR61.183 - 187; you need 15 hrs. PIC in the type you use on the checkride. Training is to proficiency ... and I'd do the online TSA module, too (easy).

and trying to get the answer off the FAA website is like
Not really, it's just covered in the FAR's. We have a treaty with Canada that makes the process (basic license conversion, not CFI) relatively easy; otherwise you have to do it "honestly". The writtens are very straightforward and there's plenty of training available. Good luck and have fun!

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Old 6th Feb 2009, 23:07   #48 (permalink)
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Hey there Canuck 15,

You mentioned converting CAN License to FAA and it took you less than 2 weeks.
How, where and what do I need if currently holding a CPL/Multi-IR in Canada?

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Old 13th Feb 2009, 13:10   #49 (permalink)

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foreign instrument rating...

hey guys,

I have a quick question. I validated my foreign commercial license to a FAA PPL (61.75) I then did the written exams to validate my instrument rating from the foreign license (61.75 d) Followed by commercial written and check ride etc... however, i did not do a instrument approach on my check ride.

Apparently this was not required since the instrument rating was already issued. Between the FSDO losing my paperwork, resubmitting paperwork, they have finally responded after about 5 months, saying a instrument check ride was required.

Do any of you guys carry knowledge on this? I don't mind doing check rides.. But this sets me back completing the ATP, and I am possibly losing a job over this. If only we knew about this earlier. Both the FSDO and DE said it was not required. Where in the law does it state this requirement?


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Old 14th Feb 2009, 10:26   #50 (permalink)
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Originally Posted by fmtheo
they have finally responded after about 5 months, saying a instrument check ride was required.

I'm not an expert, but since no one has chimed in ...

First, I assume we're dealing with SEL. The commercial ride for ME requires some instrument work for your IR to be valid, at least for ME flying.

Yes, someone with an original FAA license would have their instrument rating "upgraded". I am not so sure about one issued as yours was. Your private / IR was issued on the basis of a foreign license. Your commercial was based on the "usual" FAR's. It could well be that the IR doesn't carry over. It also could be a horrible screwup - one that might take weeks to correct. I've called OKE City before about license issues and have found them friendly and helpful - where help is possible. That might be a good bet. If not, go through channels using the DPE and the FSDO (might be easier to just take the checkride). Good luck!

Contact the Airmen Certification Branch

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Additional clarification on JAA type to FAA type

Ok, I have read other messsages but I have a question to clarify my situation.

Until a couple of weeks ago I had the following:

FAA Commercial Pilot, multi, instrument with an SIC B737 type rating.

Then obtained an unrestricted JAA ATPL with a B737 type rating.

Most recently I got an FAA ATP ride in conjunction with a B757/B767 type rating.

Here's what I would like to do. I would like to convert (if that is the correct term) my JAA B737 type to my FAA ATP B737 type (unrestricted).

First I was told sure I could do this by the FAA. Went to the FSDO and was told no I could not. The explanation was rather strange. According to what I have heard this would be more possible had I only had a foreign license without having an FAA license as well! Makes no sense that a foreign pilot would be treated better than their own citizen!

One last question, is it true the other way around is possible? In other words if I have a B757/B767 type, which I now do, that I can apply to have it added to my JAA license? If this is the case, it makes absolutely no sense that the conversion would work one way and not the other!

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Old 19th Feb 2009, 17:10   #52 (permalink)
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There's no conversion between JAA and FAA at all. The only thing that transfers is logged flight experience. I'm not sure what the FSDO told you at first. In any case once you have FAA certification you have to add ratings in the "normal" fashion - in your case a type rating ride. At least I've never heard of "upgrading" a(n) SIC type rating on the basis of another type rating (767) on your license - which might be what confused the FSDO guy. It'll be the same for getting your JAA 757/767 type; you'll have to go throught the "regular" JAA process. There's an agreement between FAA and Canada (see above) but that doesn't help you.

Now one option on the JAA side is to find an FAA inspector or DPE who can sit in on your next PC and possibly issue the rating based on that check.

I hope this helps. Really would have liked to have heard your conversations with FAA. Maybe someone more knowledgeable will chime in.

Under FAR 61.75 one can get a private pilot license based on a JAA license, but it doesn't apply to you since you are already FAA certified.
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Old 21st Feb 2009, 17:06   #53 (permalink)
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Thank you for your response. Well, what you are saying is what I have been told before as I mentioned. Oh well, at least I know now.

Thanks again.
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Old 23rd Mar 2009, 13:53   #54 (permalink)
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Procedure to receive a FAA PPL with my JAA PPL


I have a JAA PPL issued in Italy. I'd like to obtain a FAA PPL (that one that is valid only with my jaa ppl valid) but I really don't know what to do.

I'd like to do it by here in Italy, without going to USA to issue the licence.
Can somebody expainn me the procedure?

Thanks a lot
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Old 29th Mar 2009, 16:32   #55 (permalink)
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Does anyone know what is the full process that I have follow in order to get an ICAO SIC A320 on my FAA CPL MEL????

Is it even possible ??

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Old 8th May 2009, 16:47   #56 (permalink)
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JAR ATPL + type ratings to FAA

Have 5000 TT, A320 and B200 ratings on JAR ATPL. Also have old FAA Private licence from 1994.

To convert to FAA ATP what do I need apart from written test.

Should I do Check ride in A320 SIM as an LPC or King Air SIM/aircraft ?

What are best schools in US for this? Flight Safety UK say test is 150 GBP but re-current B200 training in US has course cost 9500USD?

Also have FI ratings and Military QFI ratings - are these recognised by FAA?

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Old 10th Sep 2009, 22:04   #57 (permalink)

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Does anyone know where i can convert my ICAO liscence in England? already did the ground school, please let me know thx.
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Old 15th Oct 2009, 06:34   #58 (permalink)
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indian DGCA CPL conversion to US FAA CPL


I am an indian citizen with DGCA Commercial pilot licence...I intend to convert to a FAA cpl and do my CFI training in the states.please advise me on the conversion procedures, what papers i need to answer to convert to MEL(instrument) and the books i should refer to answer my conversion exams.thanks in advance....
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Old 24th Nov 2009, 03:47   #59 (permalink)
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can any one tell me a place were i can do FAA ATR type rating(usa)
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Old 18th Apr 2010, 19:35   #60 (permalink)
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Canadian CPL Multi Engine Rating to FAA

Can any one help me out regarding converting Canadian CPL with multi engine rating to FAA cpl

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