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I can see my pulse - is it dangerous?

I am hoping someone can answer this....

If I cross my legs I can sometimes see my heart beat on my leg - the skin just moves up and down slightly in time with by heart beat as if the blood is pumping through a vein. As soon as I uncross my legs it goes. Is this dangerous or a sign of a medical condition or is it quite normal? It is noticeable but not big in anyway - just looks odd!

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I think this is normal. Sometimes you can really see my heartbeat through my chest. Even through clothes you can see it moving with the beat, must be my super toned pecks haha.
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Almost always this will be normal. It is from transmitted pulsations from the popliteal artery right at the back of your knee. Rarely is there pathology present such as a bulge or aneurysm of this artery : a physical exam by your doctor will tell.
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yes this is normal, it is when you cannot detect a pulse that you should worry
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It is why you should never check your blood pressure with your legs crossed.
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you are joking aren't you, pulse1 ?
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It's a new 'en on me.

Physiologically, venous return can be affected by legs crossing, which is why we used to shout at patients who crossed their legs in hospital. (It was meant to prevent dvt.)

I suspect it wasn't based in evidence, it was more to do with the favct that nurses like bossing patients around.
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I usually see some twitching like that after an intense workout.
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