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Revalidation cockup!

I've had my PPL for about 3 years now - flying pretty regularly (approx 100 hours post-PPL now). After about 20 months flying I bought into a group aircraft and was checked out by an instructor who signed my logbook etc... Unfortunately I was confused and thought this was what was required for license revalidation. Bottom line is that I now find out that my license wasn't revalildated and I've effectively been flying unlicensed for some time. Obviously i now want to get myself revalidated asap - ie before flying again! Do I simply contact a local instructor and get him to test me and sign me off?

Thanks for your help in advance guys!
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You will have to do a flight test with an Examiner.
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At an Approved or Registered School:
(b) Renewal. If a class or type rating has expired, the applicant shall:
(1) take refresher training at an ATO, when necessary to reach the level of
proficiency necessary to safely operate the relevant class or type of
aeroplane; and
(2) pass a proficiency check in accordance with Appendix 9 to Part-FCL.
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PM sent re your renewal
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Always look at the dates and count the hours. If you need to get a too early sign off, do it. You get no points for crap WX or U/S aircraft.

Anyway, apart from needless expense, you did it once so you can do it again. Relax.
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Thanks for the advice. Managed to get a local instructor who had access to a C150 to check me out. All quite relaxed and actually good fun. It showed me how much I had progressed as a pilot - found all the exercises so much easier than when I was doing my PPL training / skills test - despite being in an unfamiliar a/c.
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And how many sheets of paper did this generate?
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