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As far as I'm aware, Ishihara and CAD are the main two that they test. I may be mistaken but I think they might still accept a pass on the Holmes-Wright lantern from registered practitioners, although I've heard the test is very hard to pass, even for people with only a slight colour deficiency. Can anyone confirm?
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damn that sucks if they dont, considering i seriously want to become a commercial pilot, it says on the CAA website they still accept the Holmes-Wright lantern test, but ive also heard people saying they dont, and im just confused on ways around it. anyway thanks for the info ill look into it
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Yeah, let me know what you find!

Is this thread mainly dead or are there still some active peeps on here? Really interested to hear if there are any updates in regards to CVDPA? Basically, I'm part of the incredibly long list of y'all who wants to be a commercial pilot but are forbidden by these primitive rules!
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Positive Developments in New Zealand

Please see below:

Positive Developments on CVD
Dear Friends and Supporters,

As reported in the previous update, much work on the CVD front has been occurring behind the scenes. As you will read below, this is beginning to result in some positive and encouraging developments.
New Zealand CAA publishes amended Colour Vision General Direction

Last week the New Zealand Civil Aviation Authority released its long awaited amendment to the proposed Impaired Colour Vision General Direction (GD).

A GD is a notice issued by the New Zealand Director of Civil Aviation to specify the requirements of aviation medicine related matters for applicants of a medical certificate. A GD is issued after consultation with interested parties.

A copy of this proposed amended GD is available via the following link:


The GD outlines a testing process including colour vision screening (Ishihara) and secondary testing (several options including Holmes Wright Lantern, Farnsworth and CAD test). A pass in any of these tests entitles the applicant to an unrestricted class 1 or 2 medical certificate.

The significant difference with the amended GD is that if an applicant elects not to undertake secondary testing (or if they fail this testing), then they will be entitled to a medical certificate subject to only one restriction:

"Not valid for flight in the vicinity of a controlled aerodrome unless the aircraft is in radio contact with aerodrome control."

While this single restriction is arguably nonsense with modern day technologies, it has been included to satisfy the lawyers in case of the very rare possibility of a CVD pilot having to rely on signal gun lights as the only means of communication in the event of a total radio failure.

Importantly, there are no other proposed operational restrictions, which means that a CVD pilot would be entitled to progress their career to the fullest extent in New Zealand, including at CPL, ATPL, night and IFR levels. These proposed changes are summarised in the GD as follows:
"The GD also updates the restrictions that are applied to those who fail initial screening and then either fail, or elect to not undertake, secondary screening. Restrictions against the carriage of passengers (class 1), night flying (class 1 and 2) and instrument flying (class 1 and 2) are removed. The body of clinical and empirical evidence considered by the CAA during the development of this GD supports the removal of these restrictions.

Such was the significance of material considered in the development of this GD, the CAA established a Colour Vision Deficiency GD Assessment Panel comprising specialists in aviation medicine, vision science, general aviation, airline operations, regulatory oversight and law. The panel considered written and verbal submissions from various international contributors and experts, empirical evidence and clinical research relating to colour vision deficiency in pilots. Noting that current clinical test methods and restrictions result in significant limitations for some applicants who would be able to operate unrestricted in some other jurisdictions, the panel produced a report recommending the adoption of a practical demonstration of competency as well as alternative secondary screening tests, such that these individuals may demonstrate their competency. These recommendations were accepted by the Director with the exception of the practical flight.

Rather than requiring a one-time flight test to assess individuals for the effect of their colour vision deficiency on all aspects of flying, pilots will instead progress through the standard programme of training and flight testing, applicable to the privileges they seek. They will then be required to further repeatedly demonstrate competency during subsequent renewals of their privileges alongside all other pilots. Evidence indicates that such practical assessments are an appropriate means for pilots with colour vision deficiency to demonstrate their ongoing ability to perform the tasks required of their particular piloting role."

Hopefully things will start move forward elsewhere...
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I woke up to the facebook post of this. This is amazing news!
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It is! Let's hope it's a success and Europe/UK take notice.
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I'm certainly trying to get as many people as I can to send an email to the NZ CAA agreeing that this is a good decision! The sooner they implement the changes, the sooner it'll hopefully spread!
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I'm certainly trying to get as many people as I can to send an email to the NZ CAA agreeing that this is a good decision! The sooner they implement the changes, the sooner it'll hopefully spread!
The full GD is available via the below link:


Also from the CVDPA update:

What happens next? Your help is needed!

This proposed GD is open for a period of public consultation for just over 5 weeks.

Provided there are no major obstacles or issues arising as a result of this process, the GD will then be implemented into policy. This will in turn make New Zealand the new world leader in certifying CVD pilots to fly and will arguably lead to flow on influences around the world.

It is vital that all CVD pilots and anyone else with an interest in this topic have their say as part of the CAA's consultation process so that we are not outnumbered by any opposing responses. It has been confirmed that all interested parties can be part of this process, whether residing in New Zealand, Australia or any other country internationally.

The final page of the GD contains a response sheet which can be used as a template for submitting feedback. For your assistance, a pre-populated response sheet is also provided via the link below (you only need to add your name, address, phone number, email and if applicable, CAA client number):


Please take 5 minutes to show your support and acceptance of this GD without change.

Responses must be emailed to consultation@caa.govt.nz and are due by 26 October 2017.

Your assistance in participating in this consultation process is appreciated and will help to ensure that the many years of hard work to get to this point do not go to waste. Feel free to pass this response sheet onto others who may not have received this email.
Letís get as many submissions in as possible
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canada, color defeciency, cpl, india

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