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Old 4th Jul 2016, 16:35   #41 (permalink)
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I wound't call his MH gig a failure
If it is not a failure, then it is a scam.

At his level he most certainly studied the case and patient before joining. Now it does not take a rocket scientist to realise that in "such" countries, especially within govt entities, the face saving and nepotism is virulent, it is almost system immanent, the prevalent religion not being particularly helpful either.

So he must have been either badly prepared or very naive. I am however more inclined to assume that he was neither, but simply going for the mission impossible because of the money, knowing quite well that he will fail, but walk away with a handsome sum.

It worked once, it will work twice. EK is no less a mission impossible with an even bigger reward, as most probably it was the lenders and insurers who are starting to call for a change behind the curtains, as the profits dwindle and the money drain is apparent.

So Mueller is not stupid. He will play the fig leaf for a year or so a second time and can then enjoy a very posh retirement back in civilisation.

EK will inexorably continue to change into a gargantuan Gulf Air 2.
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Old 5th Jul 2016, 06:34   #42 (permalink)
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notapilot15, you really need to change the Coolaid you are drinking at Costa, if you ever had the plot, you have truly lost it now with that last post
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Old 5th Jul 2016, 09:20   #43 (permalink)
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It will in fact give the appearance that something is being done. The minions will be smiling just knowing that everyone's lot will be improved...and you wait and see, just wait a little longer and it will be nirvana. So mission accomplished. Nothing changes but the aspect of it will keep all in line, prevent further resignations and make everyone happy campers. "Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain". It is simply impossible to change the corporate culture, built up over centuries. It cannot be allowed to happen.
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Old 5th Jul 2016, 09:42   #44 (permalink)
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Nothing will change whoever you bring in I feel, the roster will only get worse on the 777 as the 330/340 evaporates the holes will line up more and more as the experience levels on the flightdeck reduce as we fly to more dangerous destinations. My decision to leave has now been made after a year of waiting to see positive changes, if anything its become even worse.. As pilots here we are just abit of scum at the bottom of their shoe, never have and never will be important.
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Old 5th Jul 2016, 11:52   #45 (permalink)
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ruserious, All I am saying is, if EK wants to sincerely use CM's capabilities to save the company they have an opportunity here (or) they can repeat MH. I am sure CM negotiated a better contract this time based on his MH adventure.

Right now only efficiency it has is squeezing core employees. It has no other discipline.

glofish, It was a scam on Malaysian side.

EK created a misconception about airline management worldwide. People started believing if you have a great manager like STC, any airline can be well run. People tend to ignore how many ways EK owners pump money into this enterprise.

MH has no money so it cannot be fixed. Doesn't matter who leads the company, unless country has laws similar to chapter 11.

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Old 5th Jul 2016, 12:31   #46 (permalink)
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My guess is, that any report Mr. CM generates will go to the same place the employee survey of nearly 2 years ago, went to die.

I would love to be a fly on the wall during some of the meetings though.
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Old 5th Jul 2016, 13:38   #47 (permalink)
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My guess is, that any report Mr. CM generates will go to the same place the employee survey of nearly 2 years ago, went to die.

I would love to be a fly on the wall during some of the meetings though.
Hence my comment "On top of it all I highly doubt STC will allow the reality of his total failure at executive leadership over the last years be his legacy."

One of the core problems here is that the company has no longer any moral compass or soul; that has died with Maurice.

Now it's just pure greed, opportunism, everyone for themselves. And that typically withstands any kind of logical analysis as the core incentives are diametrically opposed.
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Old 5th Jul 2016, 14:10   #48 (permalink)
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I may be wrong but STC is playing more of a ceremonial role now a days.

Think from owners perspective.

They got loans from everywhere.
Every other Dubai company is trying to help EK.
Removed all aviation regulations
Removed all labor laws
Removed all accounting laws
All in hope of creating a world class airline.

But what STC did
Ordered 100 Boeings and 50 Airbuses at every air show.
Employee morale at the lowest and shrinking
No proven revenue management skill
Mainly no network discipline.

What happens when STC retires
Several planes buzzing around without making any money
Lenders start asking to repay loans
Family companies will say no more freebies to EK
Very few lessors ready to lease
Very few lenders ready to lend money
Yet EK has to find routes for 2 new B777s and one A380 every month.

