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Freight Dogs Finally a forum for those midnight prowler types who utilise the unglamorous parts of airports that many of us never get to see. Freight Dogs is for pilots and crew who operate mostly without SLF.

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Old 18th Jan 2013, 17:12   #1 (permalink)

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Is it worth joining Air Atlantic and getting the ATP TR, is this any benefit in getting onto jet twins

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Old 20th Jan 2013, 10:47   #2 (permalink)
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Depends if your funding it or not...Twin turboprop time will not really help you to get onto jets, that said it wont hinder you either
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Sad to say... but might do you more harm than good.... If you want to go and fly jets in the UK you will have to go to CTC (about the only way these days)
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Why would you want a ATP TR ???? Useless !!!! Why not get an ATR much more use to you.

Oxford Type Ratings offer the ATP & ATR TR with line training check it out.
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I have to say that in the current jobs crisis, if Atlantic are recruiting then I would consider the ATP type rating as a valuable first step. I consider it as the equivalent of a "Loss Leader".
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Old 22nd Jan 2013, 14:24   #6 (permalink)
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In America, 3000 hours twin turbo-prop PIC is useless for getting a jet job. Didn't even get me an interview. Maybe different over there, don't know.
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Old 22nd Jan 2013, 20:50   #7 (permalink)
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Caboclo..... It depends on the type of hours flown and the aircraft weight you've been flying. Multi crew hrs or Single pilot. 5700kg less or more.

I heard an ATP pilot from Atlantic joined DHL straight onto B757.

I know TP hrs aren't massively useful but...... not useless.
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Old 23rd Jan 2013, 16:48   #8 (permalink)
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I have to say that in the current jobs crisis, if Atlantic are recruiting then I would consider the ATP type rating as a valuable first step. I consider it as the equivalent of a "Loss Leader".
......and that is why the aviation jobs market is in the mess that it is currently in. Fools who are willing to work for below the bread line deals in the hope that they will move somewhere else to strike it rich. Maybe they could sell an Electra rating, now that would be a loss leader!

Atlantic is the "DHL Air flight academy"
Well, Mr Kim, you might have scored a hole in one, every hole, when you played golf but I don't think you have a grip on the aviation jobs market. Do have ANY evidence that DHL prefers ATP pilots over other recruitment streams? As far as I know, it's 40t+ turboprop time and I can't think of any recruitment from the ATP, certainly not recently. Oh, and do you know the state of play with regards to recruitment at DHL? Ugly!

I don't think that ATP pilots at Atlantic would welcome you with open arms as it would represent a new benchmark in collapsing terms and conditions. Why not just gamble the money on a horse race or the dogs?

I know Atlantic, has been trying to get people to give them money for jobs. Can any of you currently at Atlantic, tell me if anyone has yet paid for a rating?

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