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Grrr A320 (engineering) Type Training Questions

Hi Everybody

Currently I'm following a type course on A320 and found it a bit difficult. I have an exam on friday and highly appreciate if anyone can give me some model questions or a link of a website where I can download them.
Thanks in advance
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Don't panic about it. As long as you read your notes and listen to the instructor you will be fine. If you have VacBi......use it! It's a good training aid

c24 :-)
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When I sat my 320 type course I found it rather easy because I had 1 year experience on the aircraft as a technician, Work experience really is helpful at type courses however its not possible everytime to have work experience on the aircraft that you're sitting a course on especially if your company is getting a new aircraft that none of your colleages worked on before so in that case I would study hard at home and read the topics many times untill I get the system through my head and ask the instructor alot untill I understand the system, I also found that most instrutors during the classes provide subtle hints on some exam questions so pay attention to the intructor during the class it helps a lot and if you do not understand something ask.

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Thanks a lot for all your replies.
The problem is I've just finished my EASA Pt 66 modules and I don't have maintenance experience apart from my EASA modules. Hope I'll be alright
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firstly, DONY WORRY!
the type course exams are no different from the technical papers you sat for your 66. if you have any fears try to stay on late after class with some others and quiz each other on that weeks subjects. in all the courses i've been on, nobody ever fails. if you need a resit, no problem! talk to the older guys and they'll be able to put your mind at rest.
and lastly, GOOD LUCK!!!
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An ex instructor told me long time ago, the questions come out of the instructors mouth. Would be a bit unfair to ask you something you weren't taught.
Listen to the instructor!! You'll pass.
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