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Middle East Many expats still flying in Knoteetingham. Regional issues can be discussed here.

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Old 23rd Dec 2008, 11:02   #81 (permalink)
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Those in the pool......received an email to expect HR update this week...hope that's the case.

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Thanks ataboy. Great post. Factual, balanced and will help to make the decision.

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Old 23rd Dec 2008, 21:56   #83 (permalink)
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...received an email to expect HR update this week...
Great news Mr. Shaft. Hope to receive the same.
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Old 24th Dec 2008, 13:50   #84 (permalink)
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Unless you've applied - none!

Check the website to see what the requirements are, you need 2000 hours multi jet hours.
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Old 24th Dec 2008, 18:10   #85 (permalink)
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Excellent and accurate post Attaboy.

One issue you left out is the general decline of T&C's. This is not normally an issue with new-hires because everyone approaches a new job with wide-eyed enthusiasm (especially when flying great equipment on a good route structure) But over time it becomes a huge issue. For example, the inadequate crew rest facilities and the absurd rostering practices will wear you down over time. Unfortunately, the trend is to further push the envelope in those regards.

I would like to emphasize what I think are some important issues.

Family is first. If there is any apprehension in those regards, then make sure you investigate every single aspect of Dubai/EK life before you come. Do not delude yourself, if your wife or kids are not happy, then you are screwed. (kids are not usually the problem, but a serious complication if there is a problem)

Your current situation is another issue. If things are acceptable in your present job and location, then be forewarned... You have no recourse when you are wronged in Dubai. That applies to your personal and professional life. The insanity of 'different laws for different individuals' only affects about 20% of pilots here, but sometimes it turns into a nightmare. Do not think assume that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence. Only come here if your prospects do not look good where you are now.

Attaboy mentioned the annoyance and frustration of trying to get anything done in this city (and the company to a lesser extent). It will certainly drive you bananas but over time if you have a sense of humor, the incompetence, stupidity and lack of understanding of how to deal with people, will provide you will endless topics of discussion over a few pints.

Another point, that no one ever mentions, is that once an expat pilot, always an expat pilot. This fact should not be taken lightly. There are exceptions but once you leave home to work as an expat pilot, the odds of returning home to a good job are quite small. For most pilots this is not a problem but carefully consider it.

One last point I wish to make is that management will not support you. The company does quite well with respect to events such as illness/injury, medical care or a family death, but otherwise they will do nothing to solve a problem. The entire purpose of our immediate bosses is to fill a regulatory required position. They are excellent at frustrating the hell out of people to the point they stop requesting help in a particular situation. They are hired based on that criteria, so do not expect anything more.

If you come to this place, have a sense of humor. There are excellent rewards to come here, but there are pitfalls too. For me, I am quite happy. But the general approach to dealing with issues that affect pilots operationally and personally, has to be improved. I have days each month when I detest this place and just want to leave, but then I consider what I would be doing back home now.

I think it is fair to say that EK is not what it used to be. Then again, all of aviation is not what it used to be. It is not such an easy decision nowadays, in spite of the present economic upheaval around the world.
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Old 29th Dec 2008, 17:07   #86 (permalink)
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Letter about class dates

Did anyone else get the letter today? It looks like we might not get a class date until the second quarter of the year? Some of the people might not get the class date at all, because there one year will be up and there not currently flying? Any info?
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Old 29th Dec 2008, 17:27   #87 (permalink)

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Thumbs down Emirates Update

We thank you for your continued patience in awaiting news...... plus bla, bla bla.....
Very but if you have a job say thanks to the big Bosssss
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Old 29th Dec 2008, 17:27   #88 (permalink)
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The 2 things that came to mind reading the email this morning:

Whether you get out of the pool will depend on if you are currently flying. Also, if they're not going to offer course dates until April/May, it'll mean most in the pool will be extremely close, if not past their one year expiry.

They started the pool in May and stopped interviewing in what, mid-July? If the "successful completion of the selection process" starts when you get the thumbs up email, then the latest poolies run out of time in August?

Not the news I wanted to hear but 'nowt any of us can do about it.
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Old 29th Dec 2008, 18:06   #89 (permalink)
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So why is emirates starting to interview in february if they delay the course dates? I understand the letter regarding a class date but do not really understand the logistics about commencing interviews with an overabundance of pilots in the pool.
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Old 29th Dec 2008, 18:17   #90 (permalink)
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So why is emirates starting to interview in february if they delay the course dates? I understand the letter regarding a class date but do not really understand the logistics about commencing interviews with an overabundance

As much as I would prefer for EK to offer course dates to all the Poolies before anyone else, the cynic in me says that they're interviewing in Feb for 2 reasons. Firstly they can. It'll give them more options. And secondly, there's an abundance of Boeing/Airbus pilots that find themselves in circumstances that mean they're falling all over themselves to get a shot at EK.

