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PART-FCL.... a quickie.

Beginning to lose the will to live....

Can someone point me in the direction of a pdf that I can download of PART-FCL and it's AMC/IEM's.

I have 1178/2011 and CAP804, which doesn't answer the questions I have, but all the bing/google/ask references I've searched so far don't give me the complete picture.

Much obliged....
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EASA Basic Regulation


EASA Part FCL, also known as Commission Regulation No. 1178/2011


AMC and GM to Part-FCL


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The links above should contain what you need.

Part FCL is an Annex of the aircrew regulation 1178/2011, so it is only a small part of that document. The AMC's contain more information.

What are you looking for in particular?
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Where can I find the expiry dates for all the ground courses
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I'm not sure what your asking for here. Are you referring to the ground school element I those courses?
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