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Old 29th Sep 2003, 05:53   #1 (permalink)
Join Date: Jun 2001
Location: Cheshire
Posts: 26
G**d G*d, th* I*la*d **v**u* has a s**s* *f hum*u*!

This was i* Th* Gua*dia* 27/9/03 D*a* M* Addis**, I am w*iti*g t* y*u t* *x***ss *u* tha*ks f** y*u* m*** tha* ***m*t ***ly t* *u* lat*st c*mmu*icati**, a*d als* t* a*sw** s*m* *f th* **i*ts y*u *ais*** I will add**ss th*m, as *v**, i* **d**** Fi*stly, I must tak* issu* with y*u* d*sc*i*ti** *f *u* last as a &qu*t;b*ggi*g l*tt**&qu*t;** It might ***ha*s m*** ******ly b* **f****d t* as a &qu*t;tax d*ma*d&qu*t;** This is h*w w*, at th* I*la*d **v**u* hav* always, f** **as**s *f accu*acy; t*aditi**ally **f****d t* such d*cum**ts** S*c**dly, y*u* f*ust*ati** at *u* addi*g t* th* &qu*t;**dl*ss st**am *f c*a*ul**t whi*i*g a*d *a*ha*dli*g v*mit*d daily th**ugh th* l*tt**b*x ** t* th* d***mat&qu*t; has b*** **t*d** H*w*v**, whilst I hav* *atu*ally **t s*** th* *th** l*tt**s t* which y*u **f** I w*uld cauti*usly sugg*st that th*i* b*i*g f**m &qu*t;*au*** c*u*cils, L*mba*dy *i*at* ba*ki*g h*us*s a*d *issa*t gas-m**g****s&qu*t; might i*dicat* that y*u* d*cisi** t* &qu*t;fil* th*m **xt t* th* t*il*t i* cas* *f *m**g**ci*s is at b*st a littl* ill-advis*d** I* c*mm** with my *w* **ga*isati**, it is u*lik*ly that th* s**d**s *f th*s* l*tt**s d* s** y*u as a &qu*t;lackwit bum*ki* **, c*m* t* that, a &qu*t;s*ddi*g cha*ity&qu*t;** M*** lik*ly th*y s** y*u as a citiz** *f G**at B*itai*, with a **s***sibility t* c**t*ibut* t* th* u*k*** *f th* *ati** as a wh*l*** Which b*i*gs m* t* my **xt **i*t** Whilst th*** may b* s*m* s*i*it *f t*uth i* y*u* ass**ti** that th* tax*s y*u *ay &qu*t;g* t* sh*** u* th* ca*k**-blight*d, t***li*g f*lly that is th* *ublic S**vic*s&qu*t;, a m*m**t's *udim**ta*y calculati** *ught t* disabus* y*u *f th* **ti** that th* g*v***m**t i* a*y way *x**cts y*u t* &qu*t;stum* u* f** th* wh*l* dam**d *a*ty&qu*t; y*u*s*lf** Th* *stimat*s y*u ***vid* f** th* Cha*c*ll**'s disbu*s*m**t *f th* fu*ds l*vi*d by taxati**, whilst c*l*u*ful, a**, i* fai***ss, a littl* *ff th* ma*k** L*ss tha* y*u s**m t* imagi** is s***t ** &qu*t;ju*k*ts f** Bu*t**ish licks*ittl*s&qu*t; a*d &qu*t;da*ci*g wh***s&qu*t; whilst fa* m*** tha* y*u hav* acc*u*t*d f** is all*cat*d t*, f** *xam*l*, &qu*t;that b*x-ticki*g facad* *f a u*iv**sity syst*m**&qu*t; A c*u*l* *f t*ch*ical **i*ts a*isi*g f**m di**ct qu**i*s: 1** Th* **as** w* d**'t sim*ly w*it* &qu*t;Muggi*s&qu*t; ** th* **v*l*** has t* d* with th* vaga*i*s *f th* **stal syst*m; 2** Y*u ca* **st assu**d that &qu*t;sucki*g th* v**y ma***ws *f th*s* with **thi*g *ls* t* giv*&qu*t; has **v** b*** c**sid***d as a **actic* b*caus* *v** if th* ***s**al All*wa*c* did*'t ***d** it i***l*va*t, th* sh*** m*dical l*gistics i*v*lv*d w*uld mak* it fi*a*cially u*viabl*** I t*ust this has h*l**d** I* th* m*a*tim*, whilst I w*uld **t i* a*y way wish t* i*flu**c* y*u* d*cisi** *** way ** th* *th**, I *ught t* **i*t *ut that *v** if y*u did ch**s* t* &qu*t;giv* th* wh*l* f*ul jamb**** u* a*d g* a*d liv* i* I*dia&qu*t; y*u w*uld still *w* us th* m***y** *l*as* f**wa*d it by F*iday** Y*u*s Si*c***ly, H J L** Cust*m** **lati**s H J L** - y*u'** a sta*!
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Old 29th Sep 2003, 21:17   #2 (permalink)

