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New Years Honours List 2013 - Names we know!

BBC already posted the link, will add the MoD website main link when they eventually publish.

Lots of names we all recognise.

RAF List Here

Alternatively, for Purple entries, Dept list starts at page 8: link here

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That list should just about cover everyone left in the RAF, hands up those who did not get an individual or team award.

The awards list seems to get longer each year, for fewer people each year.

Well done to all

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The awards list seems to get longer each year,
Must be the reverse of wagon wheels, mars bars etc, I was thinking the (RAF) list seems to be ever smaller, despite being on permanent operations since 1990!!
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Never seen this one on the list before:

President RAF Cricket Asscn
Chief of the Air Staff Commendation

And no 'team' award.
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Your cut and paste missed out 2 very important RAF awards:


As Knight Commander

Air Marshal Timothy Michael ANDERSON CB DSO

Air Marshal Andrew Douglas PULFORD CBE

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I have to admit to being a little out of date on the honours system. What exactly is a team award? Is this something that appears in the London Gazette along with the OBEs, MBEs, etc, or is it something that is entirely in-service?

I've been following these lists since I left in 1977. For many years it was pleasant to see old chums' names from time to time. Now it's chastening to realise that 99% of those on this list probably weren't even in the service when I left (and some not born!) Well done to all anyway.
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An interesting choice of picture to head the RAF list on EMU's link...

.....ah so someone somewhere does glance at PPRuNe occasionally! The RN sea king to which I was referring has quietly been replaced by a mighty RAF Tornado.....well done RAF PR!


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So of the 26 gongs of MBE and above, all but 9 go to officers and the lowest rank to receive an award was a Sgt.......

So what exactly did all these people do to deserve an award ?
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I know of a guy who has been a civilian instructor on an Air Training Corps squadron for the best part of 40 years, the guy is a leading light of the trainning program and this is reflected in the cadets exam results.

I can't help thinking that voluntary work over such a long period should get some sort of award but I fear that the guy has been in post for so long that the upper management see him as part of the furniture and have not considered putting his name forward.

Would any of the other members of this forum like to comment on if this guy sounds like a suitable candidate for consideration for some sort of award?
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He does, but until somebody writes an appropriate citation on the correct form and then gets your OC to endorse the application, nobody will be aware.....

Over to you, I think....
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Telegraph 26 Dec

"CBEs and above are problematic. While it is certainly the case that outstanding individuals do receive knighthoods, these deserving men and women are obliged to rub shoulders with a number of others who have carried out some disreputable act. A knighthood is far too often a sign that the recipient may have kept quiet about something he or she should have made public, done some illicit favour for the government of the day, paid a large sum of money into the bank account of a major political party or (in the case of civil servants) is being rewarded for not rocking the boat over an extended period of years. It goes without saying that peerages are even more dubious, as the wholly disreputable conduct of so many peers once they arrive in the House of Lords proves."

"is being rewarded for not rocking the boat over an extended period of years"

"the recipient may have kept quiet about something he or she should have made public"

Take your pick....
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Kate Bush, Tracey Emin, ........honoured

Would anyone honour me if I shrieked meaningless lyrics out of tune, or put my dirty bedding into a museum? No, thought not.

What an utter disgrace. Added to which, I may be wrong, but I seem to recall that Emin woman making some very anti-Royal family statements a while ago. And someone that ugly doesn't deserve recognition anyway!
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So what exactly did all these people do to deserve an award?
c130jbloke - Although said in response to a different question, Jambo Jet has also answered your question. These individuals were fortunate enough to have a chain of command that actually thought about their troops, had the good fortune to be able to string a coherent sentence together and then actually been bothered to write the citation in the first place.

It is my opinion that as an organisational whole, the RAF is shockingly bad at putting its people forward for honours and awards compared to the other services. There seems to have been a gradual move over the years to a mindset of you are paid to do your job, so just being good at what you do isn't enough. A couple of years ago, I put one of my FS's name forward for an award precisely for that very reason; he had shown, over many many years, a level of technical ability and personal qualities that lead to an unusual level of respect and trust by his peers, subordinates and seniors. He ended up getting an MBE and was the only RAF name on that list that received such an award for being exceptional at what he did. That he was the only recipient on that basis was also noted by Air Cmd when they put out a report noting a degree of disappointment that Chains of Command weren't recognising individuals for their abilities at a time of high op tempo.

Now there are those who suggest that being good at your job is what you get paid and promoted for. I would have agreed entirely until recently, but as Big Pants notes, the Telegraph seems to have summed things up far more eloquently than I ever could. Furthemore, a quick look at the link to the Cabinet Office honours page suggests that

72% of recipients are people who have undertaken outstanding work in their communities either in a voluntary or paid capacity
So it seems that these days being paid should no longer be seen as a barrier to deserving individuals being nominated.

Some of the wider nominations did also raise an eyebrow at Melchett Towers this morning, including as Tableview notes, that Emin creature. The number of Olympic awards, whilst unsurprising and welcome after one of the few bright spots in an otherwise pretty dismal year, does also highlight the inconsistencies in Govt policy towards double medalling. If the Armed Forces cannot accept and wear NATO or other medals for operations where a UK medal has been awarded, does that mean the Olympic recipients will have to hand their medals back? No? Thought as much, the usual double standards by politicians where it suits.
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I say again - Sir Bradley Wiggins -FFS
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A & C - ATC Civilian Instructors should get a Commandants Commendation after prescribed periods of service, will have to check but I think it starts at 14 years and includes one at 26 years. However it all depends on the system being reminded that it is due. If you need the info please PM me and I'll dig it out for you.

Regards, BL
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When I left a Volunteer Gliding Sqn as an A2 CGI after 20 years, I didn't even get a 'thank you' letter.

Not that I was surprised. The CO had put in thirty-odd years, and he didn't get one either!

Mick Jagger got a 'K' though, so that's alright. And Bruce Bleedin' Forsyth.
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Cherie, Mrs BLAIR For services to Women's Issues and to
charity in the UK and Overseas.
Regards, Den.
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"Who hath Honour ? Him that died o' Wednesday! (Falstaff: Henry IV Part 1)

Apopcryphal Story from a Long Time Ago:

The time is late December 1940; the New Year's Honours List has just been made public.

An M.P. stands up in the Commons * "What about the knights who ride on the wings of Spitfires ?"

* Would the Commons be sitting then ? Don't know - there was a War on !

Nothing changes.

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HM speaks out

Here is the 'official' reasons for the awards*
Queen's New Year honours*Socialvoices on MSN News UK

"Strange how all these raging republicans are quite happy to be associated with Royalty when one is placing ribbons round their necks. Sometimes would rather put something else around their necks but the ceremonial noose is up in the attic somewhere along with hundreds of placemats and Andrew's model helicopter collection."

*(Not actually factual)

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I was very pleased to see one of my former SAC's get a commendation - I drafted the submission and the individual thoroughly deserved the award.
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