CM should concentrate on three aspects
1) Cut PR spending
2) Delay pending plane deliveries or cancel pending plane orders
3) Rationalize routes (I know hard to believe)
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Old 5th Jul 2016, 14:39   #49 (permalink)
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The drivel factor on PPRuNe has reached new heights recently.

Somehow flight ops manning and our own issues with fleet Mgt ETC have now rendered this enormously consistently profitable airline as all smoke and mirrors - a money losing, crisis engulfed airline - that is propped up by other local companies and cannot get loans.

Conspiracy theorists - ten a penny.

All of the doomsday posters are what? Airline pilots with little internal knowledge of what actually goes on yet seem to have advice for CM on Mgt because they have the inside scoop of not only here but MH as well!?

It has gotten so bad recently that one post about the 380 losing money from a friend of a friend - got a response of "I knew it!". Now there's empirical research for you.

Flight ops problems & decreasing yields on full service carriers because of competition? Yes

But seriously some of the BS on here from pilots with ZERO inside knowledge or large Corp Mgt experience.

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Old 5th Jul 2016, 15:22   #50 (permalink)
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Have to laugh at the experts( pilots) when it comes to running a business.
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Old 5th Jul 2016, 18:27   #51 (permalink)
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One more advise

The worst thing CM could do is across the board cut.

When CM starts looking for cost saving areas and slackers realize they will be on the chopping block, they will try to convince CM it is very difficult to pick and choose, so go with across the board cut.

Never a good idea, demoralizes hardworking people while saving non-performing fluff.
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Old 6th Jul 2016, 22:57   #52 (permalink)

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Wonder if CM is coming to clean up dnata as well after JC is laeving
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Old 8th Jul 2016, 03:39   #53 (permalink)
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An unusually scathing response to the 'rumour network' from you. Anyone who's been at EK more than 8 yrs knows the significant changes to working conditions endured by pilots. They would also know, regardless of their 'knowledge of management ', that EK is in downward spiral. We all know the basic product and advertising is for the most part still amazing. Work conditions are increasingly appalling and only ever getting worst. Mueller, if he were to actually come to EK will have his hands full. He is on record for saying that talking to those on the 'floor' almost always provides true insight into a company's true position. Restructuring also cannot be accomplished with the same management. If he shows up here, he will either fail spectacularly, quit, or hopefully, disrupt a seriously defective cadre of local management. His effectiveness, or lack thereof, will be a true measure of how serious the govt of Dubai is to run a truly world leading airline. Let's see! Let's hope M does show up here. It'll be interesting.
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Old 9th Jul 2016, 11:31   #54 (permalink)
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Spot on Edge On.
Regardless of how complicated those who run things make it for themselves, EVERY business has simple rules to success. EK, as we all know seem to have either never heard of them or decided they know better.
I know where my money is going............................
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Old 9th Jul 2016, 11:41   #55 (permalink)
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One of the questions he would presumably ask if he were here today would be; Is there a fatigue problem with pilots?

The response from Fleet would be that last week we operated over 1200 flights and there was ONE fatigue report.

Endless posts and chest thumping on fatigue & rosters - but we are not doing ourselves any favors by writing about them here as against there.
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Old 9th Jul 2016, 12:56   #56 (permalink)
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Fliion = realist
Edg On = optimist
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Old 9th Jul 2016, 16:31   #57 (permalink)
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If he would only ask fleet about a fatigue issue, if he'd believe any statistics based on internal reports only, in this culture, then he wouldn't be worth his reputation and money.

There goes the realist .....
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Old 9th Jul 2016, 16:46   #58 (permalink)
short flights long nights
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I was about to say..maybe he could ask ' what is the fear culture in this company that prevents people writing reports?' And then he could have a long sit down with EGT and others and ask some hard questions.
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Old 9th Jul 2016, 18:08   #59 (permalink)
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Ta Dah!
A coconut for SOPs.
I would also like to add that those having a go, at others offering their views on how the company is being run, telling Mr M how to do his job is a trifle rich!
I believe Fatigue reports are extremely small 'tatoes in the current "crisis".
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Old 10th Jul 2016, 14:24   #60 (permalink)
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Things ain't good in the hood. Cabin crew recruiting to stop at end of July through Oct. Oops.
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