Basically, I think this email was a prelude to letting those know, who aren't as well qualified as others in the pool, that it isn't going to happen.
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Old 29th Dec 2008, 21:09   #91 (permalink)
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It seems to me there gonna interview ex excel guys with widebody and miderange size experience, leave the crj and erj boys in the pool swimming. When the sheet hits the fan its nice to see how they operate. Ehtihad has also put guys on hold, hmmmm maybe a merger, I guess Qatar airways isnt so bad after all.
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Old 30th Dec 2008, 19:15   #92 (permalink)
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emirates pool

It is evident and very clear some of the guys in the pool will not get a class date anytime soon. I believe the selection out of the pool will be those who have boeing and airbus time first....over 2500 hrs. Like you all said, the rest left for swimming.
Does anyone know what the number is for projected classes? I am assuming 150 in the pool. What was the history for the number of pilots per class? Im thinking maybe 20 per class for April, May, June.
Keep your head up.
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Old 31st Dec 2008, 01:11   #93 (permalink)
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Why would they be so interested in pilots who just 9 months ago
had no desire or interest to work for EK at all.

Are these really the type of people they want ?
Working there not because they want to, but because they have to ?

They will leave at the first sign of better times.

They seemed much more concerned with finding the right personality
fit rather than just aircraft experience during the whole selection process.

At least thats how it seemed to me.

They sent 2 guys packing back to their 747 jobs from my class, yet all
the CRJ pilots that were there are now in the pool.

I guess time will tell.
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Old 31st Dec 2008, 08:33   #94 (permalink)
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For those who are in the hold pool there are 64 pilots ( captains and first officers) going to be transferred from the A330 to the 777 and no recruitment on the A330 to replace these pilots. The plan was to recruit 150 this year however with the slowdown in deliveries due to the Boeing strike combined with the recession and the slipping of the next batch of A380 deliveries the number of new pilots required will be small.
If you have significant time in Boeing aircraft then you will have the best chance of being called.
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Old 31st Dec 2008, 13:46   #95 (permalink)
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I agree with you. True that the crj/erj pilots have less experience and will have a tougher time in training but like everything else, hard work and perserverence will ensure that they will get through training. It has happened before and will continue to happen when the world economy picks up. The sad reality is that many of the people that are interested now were never interested a year ago. So why punish the individuals who studied, applied, and took the initiative to apply at emirates when countless other airlines were hiring. I was given a job offer at both united and jetblue, but my desire was to work for emirates. I did not want to take the risk and go to a career that was showing prosperity but had limited future prospects (united).

The question is that does emirates look at what kind of employee a person is after they past training or are they looking for someone that can just fill a roster that had no intention of applying when times were good but are now desperate for a job? I personally have never heard of a company that offers a position but yanks it as soon as better prospects arrive.

Its analogous to getting married but a few months later, one decides to go with the better looking person that offers great sex but little long term growth. .

This post is not directed to any of the people that are applying; but instead, to the people who are making the decisions that affects so many of us.

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Old 31st Dec 2008, 16:28   #96 (permalink)
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The chaps that are now available are not desperate. They do have large boeing time, JAR licences, which means familiarity with EKs JAR compliance and eu ops.Not a pissing contest just the hard facts.
They are a safer bet. True they do need jobs and so will be less inclined to moan about accomodation allocations,and prompt confrontations because they dont have a nice garden in little america, oops I mean Silicon.

Now some of those guys who applied recently have been called for interview.
Bottom line.....A 767 pilot from a Jar operation and standard boeing time is easier to train,. Ill wager EK wont care about motivation because these guys will commit. Europe is in a mess. They will stay the five years.

Flydubai targeted ex employees of a EU airline while delaying or cancelling all ready scheduled interviews.

Its business not touchy feely.Exploit resources.
As it stands now that resource is Europe, earlier this year it was US.
Good luck anyway
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Old 2nd Jan 2009, 07:50   #97 (permalink)
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I think the intake is around 8 pilots per course, and one course per week which is about 32 per month. this is a guess based on recent history, which is admittedly a bit dated due to the slowdown.
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williewash so the Eu guys dont complain . Hahahahahahahahaha. Its not called exploiting resourses. Its called screwing people and helping your own. All of a sudden the poolies arent good enough.
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Old 2nd Jan 2009, 17:39   #99 (permalink)
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Thanks for the info. Hard to put all the numbers together, but fun to guess...i guess?
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