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Middle East Many expats still flying in Knoteetingham. Regional issues can be discussed here.

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Old 29th Jan 2008, 12:57   #1 (permalink)
Join Date: Aug 1998
Location: Blandings
Posts: 503
*u****a*, 777 *at*d, a*d wa*t t* liv* at h*m* agai*?

This l**ks t** g**d t* *ass u*: htt*://a***l*gic**a***/***tu*/***tu**********us/*ag*/1/143
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Old 29th Jan 2008, 13:14   #2 (permalink)
Join Date: Jun 2005
Location: east
Posts: 144
Y** haa l**ks g**d**********************************
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Old 29th Jan 2008, 16:03   #3 (permalink)
Join Date: Mar 2007
Location: uae
Posts: 6
A*y id*as ** T a*d C's**
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Old 31st Jan 2008, 19:21   #4 (permalink)
Join Date: May 2004
Location: Home
Posts: 496
S**t a* i*itial *-mail t* ask what th* *ackag* w*uld b*, a**a***tly T&am*;Cs will b* **st*d sh**tly** I'll wait t* s** what th*y c*m* u* with** Th*y s**m t* hav* g**d backi*g, **w ai*c*aft, g**d **tw**k, I'm just h**i*g th* *ackag* will b* att*activ* ***ugh a*d will all*w c*mmuti*g f**m *th** *lac*s i* *u**** t* L*i*zig** Fi*g**s c**ss*d**
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Old 31st Jan 2008, 21:51   #5 (permalink)
Join Date: Sep 2005
Location: Europe
Posts: 198
Guys, s*m* *i*c* *f advic*: D* **T f**g*t t* i*clud* th* -**t s* u*im***ta*t- tax-issu* i*t* y*u* D-M ***c*ss** Th* s**cial d*al f** c*mmut**s w**ki*g f** a G**ma* **gist***d c*m*a*y was ab*lish*d *a*ly 2007! T* my k**wl*dg* G**ma*y is **t as att*activ* as it us*d t* b* a*d I'm ***tty su** LH-DHL will **t w**k with *ffsh*** c**t*acts** just my 1 fills *f advic*** th** agai*******m***y is **t *v**ythi*g I k**w********
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Old 1st Feb 2008, 00:44   #6 (permalink)
Join Date: Sep 2004
Location: CH
Posts: 40
What 5sta* says is a g**d **i*t t* ba** i* mi*d if th* fi*a*cial c**sid**ati**s a** im***ta*t t* y*u** W**ki*g f** a G**ma* c*m*a*y, **GA*DL*SS *f wh*** y*u liv* ** c*mmut* f**m (if **ssibl* with this d*al), y*u WILL *ay G**ma* tax*s a*d l*ts *f th*m a*d y*u will **t b* abl* t* claim a*y *f th* s*cial b***fits wh** *fficially d*micil*d *utsid* *f th* c*u*t*y************
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Old 1st Feb 2008, 04:50   #7 (permalink)
Join Date: Sep 2006
Location: Abu Dhabi
Posts: 44
G**ma* S*cial B***fits

Ca* s*m**** *x*lai* what s*m* *f th* s*cial b***fits w*uld b* i* G**ma*y if y*u d*cid*d t* liv* i* th* c*u*t*y a*d w**k f** this c*m*a*y? Ch***s!
desertflyer is offline   Reply
Old 1st Feb 2008, 04:59   #8 (permalink)
Join Date: Jan 2007
Location: united arab emirates
Posts: 370
S*m* *f th* **st**s ** this th**ad s*u*d lik* ai*li** ma*ag*m**t t*yi*g t* disc*u*ag* th* t****s f**m a mass *x*dus f**m th* middl* *ast back t* *u****** Y*s b*ys a*d gi*ls th*** is tax i* *u**** Bla Bla ** BUT , its **ssibly a way h*m*** Wait a*d s** , l**k at th* T a*d C,s ass*ss** I k**w ma*y i* th* d*s**t that hav* b*** waiti*g f** just this *****tu*ity t* g* h*m*t* *u**** May th* b*st m** (a*d w*ma*) g*t th* j*bs ** G**d luck t* y*u all**
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Old 1st Feb 2008, 05:22   #9 (permalink)
Join Date: Feb 2007
Location: i don't know
Posts: 325
Y*u ca* t*y t* sum it u*, allth*ugh it's difficult** I t*i*d it with th* *x***i**c* *f a buddy w**ki*g i* G**ma*y a*d c*mmuti*g f**m F*a*c*** Agai*, it is c**tai*ly fa* f**m b**i*g sci**tificly wat******f, but at this v**y m*m**t th* LH Ca*g* d*al is s*m* 8% b*tt** tha* th* *K d*al** Thus if th* AL d*al is *v** 15% l*ss, by Ju** it will *qual th* *K *** with th* *x**ct*d c#** ***fit sha**, s##t i*c**as* a*d f*%$#g i*flati**** CV is i*!
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Old 1st Feb 2008, 05:49   #10 (permalink)
Join Date: Dec 2000
Location: The Beach
Posts: 432
C*uld this a*d th* Vi*gi* *z 777 j*bs b* *** *f th* **as**s t*a*sf**s t* th* 777 hav* b*** ca*c*ll*d , agai*??? ** is it b*caus* th*y hav* **ally sc**w*d u* th* ma***w** calculati**s***********ith** is as b*li*vabl* as th* *th** **
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Old 1st Feb 2008, 07:15   #11 (permalink)
Join Date: Aug 1998
Location: Blandings
Posts: 503
Tax*s Smax*s

