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Old 7th Apr 2016, 12:03   #21 (permalink)
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"ATSG subsidiary airlines ABX Air and ATI will operate the aircraft for Amazon, and ATSG will also provide logistical services in Wilmington."

Looks like a little hiring on the ABX side. Maybe due to the Amazon deal ?:

ABX Air Careers: Pilot Careers
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Old 12th Apr 2016, 15:58   #22 (permalink)
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Big Mistake. I`ll say it again , BIG MISTAKE. Amazon should have stuck with what they know and do best - internet sales. Deciding to get into the airline business not only distracts from their core business , but attracts every crook and snake oil salesman in the airline business. "Sure Amazon , we`ll help you ! , now give us some $$$$ " ...Getting a highly unionised workforce to operate (20 ) old clapped out 767-200`s , that is able to greatly leverage any future labor negotiations is foolhardy in the least. At worst , it will cost Amazon greatly.
FedEx , DHL and UPS will not say it publicly , but they won`t be taking this laying down , you can count on that. This episode in " Airline building " will be a future MBA case study in why you should not let accountants steer the strategic policy of such an internet giant.
They could have saved a billion and just asked the folks on PPRuNe !

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Old 5th May 2016, 21:25   #23 (permalink)
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Kathryn's Report: Amazon leases 20 more jets for growing air cargo fleet
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Old 6th May 2016, 10:27   #24 (permalink)
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And another 20 767F's ......

Amazon agrees to contract 20 767 freighters from Atlas Air | Airframes content from ATWOnline
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Old 6th May 2016, 15:36   #25 (permalink)
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Looks like ATLAS just snaked the contract unless Amazon is doubling down on this expansion.

Amazon Partners with Atlas Air Worldwide for Cargo Services - WSJ

What is also interesting is all of these operators are heading toward a pilot strike..

DHL under fire as American pilots eye strike action over German influence on US airlines - The Loadstar
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Old 4th Aug 2016, 10:04   #26 (permalink)
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First Atlas Air provided Amazon freighter due in the next quarter

Here's a pic:

"The Atlas Air provided Boeing 767-300 Freighter is the first of 40 aircraft the online retailer has agreed to lease through Atlas Air and ATSG."


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Old 12th Aug 2016, 14:42   #27 (permalink)
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FedEx and UPS could have made a killing on this, for whatever reasons they screwed up, probably asked for too much money. They've likely created a beast, I think Amazon is going to hurt them badly in the domestic markets, eventually. The aircraft will be good for moving stuff quickly across the continent but the end-delivery process is still the weakest link in the chain in the US and Canada. Rue the day when Amazon comes up with some kind of practical scheme to deliver packages to the end user (And I'm not talking about the drone junk)

FWIW Amazon has partnerships with local carriers for end-user delivery in Japan. It's a tenuous relationship but it has held up so far, with both companies seeing benefits.
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Old 12th Aug 2016, 21:18   #28 (permalink)
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Atlas flew the first Amazon flight (with a plane painted in the Amazon colours) a few days ago. Atlas got 20, ATSG (ABX and ATI) got 20, and I think Kalitta was offered 20, but that didn't work out...so Amazon has 20 more planes to farm out to someone.

Atlas sold its Florida West operation...that was acquired when Atlas bought Southern. FL West has it's own certificate. The rumour is Amazon bought it, so they could have their own airline...maybe they'll fly the other 20 planes themselves, with the FL West certificate...
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Old 12th Aug 2016, 22:38   #29 (permalink)
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Where did you read about the sale of FW? The Atlas 10Q only said it has been offered for sale...
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Old 13th Aug 2016, 18:05   #30 (permalink)
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In the article about the Yank pilots moaning about DHL I found the following line interesting.

"There is no reason why a US pilot flying over the same routes for a foreign shipping company should be paid less than a pilot working for UPS or FedEx.”

Odd how those American pilots from UPS and FedEx have no qualms about operating in Europe over the very same routes that European freight pilots operate whilst earning a lot more than their European counterparts.
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Old 7th Dec 2016, 18:11   #31 (permalink)
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The latest:

Morale is sinking, pilots for Amazon cargo say in survey | The Seattle Times
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Old 20th Dec 2016, 21:23   #32 (permalink)
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"Atlas is pleased with progress it is making in implementing a fleet of 20 Boeing 767-300 aircraft for Amazon, and its focus is on e-commerce and the express markets, rather than traditional air cargo where growth has slowed."

Atlas Air upbeat on future of air cargo as it looks to e-commerce
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Old 8th Jan 2017, 23:33   #33 (permalink)
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ATI intends to hire at least 72 pilots in 2017. The hiring window is January thru March with 2 classes per month. Each class is scheduled at 12 pilots each.

Home based

First Officer new hires receive B757/767 wage rate of $76.11 per hour at a fifty-six (56) hour guarantee for a twenty-eight (28) day bid unit ($55,408 annually). This pay rate commences on the first day of training. Additionally, during training new hires receive; 1) transportation to/from home of record and the training facility, 2) per diem and 3) hotel accommodations. Second year First Officer pay increases to $82.70 per hour.

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Old 9th Jan 2017, 06:37   #34 (permalink)
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With Atlas, Kalitta, and ABX hiring, why would anyone choose ATI if he had a choice?
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Old 9th Jan 2017, 22:47   #35 (permalink)
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"...why would anyone choose ATI if he had a choice? "


I don't really know but assume more will apply to each company than they hire...and everybody needs to go somewhere.

Is ABX all that good a gig ? They seem to have had a spot of labor "difficulty" recently. Not a good sign.
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