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Old 4th Jun 2004, 12:40   #1 (permalink)
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Join Date: Mar 2002
Location: Surrey, UK
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What have you crashed?

A motorcycle. On a certain Queensland cattle property, about the third time of riding one, I was approaching a high bank. A couple of other lads with me had already roared over it in best style, so horns were selected OUT, testosterone ON. I'd also borrowed the boss's bike and therefore had 350ccs to everyone else's 185. The colonials obviously needed a demonstration of correct motorcycle aggression.

I selected the most direct line up the bank, selected second gear and screwed it on full bollox. As the speed built I decided another gear up would be good.

I reached the bank and shot up it, right hand fully cranked on, engine screaming, red dirt cloud building.

Then I discovered the almost right-angled washaway in the top of the bank that I hadn't spotted before charging it. Bang! Hit it dead centre. Bike and me obviously continued through the air. Front wheel hit first, bounced up, back wheel hit with right wrist *still* locked, another giant kangaroo bounce. At this point I thought I'd get it back under control - then I saw the barbed wire fence and let go. Obeying the first principle of motorcycling, the bike of course landed on top of me. Kill button, pain, curses, and time to face the boys...and later that day the Boss, who was understandably keen to have an explanation of the dents and bent 'bars. I was expecting no biscuits, but there wasn't even tea!
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Old 4th Jun 2004, 12:58   #2 (permalink)
Join Date: Jan 2003
Location: EUROPE
Posts: 28
Ford escort MkI - just going too fast went up a hedge and put her on the roof. Me dangling from seat belt. (All my fault + inexperience)

Ford Escort MkII - muddy wet road very sharp bend unseen manhole cover providing just enough bump to put the back end out so front end wallops into a rock face. No-one hurt except seatbelt bruise on chest

Blackhawk - 4-5 times in a full blown US Army simulator
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Old 4th Jun 2004, 13:00   #3 (permalink)

Join Date: Apr 2004
Location: Lancashire born. In CA now.
Age: 64
Posts: 363
Centurion ARV on exercise in Germany 1976.I was commanding and we were going downhill with sharp bend at the bottom.
Driver missed gear when changing down,unable to select any other gear.Instinct took over and he hit the brakes. At that speed no effect and flames came from the rear decks whilst they burnt out. 40 tons + going faster and faster,driver dropped his seat and hung on, I dropped down and waited for the crunching noises to start.Sure enough they did!! After what seemed like a long time and very loud noises we both decide to stick our heads up and see what damage had occured.
Centurion ARV minor scratches and dents.
German losses.."2 x walnut trees ,one brick wall, a henhouse now flat and lots of feathers floating down,a veg plot with 2 track line through it and a VERY irate German civilian waving his arms at us and uttering phrases I couldn't translate.
Good times in the Army then!!!
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Old 4th Jun 2004, 13:09   #4 (permalink)
a is dum
Posts: n/a
My PC, several times.
Old 4th Jun 2004, 13:11   #5 (permalink)

Pilot of the Airwaves
Join Date: Jan 2004
Location: Close to the Med
Age: 68
Posts: 807
A Mini Cooper S rally car into a concrete block on a rally stage, a Vauxhall Cavalier into my own gate post, the replacement Cooper S side on into a tree on another stage( the original was a w/o with very unhappy team owner and sponsor) and an A320 into the water landing at Kai Tak x 3 before I got it right on the sim!
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Old 4th Jun 2004, 13:34   #6 (permalink)

PPRuNe Handmaiden
Join Date: Feb 1997
Location: Duit On Mon Dei
Posts: 4,188
My billy cart.
My skateboard (too many times)
My pushbike... (ended up in a barbed wire fence. Ouch)
Our little Bombardier minibike.
Had a couple of slides into cars with my car. Nothing major though.
Fell off my SRX250. Ouch.
Fell off an Yammy 350 enduro bike. Major Ow.
Crashed my Ducati. Got the insurance ****** sacked though. hehehe. that'll teach them.

That's the last prang.
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Old 4th Jun 2004, 13:34   #7 (permalink)
Alba Gu Brath
Join Date: Oct 2000
Location: Merseyside
Age: 49
Posts: 671
John Deere 4240s, complete with trailer loaded with 22 tonnes of potatoes. Anybody that was travelling up the A92 south of Stonehaven that day in 1985, I heartily apologise. The junction just sort of appeared on my left when I suddenly realised that I needed to turn into it. Whilst the speed involved was hardly Formula 1 (about 20mph) 25 tonnes of agricultural machinery and produce does not change direction very willingly.
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Old 4th Jun 2004, 14:10   #8 (permalink)
Join Date: Oct 1999
Location: UK
Posts: 113
I was going to say 'my PC' as well, especially in Windows 98 days. But actually, I didn't ever crash it. It just crashed itself - regularly

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Old 4th Jun 2004, 14:15   #9 (permalink)
Not so N, but still FG
Join Date: May 2000
Location: London, UK
Posts: 1,417
(1) 1970 Mark II Triumph Vitesse (80 mph, brake failure, into ditch, pranged radiator, dented hedge).

(2) 1938 DH 82a Tiger Moth (well, almost), Instructor in control asleep in the flare, woke up.

(3) Dull London Merchant Bankers' Ball: crashed this along with three pissed High Court Judges.
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Old 4th Jun 2004, 14:43   #10 (permalink)
Join Date: May 2004
Location: The Beautiful Country
Posts: 5
Cars into walls mainly (never understood how walls can move so quickly). Not necessarily my car (sorry mum).
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Old 4th Jun 2004, 14:48   #11 (permalink)

Join Date: Oct 2003
Location: All Over
Posts: 322
On 26th December 1998 I had someone crash into me as they tried to exit from a roundabout from the wrong lane. Minor damage.

