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Shack video

This was posted in the aviation history forum but brought back great memories for me - hopefully for others too.

Although at Kinloss I did several trips with 8Sqn as an observer during a JMC - a wonderful experience!


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Thank you:
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Sadly they were below Safety Altitude IMC and that's no place to be . . . if this was the aircraft being driven by the CO.
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What a cracking video! I never served on the kipper fleet but I watched this with growing nostalgia.

Mike Duguid (the S Eng O) was a couple of entries senior to me at the College of Knowledge. Also, when I was stationed at Finningley in 1975 (Eng Wg), my room in the mess was next to a mad Irish Nav stude who was posted up North onto 8 Sqn. Sadly I can't remember his name but I remember how chuffed he was with the posting.

The fleeting glimpse of the guest night at Lossie triggered so many memories of similar functions in RAF messes all over the world.

The RAF had style and I think it still does. It has always had an ingrained ability to shine in the face of adversity.

Rgds SOS
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Do you agree with me or are you all doom merchants?

Rgds SOS

P.S. thanks for the PMs it was CJ

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Cracking video, brought back some good memories of working on watch at "Architect" North and keeping my Morse skills up to scratch with some old Shack Aircrew Operators who always seems to have a speed Morse key on FS or DW. Then of course the day of the crash on Harris Island, a terrible day on watch that was. RIP to the crew
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Just a question.........
Presumably the Griffons were still reasonable once the aircraft were scrapped. What would have happened to them - sold on to keep Griffon powered warbirds flying, kept for the BOBMF or a bit of both?
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Old 28th Dec 2012, 23:20   #8 (permalink)
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Thanks for posting that. My dad used to tell me of his trip back from Cyprus in the front of a Shackleton. Nothing unusual you might think, but he was in the Army at the time. Never did find out the circumstances of it though.
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Smile Cyprus

Probably a trooping flight,thay were done occasionaly.Pretty uncomfortable unless you got the nose position!The galley had two bunk beds usually the top one was littered in spares or equipment!
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Smile Video

I have just watched the video(thought I had seen it before but no I had not!!)Now its 41 years since I last flew in WL745,before it was converted and yes it brought a tear to my eyes!I remember well the aforesaid depth charges falling to the floor and running to a nearby ditch!Thanks for putting it on PPRuNe!!
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All it's done for me is give me nightmares. I served on Maritime Shacks for 3 years before converting to the Mighty Hunter. I absolutely HATED the Shack; noisy, smelly, slow & bl**dy uncomfortable.
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Did a few trips with 8 Sqn. The long slow trog down the North Sea for a couple of sorties by CY then home again.

The fun bit was the bombing runs on the North Sea Ferries with eggs down the tube. Sitting in the nose and calling "now, now...NOW!! Then waiting for the score from the back.....
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Griffon Spits

RHP, the BBMF Mk.19s were powered by Shack Griffons, although they used some bits from Fireflys in order to ditch the second row of props. Until fairly recently a French chap had a 19 with contra prop, although it's now back to standard.

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