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Night Stop If anyone has a recommendation for somewhere to visit or eat out on a night stop then post the info here.

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Old 27th Nov 2012, 10:57   #1 (permalink)
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ZRH night stop

Popular spot I know, but anyone got any other places to stay in Zurich downtown were there for 5 days nothing too fancy pants but not a dive either dont mind non brands too.
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Old 28th Nov 2012, 02:22   #2 (permalink)
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Zurich Hotel

You could try the Limmatblick, very close to the Railway Station.

All mod cons however a 777 pilot may feel it's a bit claustrophobic, a 737 pilot pilot will feel at home.

Zurich is a lively city, surprisingly
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Old 28th Nov 2012, 09:08   #3 (permalink)
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Renaissance Zurich Hotel was nice, cool industrial area which in rejuvenation.

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Old 28th Nov 2012, 17:56   #4 (permalink)
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thanks I'll take a peek
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Old 28th Nov 2012, 21:49   #5 (permalink)
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Just get Robert Whitehead at JetAviation to lead you to oblivion
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Old 29th Nov 2012, 09:49   #6 (permalink)
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I remember a night stop years ago when in Gulf Air in Zurich as at breakfast I was reading my Daily Telegraph and did not notice that there was a lit candle on the table until my paper burst into flames!
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Old 29th Nov 2012, 18:15   #7 (permalink)
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Can't really recommend a hotel - I was living there - but don't go home without going to Brasserie Lipp and the Jules Verne bar above it.
Old 30th Nov 2012, 16:52   #8 (permalink)
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I lived in Zurich for 10 years. Hotel? Hard to say, the Movenpick in Glattbrugg should be alright. I only know the bar there, which is worth a visit. The Jules Verne bar is on top of a tower in the middle of Zurich, if you get a table at the window, you´ll get a great view on the city! If you have enough time and the weather is reasonable good, I recommend taking the train up to the Uetliberg, local mountain (or rather hill for Swiss standards) of Zurich. You´ll get another great view on the city, the lake plus the alps and it has a nice restaurant up there as well.

Enjoy LSZH!

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Old 30th Nov 2012, 21:01   #9 (permalink)
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Hard to recommend any good hotel deals in Zürich, as the price level in Switzerland is generally rather high.

However, for good local food, head down to Zeughauskeller Zürich :: Home, Wurstspezialitaeten, Paradeplatz, Zuerich, Restaurant, Mittagsmenue which is just off Paradeplatz.
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Old 30th Nov 2012, 23:34   #10 (permalink)
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Hotel in the middle of town by the tram station, opposite the railway station is the Central Plaza.

Quite a lot of good eating to be had one level below ground at the railway staion, mainly lunchtime.
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Old 1st Dec 2012, 14:07   #11 (permalink)
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As everyone knows, Zurich isn't cheap, but with a bit of research you can get by. I've stayed twice at the Hotel Otter, above a bar/restaurant and each of the rooms is very quirky, but nice, priced way below many of the other hotels, downtown. If you're staying 5days make sure to buy a tourist pass and do lots of breathtaking day trips to various mountain towns, though appropriate clothing will be needed to stay warm! No 'leaves on the line' or 'wrong kind of snow' in Switzerland and the SBB functions like clockwork all year. Have fun!

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Old 3rd Dec 2012, 14:38   #12 (permalink)
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Central Plaza opposite Train Station has a great "piano bar" very lively at night.....but the Renaissance Tower is really nice and a short Tram Ride into town or a 20min walk......
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Old 6th Dec 2012, 15:55   #13 (permalink)
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thanks folks
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