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Agaricus bisporus 27th Dec 2012 17:14

Local SIM Cards, USA
I'm going to be spending some time in the US soon, wondering whats recommended for sim cards for local US calls.

Prepaid, payg, what's the deal?

Gulfstreamaviator 28th Dec 2012 15:04

Very good service domestically speaking.

Wallmart, CVS and many other stores....


500 above 28th Dec 2012 15:05

SIM cards - Best Buy

These should see you through. You can buy very basic cheap handsets too if yours is not unlocked.

Agaricus bisporus 29th Dec 2012 11:00

Thanks, I didn't make myself clear. Are these things available in UK before the trip - kinda useful to have one before you can find a Walmart!

OrryFace 29th Dec 2012 21:07

US local Sim cards
I have used several of these things and they are much of a muchness. Honestly, it is not worth buying before you arrive as that will cost you much more, so only worthwhile if you absolutely need to start contacting people as soon as you land.
The other thing to watch is that all of them last for a specified period of time - usually 30, 90 or 365 days, depending on how much you pay initially, and if you don't top them up within that period then the number is dead. So for example, I visit 2 or 3 times a year, buy 30 days worth each trip, but then that number is useless when I return a few months later.
Often the phone plus SIM is cheaper than just the SIM (eg ATT GoPhone). The 'free' phone may be crap, but so long as your own phone is unlocked that doesn't matter.

Hope that helps.

ragamuffin 30th Dec 2012 20:01

Nope. Don't go to AT&T or the likes.

I recently relocated to US from UK. The package deals cost a fortune over here, plus they often require signing up to yearly package etc.

I did the research and discovered a few companies that offer the same deals that the main players offer, yet nearly half the price. The other real important feature is that my chosen provider allow a 30 day contract.

I recommend H2o wireless. $30 gets you unlimited calls and texts for 30 days. $40 gets you the same plus 100mb of data. Don't try calling H20 to order a sim as the customer service is just awful. The best method is to go to the website then click on the link ( top right hand corner) which allows you to interact with customer services, order via this method.

H20 offer both GSM and CDMA services ( basically, if your phone takes sim cards then it's GSM) If you have a smartphone then it'll need to be unlocked.

H20 use the AT&T network so the coverage is great.

Good luck

shahidsaif 6th Jan 2013 03:44

you can try to the ebay. thanks.

cavortingcheetah 20th Jan 2013 09:20

Just returned having gone straight to the local ATT shop and bought a sim card for my US $20 telephone. This chip gave me 250 minutes of international calls to the UK and $10 worth of US calls for $35. It could be topped up on the telephone and ATT shops are everywhere. I've always used this system. Next time I shall probably have to buy a new US telephone form ATT. I think they retail at about $30. Why bother with anything else?

Heathrow Harry 20th Jan 2013 16:53

good deals at Radio Shack as well..........

EGGW 22nd Jan 2013 09:07

If you are an irregular visitor, say once a month or so. I highly recommend T-Mobile deal.
You pay $10 for the sim card and get $10 to use. For $2/day you get unlimited data, unlimited Phone calls and SMS within the USA. Of course with data, whatsapp, Skype etc... Work a treat. You can buy the Top up cards, which are available all over the place, and last for 90 days. I was with AT&T but their deal is bad in comparison.


avionimc 22nd Jan 2013 09:13

And, in practice T-Mobile has the best coverage and no roaming fees anywhere in the US, including Alaska. They do have a basic prepaid package (GSM).

bigal1941 2nd Mar 2013 17:29

Has anyone used a dongle on a laptop in Alaska. Cruising up the inside passage in a couple of months and just want to know that the family are still OK. Have got PAYG mobile from Vodaphone with me so could text I suppose. Advise appreciated. Thanks Alan

cavortingcheetah 2nd Mar 2013 18:24

Thank you and will investigate switching from AT&T next time over.

piton 2nd Mar 2013 18:51

Bigal 1941,

If you are on a cruise ship you will have no service while at sea - only the eye-wateringly expensive ship satellite comms. When in port on any given day you can use your phone (or dongle) but may well be busy doing tours etc. Texting might be the best option if all you want to do is a quick "ops normal" report.

bigal1941 2nd Mar 2013 20:06

Thanks for that, hope all ports have MaC's

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