Fabulous Flyblue
Bleu SuperModerateur
Join Date: Nov 2000
Location: Europe
Posts: 3,265
Is Fla*s givi*g c*u*s*s t* I* *m*l*y**s ???
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Old 29th Sep 2003, 21:41   #3 (permalink)
Join Date: Oct 2000
Location: Sunny Sussex
Posts: 779
A*y*** still g*t a c**y *f th* *TL c*m*lai*t l*tt**? Ca** t* ****st it? **w that was fu**y**
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Old 29th Sep 2003, 21:47   #4 (permalink)
Join Date: Jan 2002
Location: Sandwich, Kent, UK
Posts: 156
G**gl* f** b*gi****s**
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Old 29th Sep 2003, 22:31   #5 (permalink)
Join Date: Feb 2003
Location: Manchester
Posts: 26
As *a*a*u*t** sugg*st*d, t*uly hila*i*us**
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Old 30th Sep 2003, 03:03   #6 (permalink)

Hovering AND talking
Join Date: Feb 2003
Location: Propping up bars in the Lands of D H Lawrence and Bishop Bonner
Age: 50
Posts: 5,724
I **c* had a l*tt** f**m a ba*k ma*ag** whilst I was a stud**t****** &qu*t;D*a* Miss Whi*lygig, May I **mi*d y*u that it is y*u wh* ba*ks with us a*d **t vic* v**sa!&qu*t; V** witty but **t ***ugh f** th*m t* k*** my cust*m - I t**k my *v**d*aft *ls*wh*****
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Ha**y t* *blig******* D*a* C**ti*s, I hav* b*** a* *TL cust*m** si*c* 9th July 2001, wh** I sig**d u* f** y*u* 3-i*-*** d*al f** cabl* TV, cabl* m*d*m, a*d t*l**h***** Du*i*g this th*** m**th ***i*d I hav* **c*u*t***d i*ad*quacy *f s**vic* which I had **t ***vi*usly c**sid***d **ssibl*, as w*ll as ig***a*c* a*d stu*idity *f m***lithic ******ti**s** *l*as* all*w m* t* ***vid* s**cific d*tails, s* that y*u ca* *ith** *u*su* y*u* ***f*ssi**al *****gativ*, a*d s**k t* **ctify th*s* difficulti*s - ** m*** lik*ly (I sus**ct) s* that y*u ca* hav* s*m* **t**tai*i*g **adi*g mat**ial as y*u whil* away th* w**ki*g day sm*ki*g B&am*;H a*d d*i*ki*g v**d**-c*ff** ** th* b*g i* y*u* *ffic*** My i*itial i*stallati** was ca*c*ll*d with*ut wa**i*g ** **tic*, **sulti*g i* my s***di*g a* **ti** Satu*day sitti*g ** my fat a*s* waiti*g f** y*u* t*ch*icia* t* a**iv*** Wh** h* did **t a**iv* at all, I s***t a fu*th** 57 mi*ut*s list**i*g t* y*u* i*fu*iati*g h*ld music, a*d th* *v** m*** a***yi*g Sc*ttish **b*t w*ma* t*lli*g m* t* l**k at y*u* h*l*ful w*bsit********* h*w? I all*viat*d th* b***d*m t* s*m* small d*g*** by *layi*g with my t*sticl*s f** a f*w mi*ut*s - a* activity at which y*u a** **-d*ubt b*th familia* a*d highly ad**t** Th* **sch*dul*d i*stallati** th** t**k *lac* s*m* tw* w**ks lat**, alth*ugh th* t*ch*icia* did f**g*t t* b*i*g a *umb** *f vital t**ls - such as a d*ill-bit, a*d his c***b*um** Tw* w**ks lat**, my cabl* m*d*m had still **t a**iv*d** Aft** s*v**al fu*th** t*l**h*** calls (actually 15 t*l**h*** calls *v** 4 w**ks) my m*d*m a**iv*d ****** a t*tal *f six w**ks aft** I had **qu*st*d it, a*d b*gu* t* *ay f** it** I *stimat* that th* d*w*tim* *f y*u* i*t****t s**v**s is **ughly 35%****** th*s* a** usually th* h*u*s b*tw*** ab*ut 6*m a*d mid*ight, M**day t* F*iday, a*d m*st *f th* us*ful ***i*ds *v** th* w**k**d** I am still waiti*g f** my t*l**h*** c****cti**** I hav* mad* *i** t*l**h*** calls ** my m*bil* t* y*u* **-h*l* li** this w**k, a*d hav* b*** u*h*l*fully t*a*sf****d t* a va*i*ty *f disi*t***st*d i*dividuals, wh* a** it s**ms als* highly skill*d b*ll*ck juggl**s** I hav* b*** i*f**m*d that a t*l**h*** li** is availabl* (a*d s*m**** will call m* back), that ** t*l**h*** li** is availabl* (a*d s*m**** will call m* back), that I will b* t*a*sf****d t* s*m**** wh* k**ws wh*th** ** **t a t*l**h*** li** is availabl* (a*d th** b*** cut *ff), that I will b* t*a*sf****d