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Don't use Bangkok Duty Free shops

BBC NEWS | Asia-Pacific | Tourists warned of Thailand airport scam

Another scam (or so it seems). I guess others will follow suit. This, and the risk of having your DF being taken away for "security" reasons is yet another great reason to buy from the trolley on the plane.
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Yup. Very dodgy stuff going on there. The worst bit it would appear is that the local police are involved. People who you would think you could trust. Also look here:

British Couple Fights Bangkok Airport Extortionists - Thailand Forum
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Gives a whole new meaning to King Power. We know that the Thai royal family is immensely rich.
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What else?

I was watching Alan Partridge and some doubts came to my mind about the women in Bangkok as well, that they may not all be what they are supposed to be.

My God! Is Thailand real, or just a huge scam? I only ask because here in Germany I was told about a massage parlour closing, when I had to ask "Which sort?"
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Old 20th Jul 2009, 19:17   #5 (permalink)
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The THIRD thread on this albeit by a different poster this time.
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Back to the top - to keep people aware.
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