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Old 15th Oct 2009, 10:42   #21 (permalink)

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Wizz Recruitment

I think you'll find that the recruitment is being handled by an external agency.

If desperate, you can always try the other option:
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Old 15th Oct 2009, 14:36   #22 (permalink)
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Reading threw the link, I found that it doesn't state what the scheme costs are.
And I came across this paragraph:
"The best time is NOW!
Now, is a great time to consider a career in the airline industry.
There is Growing Demand for Airline Pilots." Hahaha This made my day!!
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Old 15th Oct 2009, 19:04   #23 (permalink)
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The airline industry
has much to offer:

Thousands of Job Openings Every Month

That has got to be the funniest thing I have seen in a long time!
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Old 16th Oct 2009, 11:28   #24 (permalink)
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"Thousands of Job Openings Every Month"
This is hilarious!! Definitely the funniest page I've seen in a fu... long time!!
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Old 16th Oct 2009, 12:02   #25 (permalink)
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Looks like the same people behind the ATP Easyjet and BMI SSTR/line training scheme. Did anybody ever get a job with that outfit?
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Old 16th Oct 2009, 12:48   #26 (permalink)
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Guys, that was from 2007. If you look on the simulator expericence website thats not on offer anymore.

I heard 12 got hired by Easyjet..
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Old 16th Oct 2009, 14:16   #27 (permalink)
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Gentlemen, Regarding the Home Nation Bias. Being Polish should not be much of an advantage as Wizz is a HUNGARIAN ! Airline
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Old 16th Oct 2009, 15:23   #28 (permalink)
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This program only offers you TR+Line Training and may be 6 months of contract. It's the "free lance movement", no more fixed jobs with this agencies.
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Old 16th Oct 2009, 15:27   #29 (permalink)
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Recruitment is handled by Wizzair employees. Not an agency.


Technically correct, but Wizz will become Swiss soon.

As for the number of applicants: I heard 3000, from a man involved with it. That was 2 weeks ago, and he was sitting on my Flightdeck jumpseat at the time, looking me in the eye and being honest.

So, don't EXPECT phonecalls soon........ but it may happen if you are lucky.

Stan the Skipper
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Old 16th Oct 2009, 17:47   #30 (permalink)
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@Stansdead Do you know for how many FO's they are looking?
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Old 16th Oct 2009, 17:58   #31 (permalink)
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No. But I do know that low houred "Cadet" recruitment will probably be lower than previously, due to the nature of the current markey. i.e. experience freely available.

Good luck.
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Old 16th Oct 2009, 21:13   #32 (permalink)
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Makes a nice change though hey Stan? I mean, a loco airline not hiring low houred cheap labour

Last edited by Superpilot; 17th Oct 2009 at 09:16.
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Old 17th Oct 2009, 13:47   #33 (permalink)
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Things changes so quick here in the industry, with economics up and downturns.

I remember in summer 2007, Wizz called up a few guys (polish local airline guys) and invited them, and said to bring their mates from work as well, for a Wizz presentation/ recruitment evening..

A few days later in a bar not far from Warsaw airport, two Wizz HR employees where spending beers and promoted Wizz as a future expanding airline etc and to sign up on the list for a immediate interview date and was offering free(!) type rating for a 3 year bond plus training salary and more.... Wizz requirement at that time was to have more or less a thousand airline hours, but they where flexible!

Around 20-30 guys rocked up, mainly from EuroLOT but also from LOT and now bankrupted Centralwings.. There was a few guys that joined Wizz after the bar evening, but Wizz also said no thanks to some experienced guys (both capt and FOs) at that time even though they where lacking crew here in Poland.

Today, two years later the market is just the opposite. No airline is hiring here in Poland, except Wizz.!! With the economical problems that EuroLOT / LOT have today, and the busted Centralwings, many local experienced guys are waiting for interviews.

I recently heard that Wizz target is to have up to 70% internal upgrades to captains, and they are aiming to hire local crews in every Wizz operating country. This will probably not always be the case, but as Stansdead mentioned above to be a low hour and a "non-local", the chances will be rather small.

Wizz have X amount of sim type ratings included with Airbus because of the new planes their getting, so its not very demanding for the Wizz training department to send down non type rated guys to Toulouse since they are trained by Airbus TRI/TRE and not by Wizz instructors. Plus today Wizz charges 15.000 euros plus bond for the type (even for local guys), so good business for the company.

So for the next coming years, there will be no more free beer evenings with Wizz, they are playing the cards today.!

ATR 250
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Old 23rd Oct 2009, 11:27   #34 (permalink)
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any news on Wizz recruitement? I heared Wizz will add another a/c to Warsaw base...
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Old 28th Oct 2009, 15:59   #35 (permalink)
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what I hear is they are growing by leaps and bounds. A guy I know who was COO for Frontier Airlines based in Denver Colorado just took a job with Wizz Air as their new COO.
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Old 31st Oct 2009, 11:20   #36 (permalink)
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Hi every one I'm A320 F/O job hunting,I have a Hungarian CPL too,any suggestions about Wizz Air please?

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Old 31st Oct 2009, 16:10   #37 (permalink)
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So Wizzair is not recruiting via CAE this time??
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Old 2nd Nov 2009, 18:21   #38 (permalink)
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Has Wizzair started to contact applicants ?

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Old 10th Nov 2009, 05:59   #39 (permalink)
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Hello Everyone

I'm new to this forum, but already shocked...
I have read a few threads and noticed there's quite a bit of guys with 400 or 600 TT of which 100 to 200 in A320 or 737. Is it most likely an actual airplane time or just a sim time???

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Old 20th Nov 2009, 13:35   #40 (permalink)
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Hey guys !

According to Wizz's web site, A320 TR are carried out at Airbus Training Centre, Toulouse.

But who is in charge of Wizz's selection process ?
Is it still CAE ?

If not, does someone know where the selection takes place and its content ?

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