t* s*m**** wh* k**ws wh*th** ** **t a t*l**h*** li** is availabl* (a*d th** b*** **di**ct*d t* a* a*sw** machi** i*f**mi*g m* that y*u* *ffic* is cl*s*d), that I will b* t*a*sf****d t* s*m**** wh* k**ws wh*th** ** **t a t*l**h*** li** is availabl* (a*d th** b*** **di**ct*d t* th* i**itati*g Sc*ttish **b*t w*ma********* a*d s*v**al *th** va*iati**s ** this th*m*** D*ubtl*ss y*u a** ** l**g** **adi*g this l*tt**, as y*u hav* at l*ast a th*usa*d *th** dissatisfi*d cust*m**s t* ig****, a*d als* a**th** *** *f th*s* c*ucially im***ta*t t*sticl*-m*m**ts t* att**d t*** F*a*kly I d**'t ca**, it's fa* m*** satisfyi*g as a cust*m** t* v*ic* my f*ust*ati**s i* **i*t tha* t* sh*ut th*m at y*u* u***di*g h*ld music** F**giv* m*, th***f***, if I c**ti*u*** I th*ught BT w*** shit, that th*y had attai**d th* h*ly *iss-**t *f g*d-awful cust*m** **lati**s, that **-***, a*ywh***, *v**, c*uld b* m*** disi*t***st*d, l*ss h*l*ful ** m*** *bst*uctiv* t* d*liv**i*g s**vic* t* th*i* cust*m**s** That's why I ch*s* *TL, a*d b*caus*, w*ll, th*** is*'t a*y*** *ls* is th***? H*w su***is*d I th***f*** was, wh** I disc*v***d t* my c**sid**abl* dissatisfacti** a*d disa***i*tm**t what a us*l*ss sh*w** *f basta*ds y*u t*uly a**** Y*u a** s*utum-fill*d *i*c*s *f dist**d*d **ctum: i*c*m**t**ts *f th* high*st **d**** B*itish T*l*c*m - ******s th*ugh th*y a** - shi** lik* b*illia*t b*ac**s *f succ*ss i* th* filthy *uss-fill*d mi** *f y*u* s**mi*gly limitl*ss i*ad*quacy** Suffic* t* say that I hav* **w giv** u* ** my futil* a*d f**lha*dy qu*st t* **c*iv* a*y ki*d *f s**vic* f**m y*u** I sugg*st that y*u d* lik*wis*, a*d c*as* a*y **t**tial futu** att*m*ts t* *xt**t *aym**t f**m m* f** th* s**vic*s which y*u hav* s* **i*t*dly a*d catast***hically fail*d t* d*liv**** A*y such activity will b* g***t*d i*itially with hila*ity a*d disb*li*f - alth*ugh th*s* f**li*gs will quickly b* ***lac*d by d**isi**, a*d *v** ***ha*s a small m*asu** *f b*mus*d *ag*** I **cl*s* tw* small d***sits, s*l*ct*d with g**at ca** f**m my cats litt** t*ay, as a* *x***ssi** *f my utt** a*d c*m*l*t* c**t*m*t f** b*th y*u, a*d y*u* **i*tl*ss c*m*a*y** I si*c***ly h*** that th*y hav* **t b*c*m* d*siccat*d du*i*g t*a*sit - th*y w*** satisfyi*gly m*ist at th* tim* *f **sti*g, a*d I w*uld f**l c**sid**abl* disa***i*tm**t if y*u did **t *x***i**c* b*th th*i* *ich a**ma a*d d*licat* t*xtu**** C**sid** th*m th* v**y *mb*dim**t *f my f**li*gs t*wa*ds *TL, a*d its w**thl*ss *m*l*y**s** Hav* a *ic* day - may it b* th* last i* y*u* mis**abl* sh**t lif*, y*u i**itati*gly i*c*m**t**t a*d i*fu*iati*gly u*h*l*ful bu*ch *f twats, Y*u*s *sych*tically,
Old 30th Sep 2003, 03:20   #7 (permalink)

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Location: Rural Yorkshire
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A*y*** still g*t a c**y *f th* *TL c*m*lai*t l*tt**?
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Old 30th Sep 2003, 05:48   #8 (permalink)
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Location: UK
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It's a g**d *a*t, but IMH* it lacks th* wit *f th* Tax l*tt**** **t quit* as g**d a c*mma*d *f la*guag*, *ith** ('disi*t***st*d' is misus*d lib**ally, f** *xam*l*) a*d IMH* that always d*t*acts f**m a g**d w*itt** 'dig'** **t that *TL w*uld ***bably hav* **tic*d ;~) SSD
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Old 30th Sep 2003, 19:23   #9 (permalink)

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Location: Perth, Western Australia
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*h, gawd, what a b*illia*t l*tt** **ic, I hav**'t laugh*d that much i* ag*s**
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