Th*** a** a*y *umb** *f ****l* i* th* sa*d*it **w wh* a** l**ki*g f** a quality *m*l*y** i* a civiliz*d c*u*t*y a*d a** thi*ki*g &qu*t;dam* th* tax*s, full s***d ah*ad&qu*t;** I am su**is*d that ** *** is m**ti**i*g th* fact that a* *U *m*l*y** *f this ilk will c**tai*ly hav* a d*fi**d-b***fit **ti**m**t *la*, th* *xist**c* *f which c*v**s a multitud* *f tax si*s**
Dropp the Pilot is online now   Reply
Old 1st Feb 2008, 14:58   #12 (permalink)
Join Date: Mar 2006
Location: Germany
Posts: 3

Hi th*********** I y*ust wa*t t* d*aw y*u* att**ti** t* th* fact that G**MA* is **t &qu*t;d*si**d but **t ma*dat**y&qu*t;****** H*w lik*ly d* y*u thi*k is it t* g*t hi**d if y*u wa*t t* w**k f** a g**ma* c*m*a*y but **t s**aki*g th* la*guag* (*v** if y*u a** 777 *at*d)??? I thi*k th* g**ma* l*ts will g*t th* **i**ity *v** this****** W*'ll s** Saf* flyi*g *v**yb*dy
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Old 1st Feb 2008, 16:12   #13 (permalink)
Join Date: Jan 2007
Location: united arab emirates
Posts: 370
Tha*ks that d**s h*l*** H*w*v** b*ys a*d gi*ls l*ts wait a*d s** what th* ma*k*t dictat*s** Th* ***s**ct *f g*i*g h*m* is v**y a***ali*g** V *Z , LH Ca*g* ( th* **w ***) , a*d just wait f** th* 787 t* c*m* ** li** t* s** what that d**s t* th* B**i*g j*b ma*k*t** D* y*u* tim*, a*d th* d*s**t will hav* b*** g**at sch**li*g f** wh*** y*u wa*t t* **d u*** &qu*t; *** Sta*da*d ? Fla* 15 *l*as* ************ &qu*t; I wa*t *u****
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Old 2nd Feb 2008, 09:17   #14 (permalink)
Join Date: Mar 2006
Location: At work
Posts: 30
Tw* qu*sti**s: 1) D**s a*yb*dy *ls* hav* a ***bl*m t* s**d th* a**licati** f**m? Wh** I click &qu*t;s**d f**m&qu*t; **thi*g ha****s** 2) What d**s *M*S sta*d f**? Thx f** a*y f**dback!
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Old 2nd Feb 2008, 10:50   #15 (permalink)
Join Date: Aug 2007
Location: Far Away
Posts: 39
Hi Guys Just l**k *ut m*** i*f* ** this G**ma* *utfit i* th* f**ight d*gs f**um**** i*t***sti*g i*d**d**
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Old 2nd Feb 2008, 18:40   #16 (permalink)
Join Date: Dec 2007
Location: paradise
Posts: 559
tak* *ff a*d st*i* *ff

G**ma*s s**m t* hav* th* *ight th*iv* **t **ly wh** it c*m*s t* ca*g* htt*://**ws**bbc**c***uk/2/hi/*u****/7223733**stm 500 *u** is a* *x***siv* **** sh*w**
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Old 13th Feb 2008, 12:45   #17 (permalink)
Join Date: Jan 2000
Location: Planet Earth
Posts: 38
T &am*; C's?

Why w*uld DHL a*d LH Ca*g* **** a **w c*m*a*y f** ca*g* ****ati**s that al**ady *xist a*d that th*y al**ady a** w**ki*g **? -**ly t* sav* m***y, *f c*u*s******* Ladi*s a*d g**tl*m**: This l**ks lik* th* b*gi**i*g *f th* &qu*t;L*w c*st ca*g* busi**ss m*d*l&qu*t; I gu*ss th*i* c**diti**s will b* m*d**at* a*d ***f**ma*c* bas*d with f*w f*i*g* b***fits** G**ma*y is k**w* as a *a*ticula*tly bu***c*atic c*u*t*y a*d th* taxma* will mak* th* *ul*s ** th* fi*a*cial sid* *f y*u* c**diti**s** Guys a* gi*ls f**m th* d*s**t might **t b* s* k*** **c* th*y d* th* figu**s****its ha*d t* st** d*w* a*d ha*d it all t* th* I*S **c* y*u **j*y th* b***fits *f a &qu*t;f***&qu*t; i*c*m***** L*J is **t th* c**t** *f th* u*iv**s* i* G**ma*y, *ith**** ***ha*s acc**tabl* f** ****l* f**m B**li* ** D**sd**, but b*y**d that th* c*mmut* will b* tid**us** A*d aft** *** wi*t** i* L*J *v** th* **timistic might b* **ady t* th**w th* t*w*l ** t*yi*g t* liv* i* L*i*zig****** If th*y a** h*ldi*g back with th*i* T&am*;C's its b*caus* th*y wa*t t* s** what ki*d *f fish will b* biti*g fi*st****** This c*m*a*y will b* all ab*ut **timizi*g c*st v**sus i*c*m* a*d th* huma* fact** i* this will *lay a sig*ifica*t **l* i* th* &qu*t;**timizati**&qu*t; ***c*ss****** W*ll, this is my 50 ***c* a*yway, I hav* ** i*sid* k**wl*dg* *th** tha* *bs**vi*g th* i*dust*y f** a sig*ifica*t am*u*t *f tim*** H*** tim* will ***v* m* w***g a*d this will b*c*m* th* &qu*t;j*w*l *f ai*ca*g*&qu*t; i* *U****** B*st *f luck t* th*m a*d all *f us****
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