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US Seahawk leaving D32

I was reading Navy News and the article about the new clothing ( I suppose its sensible) and at first glance the Seahawk leaving the HMS Daring looks normal but then I thought that the perspective was a bit strange and surely there would be more deck activity from personnel immediately following a launch. But then I thought so what I'm just being picky!


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Maybe it hasn't just launched. The ship looks like she may be in a slow turn to port. The Sea Hawk appears to be in forward flight, which would initially be up the port side wouldn't it?

I can't see any Flag Foxtrot or RAM shapes - or do stealth destroyers not have them?

Not rotary so all of the above comes with an amber 'possibly duff info' caution!
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It is an MH-60S Knighthawk....

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You probably meant Flag Hotel (for helicopters), it is on the port side of the ship.
As for crews, nowadays, hidrants and all the stuff is remote controlled. As for lashings, maybe it was just one DL, negative lashings for the photo op.

PS : could be photoshop as well
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The T45 Flightdeck is operated unmanned (apart from aircrew) when conducting rotor start or stop and T/O or Ldg. Not sure about the Seahawk's flight phase, they have some different ways of transitioning to the RN. Nothing suggests to me that it's not a launch, a glance at the relatively small flag & ensign on the mast suggest a gentle R20 wind supplied by the bridge. 1st time for everything I suppose!
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US Seahawk Leaving D32

Seahawk? I though the Seahawk (and Jayhawk) have the tailwheel located much further forward and lots of 'naval bits' bolted under the nose section.
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Originally Posted by Saint Jack
Seahawk? I though the Seahawk (and Jayhawk) have the tailwheel located much further forward and lots of 'naval bits' bolted under the nose section.
Not all versions:

The MH-60S is based on the UH-60L and has many naval SH-60 features.

Unlike all other Navy H-60s, the MH-60S is not based on the original S-70B/SH-60B platform with its forward-mounted twin tail-gear and single starboard sliding cabin door.

Instead, the S-model is a hybrid, featuring the main fuselage of the S-70A/UH-60, with large sliding doors on both sides of the cabin and a single aft-mounted tail wheel; and the engines, drivetrain and rotors of the S-70B/SH-60.
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Here's the landing....
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''The HMS Daring''???
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