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Rafale wins Indian order

BBC News - French Rafale jet beats Eurofighter in $10bn India deal

French firm Dassault has emerged as the lowest bidder in a $10bn contract to supply India with fighter jets.
Now , the question must - will Dassault snatch defeat from the jaws of victory , once again?
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Please see #58 at the following link:


It is now confirmed.
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India to buy the Rafale?

Jan. 31 (Bloomberg) -- Dassault Aviation SA rose the most
in more than 22 years, after a person familiar with the matter
said the company emerged as the lowest bidder to supply 126
fighter jets to the Indian Air Force.
Dassault shares rose more than 22 percent in Paris and
traded 20 percent higher at 735 euros as of 3 p.m. A majority of
the stock is held by the Dassault family, while European
Aerospace, Defense & Space Co., the co-producer of the
competing Typhoon, owns 46 percent.
“The announcement comes after a very high-level, equitable
and transparent competition,” French President Nicolas Sarkozy
said in an e-mailed statement. “The Rafale was selected thanks
to its cost effectiveness over the lifetime of the plane.”
For Dassault Aviation, the sale to India of its Rafale
combat jet, which hasn’t won a single export order after 11
years of flying for the French military, would be mark a major
victory. Over the last decade, Dassault has consistently lost
out in competitions in countries including Singapore, South
Korea, Morocco and Switzerland.
India’s Defense Ministry will begin exclusive negotiations
with Dassault within 10 to 15 days, the person told reporters in
New Delhi today, speaking on condition of anonymity because the
proceedings aren’t public. Talks will likely last for weeks,
pushing the signing of a contract beyond the March 31 end of
India’s fiscal year, he said.
Indian law requires the government to negotiate a contract
with the lowest-bidding vendor. Dassault is competing in the $11
billion contest against the Typhoon, the Eurofighter plane built
by BAE Systems Plc, European Aeronautic, Defence & Space Co. and
Italy’s Finmeccanica Spa.
Indian Decision
Dassault is still in the running to win a contest in the
United Arab Emirates, and remains in talks with Brazil about a
Although it has been producing a plane a month for the
French military, without export orders to help pay the cost of
production, its funding burden falls entirely on France.
India shortlisted the Rafale and Eurofighter in April, when
it rejected bids from U.S. manufacturers Lockheed Martin Corp.
and Boeing Co., as well as Saab AB and OAO United Aircraft Corp.
The country is buying the fighters to replace an aging fleet of
Russian MiG-21s and Dassault Mirage 2000s.
Dassault had no immediate comment. The company recently
lost a contest to Saab’s Gripen in Switzerland, and Dassault has
since sought to get back into the contest by offering a new
commercial offer that includes fewer and modified Rafale jets.
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Russia, the US (2 times with the F16 and F18), EU, and France were fighting to get a big fighter airplane contract in India (more than 100 airplanes). It seems France won.
That's a 10 billion contract...

Dassault va vendre 126 rafales à l'Inde - Libération


The Dassault Rafale (French pronunciation: [ʁafal], squall) is a French twin-engine delta-wing multi-role jet fighter aircraft designed and built by Dassault Aviation. It is called an "omnirole" fighter by its manufacturer.

Introduced in 2000, the Rafale is being produced both for land-based use with the French Air Force and for carrier-based operations with the French Navy. It has also been marketed for export to several countries, including a $10.4 billion order from Indian Air Force.
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That'll teach us for not saying sorry about Top Gear.
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Were the other teenage mutant ninja turtles bidding?
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Nice one Al
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Like it was supposed to be a big surprise here...
India has already chose in the past and is already equipped today with french fighters, the older version (mirage 2000) of the rafale, they update their fleet with french fighters (rafale), what makes sense. In fact nothing new.

What is new is the fact this is one of the world's biggest defence deals. 10 billions.
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Ah, ça fait quand même du bien...

Yeap, a winner had to be at some moment.

The Bloomberg article is full of mistakes :
Biggest one is that the Rafale is not due to replace the Mirage 2000 - even if it's part of the anglo-saxon strategy to say "ageing Mirage 2000"
A very big contract of modernisation has been signed with french industry a couple of months ago for those Mirage 2000, new avionics - and new missiles , more than 500 MICA all-sectors, multi-sensors. The french avionics companies Thales and Sagem did the modernisation of the indian Jaguars in the 80s, and also of the Sukkhoi 30....
Before the Mirage 2000 deal of the end of the 80s, there had been the big contract of the Jaguar, mostly with the british (as Dassault never acknowledged paternity of that aircraft, which was originally a Breguet product...)
Before, 110 Mystère IV had been bought (sorry for those who don"t know what it is - yes, it's another Dassault aircraft) and they fought gallantly during a couple of wars with sub-continent neighbours...
And even before, 104 Dassault Ouragan (sorry for the sam eoneshad been bought at the beginning of the 50s...... and also 30 Breguet Alizé for the indian Navy carriers in the 60s...
The Rafale C (Air Force) and M (Navy, from french aircraft carrier) have been operating for a couple of years over Afghanistan, and more recently over Lybia.
A small Rafale squadron is based by the Armée de l'air in UAE.

And now, back to the bottles...

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I can`t help but think that this will mean more job losses at BWOS. Typhoon build has slowed down considerably and JSF build is at a crawl. They were really relying on this order.
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Yeah was going to ask - how does this affect BAE Systems?
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Should've let BAE take the lead sales role rather than EADS.
BAE have a better palm-greasing technique, they would have won the contract, although they would have had to pay a few commission fees somewhere
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Plus, of course, there's a readily available M version should India's naval ambitions warrant it.
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How many Rafale's does our aid buy them?
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Will they be using British overseas aid to pay for them? It's a clandestine way of helping to bale out the Euro.
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Old 31st Jan 2012, 19:04   #16 (permalink)
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I think technically they haven't won the order, they entrered the "exclusive negotiations" phase...
However it is true that things are looking pretty good... for once!
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Should've let BAE take the lead sales role rather than EADS.
Well EADS don't really care given it owns 46% of Dassault....
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This one is ready for the next round :

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Shame for EF.....that's a big order.

Won't India have more 'gusts' than France now...?
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Maybe BAe/EADS could sell them to the porridge wog air force?
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