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Ground Operations/Ground Handling

Is Ramp handling synonym with Aircraft handling?

What is the difference between Ground Handling Manual and Ground Operations Manual? plz specify.

plz clear the differences between Ground Operations and Ground handling. Does Ground operations include Passenger handling, load control, ramp handling or Ground Handling includes Passenger, load control, Ramp handling and aircraft handling?

Thanks and Regards.
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The short answer: YES. They are the same. It really just comes down to the terminology you wish to use. Depending on how one airline runs their operations, it may be a part of the manual to differentiate between the handling of the aircraft, and, the handling of the equipment which is used on the ramp.
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Go to Home & search for the Airport Handling Manual (AHM) 32nd Edition.

This fully explains all aspects of airport ops for service providers.
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Many thanks for your reply. but please be informed that the address you linked here is recommending only purchasing the AHM in CD-ROM format or book and not any definitions in the site itself.

Thanks any way, and if you could link or find or give comments plz advise.
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Can someone tell me what topics or items should be in a ground operations manual?
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Quick google search returned this from the EU Directive 96/67/EC of 15 October 1996:



1. Ground administration and supervision comprise:
1.1. representation and liaison services with local authorities or any other entity, disbursements on behalf of the airport user and provision of office space for its representatives;
1.2. load control, messaging and telecommunications;
1.3. handling, storage and administration of unit load devices;
1.4. any other supervision services before, during or after the flight and any other administrative service requested by the airport user.

2. Passenger handling comprises any kind of assistance to arriving, departing, transfer or transit passengers, including checking tickets and travel documents, registering baggage and carrying it to the sorting area.

3. Baggage handling comprises handling baggage in the sorting area, sorting it, preparing it for departure, loading it on to and unloading it from the devices designed to move it from the aircraft to the sorting area and vice versa, as well as transporting baggage from the sorting area to the reclaim area.

4. Freight and mail handling comprises:
4.1. for freight: physical handling of export, transfer and import freight, handling of related documents, customs procedures and implementation of any security procedure agreed between the parties or required by the circumstances;
4.2. for mail: physical handling of incoming and outgoing mail, handling of related documents and implementation of any security procedure agreed between the parties or required by the circumstances.

5. Ramp handling comprises:
5.1. marshalling the aircraft on the ground at arrival and departure (*);
5.2. assistance to aircraft packing and provision of suitable devices (*);
5.3. communication between the aircraft and the air-side supplier of services (*);
5.4. the loading and unloading of the aircraft, including the provision and operation of suitable means, as well as the transport of crew and passengers between the aircraft and the terminal, and baggage transport between the aircraft and the terminal;
5.5. the provision and operation of appropriate units for engine starting;
5.6. the moving of the aircraft at arrival and departure, as well as the provision and operation of suitable devices;
5.7. the transport, loading on to and unloading from the aircraft of food and beverages.

6. Aircraft services comprise:
6.1. the external and internal cleaning of the aircraft, and the toilet and water services;
6.2. the cooling and heating of the cabin, the removal of snow and ice, the de-icing of the aircraft;
6.3. the rearrangement of the cabin with suitable cabin equipment, the storage of this equipment.

7. Fuel and oil handling comprises:
7.1. the organization and execution of fuelling and defuelling operations, including the storage of fuel and the control of the quality and quantity of fuel deliveries;
7.2. the replenishing of oil and other fluids.

8. Aircraft maintenance comprises:
8.1. routine services performed before flight;
8.2. non-routine services requested by the airport user;
8.3. the provision and administration of spare parts and suitable equipment;
8.4. the request for or reservation of a suitable parking and/or hangar space.

9. Flight operations and crew administration comprise:
9.1. preparation of the flight at the departure airport or at any other point;
9.2. in-flight assistance, including re-dispatching if needed;
9.3. post-flight activities;
9.4. crew administration.

10. Surface transport comprises:
10.1. the organization and execution of crew, passenger, baggage, freight and mail transport between different terminals of the same airport, but excluding the same transport between the aircraft and any other point within the perimeter of the same airport;
10.2. any special transport requested by the airport user.

11. Catering services comprise:
11.1. liaison with suppliers and administrative management;
11.2. storage of food and beverages and of the equipment needed for their preparation;
11.3. cleaning of this equipment;
11.4. preparation and delivery of equipment as well as of bar and food supplies.
Groundhandling at Community airports
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Thank you for that information Trash 'n' Navs.

Also, do you guys know anything about ground or handling ops checklist?

Best regards.
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