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Flying Instructors & Examiners A place for instructors to communicate with one another because some of them get a bit tired of the attitude that instructing is the lowest form of aviation, as seems to prevail on some of the other forums!

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Old 23rd Dec 2012, 19:15   #1 (permalink)
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Convert CFI, CFII and MEI to European equivalent?

Just as the title says, is it possible to convert FAA CFI, CFII and MEI to the European equivalent or a complete instructor rating course is required to work as flight instructor on SEP, MEP and in IFR conditions?
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Old 23rd Dec 2012, 20:11   #2 (permalink)
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Yes it is possible, and it's easier than it used to be. In the UK you would now need to:

1) Obtain a minimum of a EASA PPL (CAP 804 Section 4 Part Q Subpart 1 Page 5 - gives the option of with/without IR);

2) Add the ratings for which you wish to instruct, such as MEP;

3) Complete CPL Theoretical Knowledge;

4) Complete FI training as assessed at an Approved Training Organisation which runs Instructor Courses; no specific duration of flight/ground training;

5) Complete FI Assessment(s) of Competence.

See CAP 804 Section 4 Part Q Subpart 2 Page 1. This is better than it used to be, where a minimum amount of training was specified under JAR-FCL. Similar, in fact, to going EASA >> FAA except the FAA require a minimum amount of training prior to test where EASA doesn't.

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Join Date: Jun 2012
Location: Italy & Germany
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That's great! I'm interested in a F-1 visa program where I will obtain, besides Frozen EASA ATPL, CFI, CFII and MEI. Thanks!
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