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Old 31st Oct 2008, 12:23   #61 (permalink)
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approximtely the avg wage of an office staff is a bit on the low side relative to other well paid jobs (the 5000-36000 dinars mark) and a combined low benifits package..the avg wage would be 750 dinars..lets pump it up to 1500 dinars (over estimate avg) month. initiallyA. dose wanted to get rid of 1500 staff..and i believe most of them werE from the low to mid salaried bracket. by doin the math, converting it to dollars.. comes up to roughly $200,000 a day thats 20% of the total 1 mill a day..so that leaves us with another 80%....yet again i could be wrong
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Old 31st Oct 2008, 14:15   #62 (permalink)
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not sure why u guys are wasting ur time talking about this?
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Old 31st Oct 2008, 16:34   #63 (permalink)
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just curious mate
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Old 1st Nov 2008, 05:03   #64 (permalink)
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Shazar this is a rumours network .

Does it mean all your comments are only rumours.?

You have valid points put them on newspaper or on the CEO desk so something will be done not vent it here.

Could be you are one of those trying to make a change and the sytem is not letting you?
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Old 2nd Nov 2008, 00:42   #65 (permalink)
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I guess we should all start thinking of a leaving present for Naf, not much longer left before he goose steps his way back home.
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Old 2nd Nov 2008, 13:44   #66 (permalink)

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Gulf Air getting tired

I work at the petrol factory and it's the same mess here as it is at GF: Too many Bahrainis rubbing their hands with glee at the opportunity to be a "manager" without actually doing any managing.

It's obvious from all of the flights I've done this year that morale at Gulf Air is at an all time low, and it isn't all about remuneration.

Any London or Bangkok economy you do, especially night flights, involves spending a couple or more hours with a tray stuck in your stomach because the seats are too close together; the number of people tapping the guy in front to ask them to put their seat forward just so they can eat is embarrassing.

Having half of the number of cabin crew they needs means that unless you're in the right spot the food and drink takes half the flight to get to you and subsequently get cleared, so passengers end up piling all the debris in the galleys in disgust.

I fly in Business a lot of the time and for the last four flights someone has been complaining about the entertainment system not working - people are paying good money and receiving crap service, and it seems the powers that be have forgotten that SLF do actually have a choice.

They should make every manager in Gulf air do at least one London or Bangkok night flight in a middle economy seat - without telling the cabin crew they are on board - and then maybe the lazy arsed toerags will realise that they need to be a bit more proactive and show some concern for their passengers to justify the salaries they receive.

It's even worse at my place because getting senior people to make decisions is now a joke, and we've increased the number of chiefs by a monstrous amount leaving a reduced number of indians (and that's no pun) to shoulder the workload.

I hate to say it but the work ethic is simply not there and when the leaders can't be arsed the rest will follow.

It's a bit like the fat arsed bigheads in SUVs that insist on driving in the emergency lane to avoid traffic jams. It only takes one to do it and every tom, dick and ravi will follow.

What it needs is senior management with a bit of steel to draw the line and start demanding results; can you see that happening when they have their own nests to line?
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Old 3rd Nov 2008, 09:42   #67 (permalink)
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No. Nor does Gulf Air sell training for outsiders.
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Old 3rd Nov 2008, 10:00   #68 (permalink)
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Has the Banana man been relieved of his position? If you check your email there is a memo from "Brent Miles (Actg) Chief People Officer".
Finally, maybe some good news.
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Old 3rd Nov 2008, 12:17   #69 (permalink)
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No. The former on leave and the Welshman acting on his behalf.
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Old 3rd Nov 2008, 15:15   #70 (permalink)
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Chuck Y is correct. Strong rumours around (again) that Naf will soon be gone.

