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West Atlantic 737-800 Freighters

With the announcement of the 4 new 800 freighters are West Atlantic looking to recruit DEC's? I am a 737 300 freight/737 800 experienced captain and like the idea of 7 on/off rather than the usual LoCo lifestyle carnage roster I currently endure!

Is the 737 contract as good as some make out? Take home 4500ish pm?
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Yes they are looking for Captains Fred, and it is one week on, one week off. Youre not always away for the full week on your week on either. You also have your annual holiday to take as well, so by taking one week holiday you will be off for three weeks. Time off in the Summer is not an issue either.

They can use a maximum of 10 days of your week off period per year for training though (SIM's, CRM etc).

Take home for a Captain is around 5000.. You can earn more if you want by working a day or so on your week off.
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Regarding Direct Entry Captains:

Is recruitment on-going at present?

Do they use their own recruitment department or an outside agency? So is their website the only way of applying?

When will the first -800 arrive?

How far apart will deliveries be of each of the 4 -800s?

How do they decide who flies the -800's ...meaning... is it decided by seniority or time on the -800, or to put it another way, would a DEC go straight to the -800 after coming from an -800 , or start at the bottom of seniority and be made go to the -400?

What are the chances of an EMA base - I have no interest in a Northern European base for many reasons including massive Scandinavian taxes.

Hoping someone can shed some light on these questions.

PS if you don't want to answer publicly please PM me.

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