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Old 29th Apr 2013, 17:50   #21 (permalink)
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i have now got a A330 and A345 endorsed on my EASA part66 license, however i havent got any certifying experience......................any suggestions for the conversion of my license into GCAA CAR66?

your help and guidance will be highly appreciated, please advice
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Old 20th May 2013, 14:43   #22 (permalink)

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Next month i am appearing for Airleg exam.Anyone have the GCAA CAR-66 study material(MCQ & Essays),Pls send it to my mail ID manipawan@rediffmail.com.

Thank you
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Old 26th Dec 2013, 10:25   #23 (permalink)

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I need test questions and essay questions for MODULE 10. Could you PLEASE help me with it?

Thanks a lot
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Old 27th Dec 2013, 14:21   #24 (permalink)
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Converting EASA to GCAA


You can have every type rating in the world, 2 things you must also have is the type on the UAE register and a minimum 2 years signing experience on each type!
No if or butts.
The GCAA are considering allowing a type rated person without the min 2 yrs signing experience get an 'A" license.

This is only an option with your companies assistance and this being the middle east will take time how long?
How long is a piece of string?

If you now have 330 and 345 as well you must have been working there no one gives a type rating and then a nnother one if they have not got some benefit of the first one.

Oh I miss the BCARS when you first had to get company approval then apply for type within regulatory body.

QA used to try and tear you a new one every time you went to see them.

Also if you wish to sit mod 10 you have to be sponsored in the UAE or so I thought?

Good luck
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Old 29th Jan 2014, 18:58   #25 (permalink)
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GCAA Latest Exam question

Guys need your help, can anyone please send me the latest GCAA MCQ and Essay Questions, I have got my license conversion exam. my email address is imhassanus@hotmail.com
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Old 4th Apr 2014, 05:40   #26 (permalink)

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Need help gcaa air law

Any one have gcaa air law question bank need help here
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Old 5th Apr 2014, 02:32   #27 (permalink)
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MCQ and essay

A mate is sitting GCAA air law this month.
Would appreciate any study material email to dbl21@live.com
Thanx in advance !
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Old 24th Apr 2016, 05:05   #28 (permalink)

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Originally Posted by station360 View Post
Yes I do PM me and I will forward to you!

Good luck
Can please send me mcq mod 10 gcaa my email id rakesh_pandey3@yahoo.com
Thanks and regards rinku
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Old 21st Nov 2016, 18:25   #29 (permalink)

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Need help

I need help for module 10 (mcq and essay) if someone can send me an email with the question that will be very good.

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