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MEP IR(ME) revalidation

Hello dears,
I need your opinions.
If a pilot has to make MEP IR(ME) revalidation with no flights during the preceeding year I, as examiner (CRE), let the pilot perform a route sector under my supervision and a proficiency check of 60 minutes.

Reading JAR FCL section 2 AMC1.425:

[8] An examiner should plan a test/check flight so that the flight time in an aeroplane or ground time in
an approved synthetic training device is not less than:
a. 90 minutes for PPL and CPL, including navigation section;
b. 60 minutes for IR, FI and single pilot type/class rating; and
c. 120 minutes for CPL/IR and ATPL.

and adding 15 minutes for the route sector I think to be right if I say 75 minutes total to fly for a MEP IR(ME) revalidation.

Now, changing the FTO where I collaborate another CRE is saying that the pilot has to fly 120 minutes 60+60 because the "and" at point b of the AMC 1.425.

I don't agree with him.

What do you think?????
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No answer?
Do you fly 60 minutes or 120 for the mep irme prof check revalidation?

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Answer me please.
In a unique prof ck for mep and irme revalidation do you fly 60 or 120 minutes?
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It takes me an average if 1:20 for me to do a check.

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I agree with you. All MEP/IR revalidation/renewal checks I have done have been about 1:20. Only the initial was over 2 hrs
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