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Qatar to start Athens-New York Service in 2nd Half 2013 - 787s Likely

Probably a very good use of the 787 if that is the plan. Sounds similar to what Ethiopian is doing with their 787 flights stopping in Rome on the way to Washington Dulles (using 5th freedom rights?):

Photos: Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner Aircraft Pictures | Airliners.net

Wonder how many more potential one-stopper flights through Europe Qatar and others can operate? Certainly no Greek-based airline competition to the US in that case. EK formerly flew to JFK through Hamburg and I believe Qatar flew A330s to EWR through Geneva at one point.

No doubt Al Baker wants to show off the shiny new 787s on routes competing with older 767s operated by Delta to JFK and I believe UAL (formerly Continental) to EWR from Athens.

Found this relevant comment on another forum:

I guess no one saw this coming.

This morning at a press conference in Athens, Akbar Al Baker announced the launch of daily non-stop flights between Athens and New York in the second half of 2013. According to the Greek press, the flights will be operated with 787 or A380 aircraft. The articles don't specify if the flights will originate in DOH and if they will be to JFK or EWR, although JFK seems more likely given QR already flies there.

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"787 or A380"? When did Qatar get A380's?
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They haven't and won't until the new airport is finished as the old airport cannot support it.
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Evidently the plan at Qatar is to add A380s starting in 2014 - at least that is what I have read (not confirmed). 10 total on order.

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The current schedule for the arrival of the A380 is Q1 2014. This is dependant on NDIA being ready and the wing modifications being complete.
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So an aircraft's worth is determined by size only? I guess real pilots only fly big planes anyways

Sorry couldn't resist taking a jab at ya... no hard feelings
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I've seen it in person... Not impressed at all.
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Not impressive ... but elegant and efficient and she fly nicely!
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