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Old 14th Oct 2012, 05:28   #761 (permalink)
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Funny how TJ Bootlicker used to say Midex was the greatest thing since sliced bread. Now, after he ran in the middle of the night, he says Midex was horrible. If you look up hippocrite in the dictionary you might just see Bootlicker's picture.
We all hope you have retired from aviation.

Earl is correct about the little goat known as AssAss.
Typically, people hire family so they won't still from the company. Well, by having AssAss there, it would have been alot cheaper if someone WAS STEALING.

How many companies out there have had their catering delivered from a gas station. Until I worked for this dump, I never thought it would happen.
Apparently my per diem was supposed to be used to provide catering for myself.

Last edited by theXfactor; 14th Oct 2012 at 05:29.
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Old 14th Oct 2012, 07:07   #762 (permalink)
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Yes I remember the piss poor cheap ass catering
But also remember no water being provided on the airplane, they complained it cost too much.
Remember many times on the ramp in DXB and SHJ, 40 degree temps everyone soaking wet with sweat, log book pages and performance pages sticking together, every ones shirt soaked with sweat. no water available.
They did improve on the water after a while and so many complaints.
Catering was still gas station bought, as they said normal catering cost too much and really I believe probably not approved for flight crews, as anyone could put bad things in all the food.
If you had not shxt in a few days it did help.
Remember a UK captain showed them in the GCAA regs they had to provide this.
The owner said I pay them 40 USA a day for food, why should i provide catering and water on the aircraft
Another village idiot.
Midex he stated was to be the fedex of the middle east.
Probably mistaken and sucking too much camel milk from the forbidden areas of the camel.
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Old 20th Nov 2012, 09:04   #763 (permalink)
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Midex fail again

From Midex Ex-crew
Midex Airlines filed a false claim against the Sultan of Oman's 747-SP captain. The captain was stopped in Dubai airport & told he had to pay $46,000 to Midex. When the Sultan of Oman got involved, they discovered the truth & he was allowed entry with plenty of apologies . When this captain was employed by Midex they falsely used his name on the aircraft's logbook to create the illusion he had flown the aircraft because the captain was out of duty time. Whilst this happened he was at home on his days off. After this incident he resigned but as usual Midex got upset & got their grubby little lawyer to lie.
Looking forward to hearing how Midex's next flight into Oman goes.
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Old 20th Nov 2012, 22:08   #764 (permalink)
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Good old Sultan Qaboos that will teach them a lesson......Hope they do try to get into Oman that would be interesting.
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Old 21st Nov 2012, 01:34   #765 (permalink)
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And the GCAA still allows then to operate and hold an AOC.
A good and legal GCAA would have shut them down long ago along with an honest UAE labor commission.
How many more proven documents and cases have to be shown before they do the correct action?
Wait until some smoking hole from an accident?
Bet heads will roll then!
Just hope the heads that roll are not the crews, the owner and management ones have had this coming for a long time.

Last edited by Earl; 21st Nov 2012 at 01:45.
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Old 5th Dec 2012, 20:33   #766 (permalink)
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TJ Bootlicker,

I see you like to threaten via the internet….(but the mods intervened and removed your post).
Much like the real coward you are.

If Midex was such a great place to work, you would not have departed as you did. Now you want to parse semantics but your actions say otherwise.

If you would have shut your gob long enough at the "Cigar Club" you would know exactly who I am. I actually told you one night but your ego and loud mouth would not let you comprehend what I was telling you. I guess subtlety is a skill above your lowbrow mental prowess.

I had the manly fortitude to stand up for what I believe in and I left in the proper manner. The same cannot be said for you as you pulled a Dexy's Midnight Runner. Action speak louder than words and that is something you never have seem to have learned even at your advanced age.

Again, aviation is a better place without the dregglings of the world such as you.
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Old 28th Jan 2013, 15:22   #767 (permalink)
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what amazing silence, maybe midex has really become a nice place to work...

Last edited by ita_198; 28th Jan 2013 at 15:23.
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Old 1st Feb 2013, 18:52   #768 (permalink)
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Location: st louis
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Having work in the world's largest cat little box, I doubt very much if anything has changed. People just get tired of writing about it. Places such as MidEx is a repository for those at the end of their career with no place to go and those just starting with low time and questionable resume's
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Old 4th Feb 2013, 07:11   #769 (permalink)
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You have to look at the whole pic there and then judge past and present.
Management also.
If you go there as recent 747 qualified just recurrent sim check , they will slam you to the wall if you leave short of 1 year.
Claiming they paid all your training cost.
Which we all now is a joke.
Duty days and FLT limitations mean nothing.
All will be hiding from the CAA as before.
Still to this day Midex Airlines has not paid us according to our contracts or UAE labor regulations.
No matter if you complete the contract or how you leave
.Bottom line Midex does not pay!
warning stay away.
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Old 28th May 2013, 15:05   #770 (permalink)
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Location: Cafontown
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How is Midex going, still in ops to Afghanistan?
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Old 31st May 2013, 19:10   #771 (permalink)
Join Date: May 2000
Location: USA
Posts: 126
Just saw them at Camp Bastion today
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Old 13th Jun 2013, 01:19   #772 (permalink)
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Location: East to West
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Reduced operations?

Is Midex downsizing their operations?
Some of the crew have been let off recently and there seems to be less news of their operations nowadays????
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Old 22nd Jun 2013, 02:09   #773 (permalink)
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Location: New York
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They're still plodding along. Saw a classic at KDH today.
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Old 22nd Jun 2013, 07:44   #774 (permalink)
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I think the pertinent question in all that I have read above, ignoring the rhetoric, really is :

How is this company deemed fit by the UAE to hold an AOC?
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Old 29th Jun 2013, 11:49   #775 (permalink)
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Midex RIP?

We heard that Midex had shut down. Any truth to that.
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Old 1st Jul 2013, 13:20   #776 (permalink)
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they're getting closer n closer but still there...
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Old 16th Jul 2013, 04:44   #777 (permalink)
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Many of us hope soon shut down, they never paid us.
As we had out contracts forcefully changed many times.
Upon exit final check out they never paid us until this day our end of service money, or vacation time off earned required under UAE labor laws.
The HR manager really abuses you on final checkout there, like he is really somebody important!
Could not beat his way out of a wet paper bag if required, but he tries to intimated pilots,
Told me you either sign now or you get nothing.
I hope I see him in the USA one day as I did not fully understand him well will ask for further explanation!
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Old 31st Aug 2013, 16:07   #778 (permalink)
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Did you leave or are you still there?
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Old 31st Aug 2013, 16:09   #779 (permalink)
Join Date: Aug 2011
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Where are you right now?
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Old 23rd Jul 2015, 17:31   #780 (permalink)
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So have they shut down?
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