Not satisfied with this, I tried a bit harder on 27th December 1998, just 24 hours later I misjudged a turning off of a dual carriageway and ploughed into a very high curb at 70 MPH.

Cause ? Complete lack of experience.

Three weeks of repairs ensued.... Thats what you get for owning a Nissan Micra !
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Old 4th Jun 2004, 15:09   #12 (permalink)
Join Date: Oct 2003
Location: Just south of the border
Posts: 4
My mountain bike, more than I can count! And not just yer average fall of the bike crash! But proper write yer bike of prangs into trees and boulders!

Rover 114i : somebody coming up a one way street and in a blind corner.. Crunch! Luckily not a w/o as I was very fond of this little red devil.

Opel Corsa 1.4i (Part I): My very first brand new car, hit an ice patch in a very fast corner into work. No experience I this kinda field, Car (me as a passenger) went straight on as road went left.. Got launched onto, over and around a fence. Car was a w/o, damage to fence and property was as much as the value of my car. I was lucky I walked away unscaved . Insurance was NOT happy !

Opel Corsa 1.4i (Part II): 14.000km (6 mnths) since my last crash and receiving a new car. Oil spill near round about (still no experience in this field, and one week to go for an advanced driver course), got me spinning out of control over the roundabout and into oncoming traffic... Crunch .. Another write off..

I am still paying thru the roof on insurance premiums despite my last prang being 5 years ago..
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Old 4th Jun 2004, 16:15   #13 (permalink)
Join Date: Jan 2003
Location: UK
Posts: 1,472
Hmmmmm, just the main crashes right???

Push bike when much younger, head down after [email protected] exam, I looked up in time to see a stationary car a couple of feet in front of me. Over the handle bars I went, along the roof, and I slid so elegantly down the windscreen and off the side of the bonnet! No damage to car but front forks [email protected]@ered and my pride very hurt!

Escort Mk1. Lost control in foul weatherafter hitting manhole cover in the road on a sharp left hand bend. Made a close acquaintance with a large Oak tree. Car written off (my mum still hasn't forgiven me!) I had bruises only.

Wolseley 1500. Missed a corner late one night and took out a road sign. Stopped in the muddy grass area beyond sign. No damage to the car, helped by some lads coming back from a night out in Brighton to push the car back onto the road, and drove off.

Mercedes 190E. Decided to demonstrate to my son the dangers that even light snow cover could cause to driving. Overcooked it a bit and slid into a lampost with a loud bang! Damage to the door on drivers side, and even to this day a constant reminder from my son whenever it snows!

Citroen 2CV. Went around a corner on a country road straight into a deep snow bank. Shovelled my way clear. My wife always reminds me of this incident. So nice to know that the family care !!
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Old 4th Jun 2004, 16:19   #14 (permalink)
Join Date: Jan 1999
Location: London
Posts: 199
What have you crashed?

The National Air Traffic computer, yesterday...

or so all my friends seem to think!
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Old 4th Jun 2004, 16:38   #15 (permalink)
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Location: The frequency jungle
Posts: 976
Mr Chips
Fat fingers? Or did you pull the cord out of the socket? If the latter is the case, blame it on the cleaning lady
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Old 4th Jun 2004, 19:45   #16 (permalink)
Join Date: Dec 2003
Location: Global Vagabond
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Bad, Bad, Boy!

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Old 4th Jun 2004, 19:59   #17 (permalink)

'nough said
Join Date: Sep 2002
Location: Raynes Park
Age: 51
Posts: 1,026
Honda Vision 80CC into the back of a car driven by a Japanese gentleman who indicated left but turned right as I was overtaking him. Decided to get a bigger bike with better brakes.

And a Citroen ZX I hired from Barcelona airport and promptly put in a ditch 10 minutes later - the road was waterlogged and I aqua-planed when a low profile Merc came belting it past in the other direction. Said ditch was full of water so I asked to borrow a mop when I arrived at destination (thanks to a German lady in a car behind who commandered a passing 4x4 to help me out). Fortunately there wasn't a scratch on the car so the rental company never knew anything different...

And a few of my customer's PCs
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Old 4th Jun 2004, 22:01   #18 (permalink)
The Shining Angel of the North
Join Date: Feb 2002
Location: UK
Posts: 24

My car...... two weeks ago!

Got it back today though,..... all shiny and red again, with no bumps!
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Old 4th Jun 2004, 22:08   #19 (permalink)
Join Date: Jul 2003
Location: Under the flight path
Posts: 1,885
Lots of parties...............

(cos I don't generally get invited)
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Old 4th Jun 2004, 22:24   #20 (permalink)
Join Date: Jun 2003
Location: Sheffield
Age: 43
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Suzuki Bandit.

Travelling down a three lane road where two lanes are on my side and one lane going in the opposite direction. There are two solid lines separating both directions of traffic. In the nearside lane there is a queue of traffic and I am on my bike, not actually using that lane as I was in the correct one for where I was going and then all of a sudden, the driver of a car on the left decides that she is going to perform a U-turn because she cannot wait.

I was taking it easy on my approach to the junction but still didn't have time to stop, I T-boned her and ended up flying over her car and because the road was bending to the left, into the path of oncoming traffic. Thankfully, they were also going slow. I came away with a broken shoulder and a dislocated elbow.

She was prosecuted for dangerous driving and subsequently banned. I could have sued her but she was genuinely sorry for what she did. She saw me right in terms of repairs and lost earnings so I couldn't say fairer than that. I got 10 weeks off work free of charge.
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