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Old 30th May 2007, 06:35   #101 (permalink)
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Thanks for the replies. Do you recommend applying direct or through an agency?
Is there a website for Airborne or is it just send an email and hope for the best.
I will be looking for something else once my comitment is done and I thank everyone for the information given both positive and negative. It all helps.
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Old 30th May 2007, 22:42   #102 (permalink)
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They prefer the applications to be sent on line: http://www.airatlanta.com/index.aspx?groupid=72

Good luck
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Old 2nd Jun 2007, 09:47   #103 (permalink)
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Any applications sent to AAI will be fwd to Airborne to Jerry O'Sullivan for screening so you might as well sent it to him direct. AAI does not hire directly nor do they offer direct employment for pilots except the 75 to 80 some that are on the FFF/FIA contract.

To get in touch with Jerry and for employment opportnities with AAI, try Job@airbornepersonnel.info or jerry@mountainhigh.info

AAI is still looking for people and will be in the considerable future.
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Old 2nd Jun 2007, 14:47   #104 (permalink)
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The above mentioned jobsworth is not quailified to do anything, least of all screening aircrew. God help you all.

Why would anyone want to board a sinking ship????
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Old 3rd Jun 2007, 00:49   #105 (permalink)
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Thank you for your input Atlanta-Driver. Please note that Jerry does not do crew selection for AAI, we do it ourselves. The contractors are not employed by AAI, that is true.

Formally Known As - thank you for your input, you've made your point. Why these sour comments? Did you get laid off?

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Old 3rd Jun 2007, 03:50   #106 (permalink)
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AAI Operations.

"Why these sour comments? Did you get laid off?"

No I laid AAI off as I could afford to. Saw the writing on the wall very quickly as I wasn't wearing rose tinted glasses.

If the sour comments make just one potential applicant think twice about joining AAI my work has been worthwhile.

My complaints are not about the money so much as I signed a contract with my eyes open. The contract did not state I had to put up with lies however. Lies?? Yes and I have the correspondence to prove it.

Do you like being lied to? No I don't either.

Last edited by Formally Known As; 3rd Jun 2007 at 04:15.
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Old 3rd Jun 2007, 05:11   #107 (permalink)
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I agree with "Formally Known As". AAI has a lot coming to them, if "what goes around comes around" is valid they have a whole lot of negative energy pointed right at them.
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Old 3rd Jun 2007, 15:57   #108 (permalink)
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I don't think there is any actual bases for your comments, my suspicion is that you are ex-employees that were terminated for some reason. I will therefore not honor your comments with further replys. Best of luck to the two of you.
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Old 3rd Jun 2007, 16:20   #109 (permalink)
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seems to be a common problem in HQ that nobody can take and handle criticism.
It is very important though to take every input very seriously whatever direction it comes from. This is the only way for you guys to improve in the future.

It has been said in here many times (even you did) that there's plenty of room for improvement. As hard as it may sound at times - a company can only
be as good as the management that runs it!

No hard feelings - but even guys that still work there are not very happy.
Now how about the employee survey in Iceland only (!) why not include the contractors (remember how many we are).

Would be a good way to get some ideas for improvement.
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Old 3rd Jun 2007, 17:19   #110 (permalink)
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I'm not sure how useful it is to say that AAI Ops have a lot coming to them since a lot of the management have changed since the worst abuses took place. Having said that, the crewing is still fundamentally unfair when you have a small proportion of pilots working on much more favourable terms than the majority and this is probably the biggest reason that AAI leaves so many of it's crew with a bad taste in their mouths when they leave. To add to MaxBlow's point, listening to the contractors instead of branding them whingers would help people understand this a lot better.
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Old 3rd Jun 2007, 17:57   #111 (permalink)
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I will therefore not honor your comments with further replys.
What an incredible attitude AAI started operating for us about 14 years ago, attended many enjoyable evenings in Rose Village, heard too many stories about the inner workings within AAI to disregard!

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Old 3rd Jun 2007, 18:36   #112 (permalink)
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Thumbs down DUH

"I will therefore not honor your comments with further replys"

The arrogance of the few and privileged is unreal. It shines through with just about everything. They actually really think they are better than the rest of the world. Reminds me of a certain European nation from the 30's
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Old 3rd Jun 2007, 20:54   #113 (permalink)
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AAI Operations

".....ex-employees that were terminated for some reason......."

