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Is Kerry an idiot ?

Tony Blair to be in charge of 3billion plan to revitalise Palestine's economy, U.S. secretary of state John Kerry reveals | Mail Online


Secretary of State John Kerry has declared he believes a potential 3billion plan is emerging that could boost the Palestinian economy by up to 50 per cent in the next three years.
It could also cut unemployment by almost two-thirds, and average wages could jump 40 per cent, he said. But Kerry said it all depends on parallel progress on peace between Israel and the Palestinians.
Kerry has been working with former British Prime Minister Tony Blair and global business leaders to devise economic plans to revitalise the Palestinian economy.

He offered few specific details and acknowledged that his vision might easily be taken as fantasy in a part of the world that has suffered through decades of conflict, and where peace prospects remain dim.
'We know it can be done,' he insisted. 'This is a plan for the Palestinian economy that is bigger, bolder and more ambitious than anything proposed' in the last two decades.

Kerry, outlining his hopes at a business conference on the Dead Sea in Jordan, was unsparing in his bold economic predictions:
- Palestinian agriculture production could double or triple
- Tourism could triple
- 100,000 new homes, many of them energy efficient, could be built in the next three years.

And Blair has such an exemplary track record !

Anyone want to bet who the 'winner' with the economic benefit will be ?

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It was reported the other day that Mugabe has called TB a liar. Takes one to recognise....
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Is Kerry an idiot ?
OK. You win the prize for the most stupid question of the year.
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Radeng, must you let your hatred of TB poison every thread ?
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Old 27th May 2013, 18:13   #5 (permalink)
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Yes, clearly a feckwit. However Blair just gets the gift that keeps on giving from the Obama administration too ?
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Is Kerry an idiot ?

No, he is the United States' Secretary of State.

There is a slight, subtle difference.
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Our bridges are falling down, but let's spend more money on people who hate us.
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Its a standing joke in Ireland that all Kerrymen are thick, so what do you expect from a man named Kerry?
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Tourism could triple
He could be on the money with this prediction - I mean its not hard to go from one to three tourists per year. I recall Sarajevo was popular with some German & Russian tourists in the mid-90s.
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Old 27th May 2013, 22:50   #10 (permalink)

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It's a trick question, right?
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Well, John Kerry did assure us the Arctic would be ice-free by 2013. Because consensus.

So yes, not the sharpest tool in the box.
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Old 28th May 2013, 01:29   #12 (permalink)
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Even if Tony Blair rivalled Mother Theresa for honesty and integrity, (which he certainly doesn't), this 'plan' would still be doomed to failure, for the last thing the faceless (and not so faceless) men at the top of Palestinian politics and the wider Arab leadership wants is for the unfortunate people crammed into the Gaza Strip and the West Bank is prosperity.

A prosperous Palestinian population would not maintain the rage against Israel at near boiling point, and that is the major reason they have been left there and not been allowed to assimilate into the wider Arab world since 1948.

If the Western world had behaved the same as the Arab world has since 1948, every western European country would still be crammed with refugee camps full of displaced Europeans, as they were until the early 1950s.
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Old 28th May 2013, 01:34   #13 (permalink)
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Blair and Theresa!

The fanatic, fraudulent Mother Teresa. - Slate Magazine

Two awful people!

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Old 28th May 2013, 01:54   #14 (permalink)
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Good debating technique, Caco, but it doesn't alter the point I was attempting to make. When the Israelis withdrew from part of the West Bank only a few years ago, they left many greenhouses in place. Rather than make use of them, the Palestinians had a wonderful time breaking each and every pane of glass they could either throw a rock at or fire their AKs at.
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Mother Theresa? a fraud?
How on earth is it that a bunch of people wanting to take advantage of what she did in her life, would make HER a fraud?
She gave her life to helping others, and NO-ONE has ever had any reason to believe that she did otherwise.
SHE was not the fraud. For you to make such statement only indicates that you have absolutely no understanding of reality.
This is a woman who spent here entire life trying to help the poor, the homeless, the hungry.
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Old 28th May 2013, 12:56   #16 (permalink)
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Now I'm not sure if my irony detector is acting up but what was it again about MT and a policy of active refusal of pain relief? There is a lot of speculation on the internet concerning this but most of it is mired in religious zealotry, hard to get down to a tangible piece of evidence either way. Anyone on here have better intel?

Now back to thread topic. Is Kerry an idiot? No. He is a pragmatist and a career politician, he exercises realpolitik in its finest form and will without hesitation resort to any argument to forward his own ends, or those of his current paymasters. It's what they do. Is there a political need to argument in favour of AGW? Well then do it and do it effectively, leave it to the dweebs on the internet to try to get to the bottom of your motivations. It doesn't and never will matter one yota. Rewind a few years back, swap chairs, switch hats: is there a political need to invade an oil rich country? Well then go create an opportunity to do so and use whatever argumentation you have at hand which will do the job best. Dweebs on the internet may question your motivations for ages following but what does it matter. Seeing the signs yet?

Personally I don't doubt for a moment that the proposed 3bn scheme has anything other in purpose than advancing the US foreign policy goals in the ME, and attempting to attribute any part of that scheme to a lack of intellect on part of the individuals spearheading it is a sign of ignorance. Ppruners in this forum should know better.
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Old 28th May 2013, 13:06   #17 (permalink)
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Andu is right, the plan will fail because the Palestinians at the top have no intention of allowing it to happen. Same could be said of certain Israeli interests.

It doesn't suit the Arab world in general to have Israel removed as a hate figure.

If Kerry is an idiot then it's because he like many other westerners operate under the illusion that the Protagonists want a solution. They don't, it should have been clear to everyone by now.
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Old 28th May 2013, 15:24   #18 (permalink)
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I am wondering if this Kerry chap has any connection with J.P. Morgan?

Blair does, and that might explain the curious choice.
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I am wondering if this Kerry chap has any connection with J.P. Morgan?

Blair does, and that might explain the curious choice.
How tenuous a link do you want?
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Old 28th May 2013, 15:37   #20 (permalink)
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Kerry an Idiot.....please don't insult Idiots!

Traitor....yes! Fraud......yes! Two faced lying Weasel....yes!
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