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Old 16th May 2017, 11:32   #3321 (permalink)
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Originally Posted by AnakinBawden View Post
Good Evening All,
My Name is Anakin Bawden and I am very keen on joining the Royal Australian Air Force when I am older and becoming a pilot. I am currently in Year 9 and in year 10 will be doing Pre-Specialist and Maths Methods. I will also be doing Physics, Chemistry and some other subjects including English Language. My question today is if anyone on this page has done interviews for the ADF and has any advice on my current school subjects and any recommendations or other advice on my application and interview process and maybe general information on schooling in general that would be highly appreciated!
Thanks A lot

-Kind Regards
Anakin Bawden
Hi Anakin,

Great to hear you're thinking about this from a younger age, really good stuff.

For subjects, check out the defence force recruiting website to see the subjects needed as a minimum - always good to get the official information.

I can definitely recommend getting involved in team sports as well as extra curricular things such as debating, community service etc. These are great to show team work and participation and the interviewers value it highly. If you can go for a leadership position within your school such as a sports captain or prefect even better but if not that's ok, just get involved in activities.

I also highly recommend going down to a flying school and getting at least a couple flights in a light aircraft to see if you like the experience. A lot of people realise they don't once they get to flight screening but they never tried it beforehand. Again the interviewers will like the fact that you have experienced flying to see if you enjoy it.

If you do feel airsick don't worry, several guys I know still get airsick from time to time and it is generally treatable.

Finally one bit of advice that helped me is never take no for answer. It took me 3 years just to get in but there's always a way, you just have to keep pushing. One day you can be strapping on a pc-9 (or pc-21 in your case) and buzzing about.

It really is a great career and very rewarding, but you have to make the system work for you and get out of it what you need. It's hard work and flight training is tough and sometimes it all seems too much, but that's where you fall back on your motivation to get to the end and get your wings. You get to do stuff that civillian pilots could only dream of, and sometimes you find yourself in disbelief over what your doing - it's those moments that make it all worthwhile.

Good luck!
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Old 16th May 2017, 23:56   #3322 (permalink)

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Hi all,

Like most other newbies here, I have come across this forum while doing my leg work for my pilot application for the ADF. It's amazing to see that this thread has been kept alive for so long! I will try to keep my questions/post succinct - and any answers or feedback is greatly appreciated.

For the best part of the last four years I have been travelling/living abroad, and only recently returned back to Australia. My last job was abroad in Europe which involved project and production management, so I believe this covers the 'leadership' trait - however I could be wrong. Since my return I have been on the hunt for any job but am having no luck. Knowing that the application process can be quite lengthy at times, I am a little concerned that this period of unemployment may hinder my chances. More to the point, I feel that the longer it takes, the less relevant (or outdated?) my leadership role in the UK will become. Could anyone provide any insight as to how the OSB/ADF would perceive this? Am I better off delaying this until I get a job/have more recent leadership roles?

I am still in the early stages of my application, sitting the Pilot Spec tests on Monday, confident on making it to the assessment day where my employment (or lack thereof) may be brought up.

Again, any feedback would be welcomed.
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Old 17th May 2017, 11:45   #3323 (permalink)
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Does anybody know about RAAF or Navy offers?

I did FSP in Feb/March and there seems to be silence across all channels.
No one i know has heard back and it seems oddly late.
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Old 17th May 2017, 12:30   #3324 (permalink)

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Harry, I received a RAAF offer for the June OTS course about 2 weeks ago. I'm assuming the offers for June have gone out. I think the following OTS course is early August so fingers crossed for you for then.
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Old 20th May 2017, 23:49   #3325 (permalink)
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INFO about OTS courses

Hey all,
Does anyone have any idea about the start dates of OTS courses for RAAF?
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Old 23rd May 2017, 07:34   #3326 (permalink)

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hey guys just wondering if anyone is in the same position as me or is able to clear up what I've been told by my enlistment coordinator. I'm currently waiting on the call to attend FSP/OSB. I've been told that I'm in 'the middle third of the competitive pool and will be offered a spot on flight screening when considered competitive enough.'

I'll give a bit of an insight into who I am, I'm 22 years of age and recently finished a bachelor degree in science at the University of Melbourne. I also achieved an ATAR of 96.30 on completion of VCE in 2012 completing subjects such as Methods, Specialist, Chemistry etc. I currently work at Dan Murphy's in a managerial position and have been doing so for a number of years.

I was recommended for FSP/OSB in October 2016 but hit a bit of a wall with my medical, but was later considered a class one in February this year.

Could anyone shed some light on what I've been told or is it the norm to be waiting this long.

Thanks in advance, Jason.
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Old 23rd May 2017, 09:10   #3327 (permalink)

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Hey guys!

About 2 weeks ago I have received my invitation to the flight screening course starting on the 18th of June. Unfortunately it has been more than 6 months since my assessment day so I now have to go in on monday (29th) to resit the entire day which is a bit of a bummer, just wondering if anyone else has had this problem?

So now I'm assuming my offer is conditional that I pass the assessment day again :/

And if anyone else is placed in the same flight screening course it would be great to have a chat and possibly make a group for us to talk in and prepare together, send me an email if you are interested!

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Old 26th May 2017, 06:57   #3328 (permalink)

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Hi All,

I have my Specialist Testing for Pilot coming up in a month. It has been at least 5 years since I last did it.

Can anyone please tell me what is involved now? I have heard that they have taken the joysticks out of the testing? I'm prepping by going through my mental equations and math skills.

A little bit about me: After completing School I applied for the Air Force and they knocked me back saying I didn't have enough life experience. So here I am now as a fully qualified Personal Trainer running my own business living by myself and should have all the experience they require.

Kind Regards All.


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Hey JK, I had my spec testing recently and there was no hand-eye coordination testing. Aside from that I don't think much has changed since when you would have originally done it. Speed and accuracy important and all that jazz.

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Old 30th May 2017, 22:13   #3330 (permalink)
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Zanzare, recommend turning on private messaging.

I wouldn't worry about a period of unemployment. Your experience abroad provides an insight into your leadership qualities, and also demonstrates life experience which is priceless when you're competing with school leavers for a position.
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Old 31st May 2017, 01:35   #3331 (permalink)

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Originally Posted by tayra View Post
Hey JK, I had my spec testing recently and there was no hand-eye coordination testing. Aside from that I don't think much has changed since when you would have originally done it. Speed and accuracy important and all that jazz.
Hey Tayra,

Thanks for that. I'll continue to improve my mental arithmetic skills. I'll let everyone know how I go next wednesday. I have found a nice little course that tailors to the testing done on the Specific testing which is run by ex-military personal.


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Old 2nd Jun 2017, 13:33   #3332 (permalink)

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Completed the additional testing for pilots today, was actually easier than I expected (thankfully haha). Now to call DFR tomorrow and get the assessment day booked in for ASAP hopefully, the wait I had between my initial application and my YOU session was like torture :P
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Old 11th Jun 2017, 02:56   #3333 (permalink)

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Hey mate how'd you go on the additional testing?

I have my pilot additional testing coming up next week any tips?
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