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Old 13th Apr 2012, 08:42   #2961 (permalink)
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If you get a phone call from CAE, can you still get turned down? I will get the call on Wednesday ...
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Old 13th Apr 2012, 14:16   #2962 (permalink)
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>> every day always hoping the RyanAir kids_queue come to a definitive end very soon.
too many kids 'round me. <<
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Old 15th Apr 2012, 18:45   #2963 (permalink)
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Recruitment process

I have just been through the entire process and have successfully come out the other end with an offer. I found this thread very useful in my preparation so I thought it is only right that I provide some up-to-date feedback.

I only finished my training a few months ago so was one of the lucky ones to go more or less straight from training into a job...so for those of you that are feeling rather pessimistic about it, it is certainly possible but I admit it is the exception rather than the norm. I am not Irish, but I am over 30, so it is not just those in their mid-20s that are taken on. For those that believe RYR are ignoring the Irish, I cannot comment on that but all I can say is there weren't any on the assessment.

So after applying online with CAE it took a couple of weeks for them to get back to me and request a copy of my CV. Once sent they responded a week later telling me I will get a phone call in a week or so.

The phone call was very straightforward. Just a few questions on hours, licenses, etc. No questions to trip you up - all factual info. Asked me if I passed first time, etc on my CPL, IR and ground studies. I don't know what their requirements are as I just answered their questions and they were happy with my responses, but for the record I had all first time passes. At the end they confirmed they would be inviting me to the assessment and gave me a date.

I used the time in between to prepare properly for the assessment. As mentioned, going through the entirety of this thread was my first step and I got some great tips on questions, format, etc from here. I did some further research on the internet - there are a few other resources (some paid) that you can use but to be honest everything you need is on here. At the same time I did as much research as I could on RYR and their current operations. Finally, I also got some SIM time - I recommend you get some cheap fixed-base 738 time just to get used to the aircraft. It's a complex machine so you don't want to spend the best part of the actual assessment getting used to the handling, controls, etc.

So then, the big day. I made my way to Stansted - there were 6 of us on the day and we were divided into two groups of three. The RYR guys were very friendly and made you feel at ease right from the start. Believe me, it does help.

We had 30 mins to prepare brief between us and decide on what procedures we would use on TO, etc. Use that time wisely and be very clear that you agree with what you are all going to do because you don't want to be questioning yourself or your partner in the SIM. So one group was told to go to the sim first, the other was told to go for interviews. I was in the latter.

The interview was reasonably straightforward. There were two guys there - the operations guy and the personnel guy. Personnel questions first, such as:

Why do you want to be a pilot / Why should we choose you / Why are RYR so successful
Etc.....(as mentioned all you have to do is go over this thread - it has every question that is likely to come up)

Then it was the technical questions:

Why do jets have swept wings / Describe to your neighbour how an altimeter works / Which flight is faster - London to NY or return / How many PAX on a 737 / How many flight attendants on a 737 and why
(again - all questions can be found in this thread)

Finally, you are asked to pick 3 bases that you would like to work from (I doubt that this choice is ever taken into consideration though).

The whole interview took approx. half hour. After the interviews we were taken to the SIM. What a beaut! Never been in a full motion SIM before and this looked fantastic - very sleek, modern and a great experience. We had to decide between the three of us who wanted to go first - I ended up in the jumpseat.

So the first flight was the other two guys - one as PF, one as PNF. Then I went as PNF for one of them and finally I did PF. So each of us took turns in each role.

The profile was the same for all - SID from Liverpool. Once levelled off we were given certain instructions, like climbs/descents, turns, speed increases/decreases, etc. No steep turns.

After all that we were directed back to the NDB to enter the hold. En route, we had an emergency. I think we all got a cabin fire. Be calm, deal with it as per your MCC training. There is no catch - all you need is good CRM skills.

Once round the hold and then cleared for the procedure (NDB/DME approach). We either did a full landing, or of you had to go around, we were then repositioned on the ILS and asked to finish the approach to a full landing. Each landing was pretty hard and it's surprising how well you can feel it in the SIM....Sore bums all round

After the SIM that was it - we were literally taken through the doors and told goodbye and good luck. So the day was over. All in all it took 5-6 hours. Quite tiring though as you need a lot of brain power throughout the day. Bring chocolate, or similar, as you need that sugar fix at times!

To be honest I did not leave very confident and wasn't really sure I did well enough to be taken on. But 8 days later I got the call from the training organization to confirm the feedback from RYR was promising and to arrange a start date for the TR.