Good riddance to the smiling puppet assassin.
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Old 3rd Nov 2008, 19:07   #71 (permalink)
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Icarus, that's very presumptuous of him to call himself Actg Chief People Officer. Normally, the big boys get someone to deputise on their behalf but I have never seen one of them give himself a new acting title. Maybe, we should import somemore sheep just to put a bit of fear into him and give him something to do on his days off!!!
On the brighter side, why don't we submit some changes to Mr Banana's package whilst he's on leave? Reducing his leave allocation by 10 days would be a good start. Also, I wonder if he is enjoying the 2 days travelling time included in his leave!
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Old 8th Nov 2008, 09:42   #72 (permalink)
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Did the B man get sacked yet ?
Is Gulf Air leasing anything from CP and Air Asia?
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Old 10th Nov 2008, 11:20   #73 (permalink)
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I saw him at the Desert 400 this weekend but he didn't look his usual cheerful self. GF was there in force with 20+ Gulfies, including Gulfie the mascot. Maybe they are grooming him for the position?!?!

Off subject, I must say the girls were looking exceptionally sharp with the checkerboard veil.
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Old 10th Nov 2008, 11:46   #74 (permalink)
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Lights out literally at the pink palace tomorrow, maybe a corporate Who Dunnit event. With so many suspects it could be a real blood bath.
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Old 10th Nov 2008, 14:32   #75 (permalink)
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Care to elaborate, not good at code...
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Old 11th Nov 2008, 11:14   #76 (permalink)
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codes...uh....."the chicken is on the roof"......"I like a good Balti"....."How is the weather in Helsinki?".
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Old 11th Nov 2008, 13:30   #77 (permalink)
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Well nothing happened today at the pink palace, despite 6_DoF's predictions. Gulf air keeps trundling on aimlessly with no definate direction or management. Who cares what happens in the pink palace since it will not realistically have any impact on us. They will just keep trying to chip away at the flight & cabin crew, squeezing minute savings out of us until there is no choice but to look elsewhere. To call our 320s junk is a fantastic compliment, our 340s a huge 4 engined pieces trash & now our 330s have followed suit & are just as crap. More & more useless appointments being made by Naff & Banna. I am surprised that we have so many scum sucking leeches with the word "strategy" sandwiched between a bunch of other useless words as titles!!!

"We need to continue our momentum today and tomorrow is ours."

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha! What momentum? All I see is us sliding on the toilet seat of obscurity into the s***.
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Old 11th Nov 2008, 14:24   #78 (permalink)
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You guys really need to get out more...

When will you learn. Rumours are just that. Rumours. I appreciate that is the point of this site but it would be nice to see some new ones instead of the same old rubbish every few months. And these are just so dull. Come on, lets get some new ones. PLEASE!

Honestly, if you spent half the energy finding yourself a new job as you do whinging about your current one then you would be in a much better place in your life.

Here is a solution for you and you can have it for free. Get out. If you don't like what is going on then leave. It really is that simple.

You guys are just embarrasing yourself by continually complaining without offering any proper solution or leaving for 'greener pastures'. You are like the fly who has never seen glass before. "Buzz, bump, Ouch it sucks here. Buzz, bump, Ouch it sucks here. Buzz, bump, Ouch it sucks here." Yawn.

Time to reclaim some self respect and go if you really think it is that bad.

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Old 11th Nov 2008, 14:27   #79 (permalink)
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Keep hanging in there Mephistopheles, I heard help in the form of (wet/dry) leased planes are on the way sooner than you think.
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Old 11th Nov 2008, 14:56   #80 (permalink)
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Location: "como todo buen piloto... mujeriego y borracho"
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Sounds like the Cabin Crew had a 'fun' meeting in the simulator centre with Management today. The impressions they've gotten from a number of them was one of disappointment due to the reaction of certain members of the management team-- lots of double-talk, non-commitment, denial and re-proportioning the blame on the crew themselves, especially with respect to rostering and crew-welfare issues.

It is truly tragic, as Cabin Crew are the most visible and most frequently-encountered front-line employees of the Gulf Air product. In a recent Airline Business article, the Company spells out some pretty ambitious goals. Successful companies recognize that the critical spark lies not in the hardware or software, it's in the liveware. However, how ours hopes to accomplish the stated objectives and committments (which were emphasised during the meeting) with demoralized and disrespected front-line employees is beyond me.
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