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The question that arises from this is that is Susi Air multi crew operation certified? Is it by requirement that they have two pilots rated on the aircraft due to local regulations?

For aeroplanes, it means aeroplanes certificated for operation with a minimum crew of at least two pilots;
For helicopters, airships and powered-lift aircraft, it means the type of aircraft which is required to be operated with a co-pilot as specified in the flight manual or by the air operator certificate or equivalent document.
A flight with two pilots who are simply taking turns to fly - and where the flight could still take place if only one pilot was available - is not a multi-pilot operation. For a flight to be accepted as multi-pilot the law that applied to the flight must require 2 pilots.
Documentary evidence from both the operator (Air Operatorís Certificate clearly identifying the nature of the operations) and the national authority concerned confirming that the aircraft used was required to be operated solely by 2 pilots qualified on type will be required as well as logbook evidence.

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Originally Posted by EASA FL069 View Post

Interviewed recently and got the job.
Have an account of the experience if anyone wants it?
Please do share your experience of interview,technical tests,questions,compass,sim...etc,dont know anyone did that recently,thanks

P.S.What`s you total time and how long did you wait for call?
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susi air holding pool

I am wondering if one of you guys could give me any advice. I had the interview and tests with susi air at the end of May 2017 and it was successfully but they put me into the "holding pool". Since May there have been already two Initial courses taken place. One in June and the other now at the end of september and they still didnīt invite me for one of those courses. I contact them already with the response there might be the next course at the end of this year 2017 and just need to wait for an invitation from the admin staff.
Is it normally to wait so long get a invitation for an initial course? Is it normal to be so long in the holding pool?
I am not sure if I should still wait longer or if they will contact me for initial course at some point in the future or will they never contact me?
I would appreciate for any advice or help you could give me about this matter.

kind regards,

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