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help for Heroes / Royal British Legion

I don’t wish to be controversial but I am interested in the forces view,

I was at a large event yesterday that was attended by the Army Air Corps and Navy recruitment teams, both were actively collecting for the “Help for Heroes” charity but there was no evidence of collections on behalf of the Royal British Legion. Help for Heroes wrist bands were being distributed but no poppies, this I found odd.

Is “Help for Heroes” superseding the legion as the principle charity of the forces and if so why?

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Not sure, but I thought the 'Help for Heroes' was a BL Campaign. Could be wrong though.
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no but it is backed by the Army Benevolent Fund

Help for Heroes - Who is behind H4H

and to be fair the Navy were not collecting for either charity.
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Navy were probably collecting for an aircraft to put on the new aircraft carrier!

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Stn Ramp Rat said;

Is “Help for Heroes” superseding the legion as the principle charity of the forces and if so why?
My understanding of H4H aims is to provide assistance in the immediate aftermath of a serviceman's repatriation through being wounded, whether that is funding improvements to rehab facilities or family support.

RBL provides assistance to anyone who has served in the Armed Forces, at any time, and for any length of time, whether a member or not. That asistance ranges from help to get benefit entitlements to residential care, re-training to respite care, and almost everything between.

Obviously there is some overlap between the two organisations, as evidenced by the X Factor single 'Hero' proceeds being split 50-50.

I would urge anyone, serving or ex, to join the RBL - only £15 pa.

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H4H Fundraising

Hi All,
H4H is actually now splitting a lot of the money raised with other Forces charities. Because of the ground swell of support they have received, they continue to capitalise on their ability to raise funds but are also contributing large sums of money to the other fundraising organisations such a Combat Stress and the British Legion - details of this are on their website. They need to publicise this more widely but it is being done, I assure you! At the end of the day, as long as the money is going to the right people and the public remain keen to support then we are moving in the right direction in terms of supporting our serving and ex-serving personnel.
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We have had 4 threads running on this subject and we do not need another. So sorry, but there is a limit.
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