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Old 11th Jan 2017, 18:21   #1 (permalink)
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John "Desert Rat" Sweetman

Hunters (208), Phantoms (43; 19, 228 OCU) , Cathay Pacific. One of the great "get 'em in the wheel wells" men. No desk job for him. Always ready with a funny quip . Made his last take-off yesterday.

Far too soon.

He will be missed.
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Old 12th Jan 2017, 16:44   #2 (permalink)
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True gent, cool guy

Friday 27th Jan at 12:30
Bournemouth Crematorium

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Old 13th Jan 2017, 00:05   #3 (permalink)
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I didn't know John in the RAF but I remember him well from Cathay. Not only a true gentleman but a gentle man. Condolences to his family.

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Old 13th Jan 2017, 08:00   #4 (permalink)
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Was at Coningsby with him '75-'76 and had a few beers with him whilst passing through Honkers many years later. Nice guy! RIP
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Old 13th Jan 2017, 10:38   #5 (permalink)
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A very sad loss. John had an outstanding enthusiasm for aviation. He was also very gifted instructor and QWI. Does anyone remember his “Goliath the Phantom Pilot” act. One of the funniest things you could see.
I also viewed some pictures of John in Hunter days at about 3 feet off the ground at 450+ kts!
Farewell dear friend
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Old 13th Jan 2017, 10:58   #6 (permalink)
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Location: Lechlade, Glos.UK
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Met him at Brawdy but not sure I flew with him. RIP John & blue skies.
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Old 14th Jan 2017, 22:59   #7 (permalink)
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Did John follow Bill Stoker from Bahrain to SOAF after his tour in 1971?
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Old 29th Jan 2017, 17:02   #8 (permalink)
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On final approach in to the crematorium , played at end of ceremonies , John's requested farewell song - "Another one bites the dust " by Queen . Sense of humour right to the end .
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Old 29th Jan 2017, 21:08   #9 (permalink)
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Lots of old boys there from the RAF and Cathay. Great turnout and that Queen song at the end ......... Priceless.
Nice one John - pure class. RIP Mate.
Condolences and love for the future to Jenny and the family.
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