Enjoy the day as much as you can because even if you are unsuccessful it is a great experience for future assessments. Good luck to all
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Old 16th Apr 2012, 09:35   #2964 (permalink)
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Just to inform you: RYR will not give you an interview date, if you have failed any of the ATPL tests (I just received their phone call and was rejected.
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Old 16th Apr 2012, 10:42   #2965 (permalink)
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Thatīs not true.

During my TR (2011), my sim partner had failed one of his ATPL theory once and was still recruited by RYR. Donīt know is they changed the requirements later as they have more then enough cadets to choose from.

also; I had two Irish guys in my TR group.
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Old 16th Apr 2012, 11:07   #2966 (permalink)
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Well, I did my phone interview 2 hours ago and the lady told me, that RYR is currently not hiring anyone, who has failed an atpl test.
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Old 16th Apr 2012, 13:57   #2967 (permalink)
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And anyone in your group who was over 30 years old? And experienced (i.e. flight instructors, GA pilots etc)?
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Old 16th Apr 2012, 14:38   #2968 (permalink)
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In my group the were 2 Irish, 2 general aviation FIīs and one above 30. a friend of my got also hired last year (35+ and cadet).

@englishman: sry to hear, then they probably changed it afterwards.
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Old 17th Apr 2012, 14:48   #2969 (permalink)
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Hi guys..

I know this has been asked many times.. but I was just contacted by Ryanair, asking for my CV, and telling me that I shall expect an e-mail of them with the date/time they'll be calling me... and ever since that, I'm kinda scared to death ;P
I had a good training, but I haven't flown or studied anything since the beginning of December.. about 4-5 months ago.. (i was working my old job)

Point is, if you have any piece of advices, tips, tricks, ideas, or you can just tell me how was your interview, I'd be really really happy and thankful.
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Old 17th Apr 2012, 16:22   #2970 (permalink)
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you're in the right place but...

...you have to go back at page 1 and start reading. You'll find everything you need to know.
Good luck!
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Old 17th Apr 2012, 18:54   #2971 (permalink)
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Reading through this thread i thought the last information was 1 failed ATPL exam is ok did they change it now?
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Old 18th Apr 2012, 15:23   #2972 (permalink)
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Hi all,

Is anyone going to be at STN on 3rd May?
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Old 18th Apr 2012, 23:14   #2973 (permalink)
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I did the application with CAE 3 weeks ago now, no answers yet...

any other person in a similar position??
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Old 19th Apr 2012, 07:37   #2974 (permalink)
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It took 4 months for me to get any kind of answer from them, so sit tight and wait, there's nothing else you can do but update your application.
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Old 19th Apr 2012, 07:53   #2975 (permalink)
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I can imagine that they will be dropping the requirements as most of their 3000 hour fo's have left for the desert. I know a few guys that have failed atpls and cpl/ir's and are still working for them.

If you are unlucky enough to work for them make sure you get involved with REPA and join a union. Having come out the other side they have many many faults and its time for change.
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Old 19th Apr 2012, 09:09   #2976 (permalink)
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Anyone got the call from Cae recently? Reading through this thread i thought the last information was 1 failed ATPL exam is ok.Will they ask you for a certificate of your grades? regards!
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Old 19th Apr 2012, 19:41   #2977 (permalink)
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Hi everybody, this is my first post here.
Does anybody know what documents will be requested when called to the interview ? Cover letters, ATPL certificates (the 'simple' one, or the one with marks and attempts ?), references, etc. ?
How do you demonstrate you have first passes in CPL, IR, ground studies ?
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Old 20th Apr 2012, 09:06   #2978 (permalink)
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I don't know how it is in Italy, but in the UK when you take an IR or CPL test, the examiner gives you a bit of paper afterwards. On it, it says "Series 1 - Attempt 1" and "pass" if you have a first time pass. If it says anything else, it's not a first time pass!

And forget dropping the requirement for first time passes in CPL, IR and ATPL subjects. How about looking at guys and girls who have 3000 hours mutli crew who they can fast track to command?

Sorry, but... duuuuhhhhh. (@Ryanair, not the OP).
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Old 20th Apr 2012, 09:24   #2979 (permalink)
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In Italy the ENAC (Italian CAA) just gives you a sheet that says that you have passed all subjects, not specifying if on first attempt or not.
What do you mean for Series 1 ? In Italy you just have to go and take the 14 exams, what is a series ?
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Old 22nd Apr 2012, 11:30   #2980 (permalink)
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Does anyone know if the sim part of the assessment can be logged into our logbooks as sim experience? thanks
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