Although your grasp of the English written word is quiet good I think you are getting confused between terminated and TERMINAL DECLINE which is the case at AAI. You have just demonstrated, albeit unwittingly, one of the reasons why.
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Old 3rd Jun 2007, 21:50   #114 (permalink)

Probationary PPRuNer
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It appears the Peter Principle is still well entrenched at AAI (or should I say Petersson). "Les abrutis n'ont rien compris".
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Old 3rd Jun 2007, 22:07   #115 (permalink)
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Constructive criticism is a good thing, but a comment like "AAI has a lot coming to them" or "Reminds me of a certain European nation from the 30's" can hardly be regarded as such. I don't want to put the effort into answering posts that are mainly innuendos towards AAI, from people I don't even know if they have ever worked there, I have better things to do with my time. But if there are people out here that want to have mature discussions, I will particiate, no problem.

Formally Knows As
2bad2sad (I name him because I saw a reply from him this morning which has now been deleted)
Flying Guy

For those of you that work, or have worked for AAI, I have the follwoing project, I hope you will participte:

List 10 things that you think will improve Air Atlanta. Also name 5 things that are good and you are happy with or were happy with.

Others, former or current employees of AAI, are also welcome to participate.

This will be interesting
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Old 3rd Jun 2007, 23:42   #116 (permalink)
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AAi Operations

Fair enough I'll tee off.

I was employed by AAI, for a short period between 2000 and now. I am not going to be more specific than that.

On the positive side I thought the training and checking was done in a relaxed and fair manner by the instructors I was rostered with. As has been said before there are some fine and clever personal employed by this company both permanent and contractors, people that worked hard and tried to improve things for all of us.

The rot in the "management", in my opinion, was deep seated from the chief pilot(s) on up right through to the VPFO. I included the CP's as they were company "men" and they should not have been. Also in this wide swipe was at least one person at mountain high, which was then, and probably still is AAI and HR. During my brief incarceration at AAI I witnessed some of the most accomplished lying, blatant examples nepotism and abuses of power as I have ever seen. This cancer was at the top and filtered through and the only cure IMHO was to axe the lot of them and start again with a complete lot of new management. The crews had no person to go to regarding grievances except management and this was wrong!! The CP'S should be balleted. Also as has been pointed out before, having a 2 tare pay structure for doing the same job is the quickest way to destroy moral amongst the troops I can think of. It has never worked and never will sustain a happy work force. Not referring to yearly increments etc. but to T & C's between the "elite" and the contractors. Maybe this was part of the plan to destroy moral.

It is the old story if you don't like it and it can't be fixed then leave and that is exactly what I did. Would I go back in the most unlikely event I was asked? NEVER!
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Old 4th Jun 2007, 12:18   #117 (permalink)
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Include the contractors in the employee satisfaction survey and you'll get
800+ ideas to make things better!
If I would go back again once fnished? No, thank you.
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Old 4th Jun 2007, 14:25   #118 (permalink)

Left Seat 747
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Monthly rosters and days off

You asked for suggested improvements.

At present, we receive our monthly roster just two or three days ahead of the month and then are only "guaranteed" the next 15 days. That doesn't allow us to plan practically anything! This is particularly hard for fixed base contractors with families who want to schedule family events.

I would like to see us receive our roster by the 20th of the preceding month and the roster be "good" for the month, not just 15 days.

Now then. the most important thing in the roster is the scheduled days off. They should be set in concrete. I frankly don't care if scheduling changes my trips to different destinations at different times during my working days. I fully appreciate that the scheduling in ACMI requires constant re adjustment due to ever changing customer requests. But make it a mission to give us our days off WHEN THEY ARE SCHEDULED so we can plan our social life.

To do this I assume will require more crews to be available, a problem right now with all the events in progress at Air Atlanta. But you asked so there is my suggestion. Better quality of life and more security will result in better crew retention. :-)

Since there has been no much negative input over the last few pages let me add that I like working here. There are a lot of good guys here (gals too) that fly and maintain these airplanes who give their professional best. And when Miller time comes around we have some really good times.
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Old 4th Jun 2007, 15:18   #119 (permalink)
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I see you are Dubai based, how easy is it to join AAI and get a Dubai base?
cheers FM
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Old 5th Jun 2007, 03:43   #120 (permalink)
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Lets see, pens with no ink for log book descrepencies, willing to look the other way for technical issues, perhaps a law degree twisting the MEL/DDPG.
Could be you mate, have what it takes?
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