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three years of Stella earnings
Stella's very tired, though. No organisation should rely so heavily on the efforts of one employee, especially one in her physically strenuous role. Also it's pimping.
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Why all the fuss about a bit of bribery?
It can't be that bad if the government is offering sweeteners to Nissan.

There is a big difference if Governments do it and private companies do it. Remember the Land Rover-Africa scandal; the BAE-Saudia scandal? etc. etc. What the do-gooders and orthodox shop-keepers need to understand is that good old western valued fair trading doesn't work in many of the world's market places. Same goes for democracy, if only the USA would wake up to that fact, and stop being holier than though. The French know how to do it; just don't tell anyone and don't get caught: and if you are a gallic shrug will see you through.
Putin is also a past-master at the game. Deny, deny, deny. Then , if that does't work, a simple, quiet behind closed doors, F-Off and what are you going to do about it.
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