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UK CAA Medical History Response Time?


Just wondering if anyone could advise, I had a Class 1 Medical at Gatwick in 2008, then renewed that in 2009 with an AME who appears to have retired (10291) and then I left the country. During that medical my ECG was referred to a specialist (cardiologist) and then approved which I presume was due to a normal variation. I have had ECG's since and nothing has been highlighted. However I have a medical last week where I have shown an unusual ECG (something muttered about appearing like an old inferior infarction, I'm 33 and got 53% on a VO2 max, no symptoms ever having an issue) and the doctor wants any history I can get.
So my question is, do the CAA keep records? Will they have anything useful?

I've e-mailed but have no idea how long it takes them to respond. I have tried calling them and go around in circles on the telephone menus. My previous AME seems to no longer appear on the list.

Any advice appreciated! Thanks.
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Can I suggest you PM me, and I will let you know the answer to your question. The reply on open forum will attract a lot of attention from the apologists.

If its not unfair, I'd add to this question: are people aware of who is allowed to input information onto a CAA file? Just Doctors or can anyone chip-in with their say .
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Having had to email the CAA on several occasions recently the average response time appears to take two weeks, however the response was by letter. I would have thought that you should be able to get your records as long as you have your CAA reference number and you have authorised your information to be shared,
I’m afraid the CAA do not appear to do things quickly.
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The CAA Medical Department is no longer fit for purpose nowadays. The LGW Aeromedical Centre got canned a couple of years ago and since then the department seems to do its best at making it difficult for everyone and anyone. Including their own AME’s.
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At the risk of appearing to be an apologist, I do think the word 'respond' needs clarification. The CAA have the old ECGs and will have to retrieve them and send them with the new ECG for a cardiologist to read. Consultant cardiologists dont just sit at their desks waiting for pilot's ECGs so the turn around can be some time - our desks are piled high with awaiting reports, but blame HMG's refusal to increase medical school places not the CAA. So the 'response' time is out of the CAA's hands and little to do with them.

The good news is that this is unlikely to be a silent heart attack at your age, although VO2 max has little relevance. Sadly the AME does not normally read the print out so if the little algorithm says fail all they can do is send it off for a real report

I have had several failures myself and if so would recommend you ask the AME:

1 to check the leads are correctly placed - a couple of crossed over leads will result in a real no no

2 the electrodes are not dried out so a proper reading is obtained with no artifact

3 to repeat the ECG - if it then says ok, rip up the rubbish one

Finally always keep your old ECGs - you are entitled to a copy and you just press print twice. If an ECG is sent off and the CAA still play hard ball you can then go see a local cardiologist with no more ado for a second opinion / repeat ECG.
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Thank you for the reply. I suspect going to a cardiologist will be a necessary part of the process, even if for more own peace of mind. However it’s all quite stressful when you are working and there is potential to have to stop...
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Just to say I received a positive reply from the CAA Medical email address, so 48 hours to acknowledge and respond which is fairly efficient. Hopefully the rest of the process is as quick.
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